No last bite of drugs!

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Author: Ye Lihua Source: Seeking Truth (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Putin’s image has been shown for more than 20 years. Because he is really tough, his image is well maintained.

But Putin is not very good at economy.

Born in the KGB, he didn’t learn when he was young. Later, he directed several Russian foreign wars and took part in the fight against IS. What he trained was the ability of geopolitical game. Recently, it has been vigorously boosting Russia’s fertility rate and studying population.

No, it is not, Putin admitted himself, so on the one hand, he only does what he is good at, and on the other hand, he has studied the fertility rate, which is Russia’s national strategy, without any title of economic director.

Putin has never been personally involved in the issue of fiscal revenue and expenditure.

However, the financial expenditure of the Russian Federation is down-to-earth, with 1.5% for housing and public services, 1.6% for environmental protection, 5% for education and metaphor, 5.2% for health care, 0.3% for sports culture and sports, 0.6% for culture, 15.5% for the national economy, and 7.4% for government operating expenses.

Social policy expenditure accounted for 26% of the total financial expenditure, of which 11.4% was used for national security. There are other project expenditures, and only 3 trillion rubles can be left for the army.

These three trillion rubles supply the millions of troops in Russia’s vast territory, as well as the maintenance costs of weapons and equipment that have to be spent on nuclear weapons and missile forces, land air defense, and so on. Finally, they can be allocated to the training of each soldier, which is very few.

The income tax is progressive, starting from the annual income of more than 50000 rubles; Bank large deposit certificate, interest is subject to income tax; Tobacco consumption tax rate is 20%; Consumption tax, corporate income tax and value-added tax have not been included.

There are many kinds of taxes, accounting for only 2/3 of the fiscal revenue of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation is increasingly dependent on oil and gas revenues. In the Russian Federation’s finance, oil and gas revenues account for more than 1/3.

All the great projects that Russia wants to do, whether Putin’s national plan on fertility or not, have finally stopped at the income of oil and gas.

Russia’s finance has produced a serious path dependence. To solve this dependence, Russia can continue to promote domestic projects. So Medvedev was removed and replaced with Mishusky, who understands the economy.

Mishuskin understood a truth that Medvedev did not understand. No matter land or oil, it is not for land to stack up land, oil to stack up oil, and realize the void growth of finance.

It is to obtain finance, promote industry, realize the growth of people’s income and enterprise’s income on the basis of industrial development, and further realize the growth of consumption and the expansion of enterprise scale. Finally, we can obtain more finance through taxation and realize a virtuous circle.

If you follow Medvedev’s old formula, oil is stacked with oil, sell oil and gas to buy more oil and gas equipment, and then sell more oil and gas. Russia’s finance will make it impossible to support its own army even in war, and it can only rely on military outsourcing like Wagner to work.

On the contrary, the consumption tax has doubled, the income tax expense has increased by 3.5 times, and the import and export tariff income has also remained stable in recent years.

Living tax sources are like flowing water, providing a steady stream of confidence for Putin and Russia’s cause. Money is human courage. With money, Russia can finally expand its military.

Finance to the country is like cash to the family. Having a dependent finance for a long time is like making money for a long time. Spending is always extravagant, but fast money is why it is fast, not only to earn fast, but also to pass quickly.

Once the source of fast money is cut off, the family will immediately be squeezed. The extravagant flowers can’t stop, and the extravagant ones have lost their shadow.

Something is going to happen.

However, it was not easy to get rid of financial dependence when there was still oil and gas in stock. Mishusking cut the federal public expenditure by a large margin, and made cadres at all levels tighten their belts and finally quit the drug.

Man, only by abstaining from drugs can he walk steadily and far.

To get rid of drugs, you should take the last bite. “Just take one sip, and then give up drugs, and take the last”, which is never believed.

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