Ning’an, such as dream, starred Guan Xuan, white deer, Zhang Linghe, and Wang Xingyue

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Now many young stars still like to shoot ancient puppet dramas, because ancient puppet dramas are the most popular and can attract traffic, so there are a lot of ancient puppet dramas shooting in the mainland every year. Ning’an Rumeng starred Guan Xuan, Bai Lu, Zhang Linghe, Wang Xingyue and others. What’s the specific matter? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ning’an, Rumeng, starring Guan Xuan

Recently, Ning’an Rumeng official announced the cast, including Bai Lu, Zhang Linghe, Wang Xingyue, Zhou Junwei, Liu dianing and others. Moreover, the official wechat also released gags, which of course also emphasized that these GAGs are side shot materials, non positive materials. In fact, Ning’an Rumeng held a startup ceremony on May 21. In addition to white deer, which has been a new generation of actors with a lot of works in recent years, several other actors have not deep acting qualifications, which can be said to be newcomers in the entertainment industry.

Even when Ning’an Rumeng turned on, many netizens also ridiculed white deer for dragging three in the play, because the popularity of the three male protagonists was not good. Although the second female Liu Yining was somewhat famous, she was a showman, and everyone seemed to have little confidence in her acting skills. However, after reading the gags released by the official wechat, these netizens are still looking forward to Ning an Rumeng. From the gags, the costumes of the actors, as well as the set of the scene, we can see that Ning’an Rumeng’s production team is still very reliable, and many details are also very attentive.

White deer, Zhang Linghe, Wang Xingyue led the lead

Ning An Ru Meng is a novel adapted from Shi Jing, Kun Ning. It tells the story of the octopus woman who broke up peacefully with seven bigwigs who had something to do with her in order to survive after her rebirth. Therefore, Ning’an Rumeng is a big female lead drama. Bai Lu plays the heroine Jiang Xuening, Zhang Linghe plays the male lead Xie Wei, Wang Xingyue plays the male second Zhang Zha, and Zhou Junwei plays Nansan Yanlin. Are you satisfied with this lineup?

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