No more! “Reagan” go back to sleep, don’t disturb me!

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Shocked by one military exercise after another by the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier “Reagan”, which was previously regarded as the “spiritual pillar” in the island, was confirmed to return to its home port (Yokosuka base, Japan) at 9:00 a.m. on the 19th to prepare for replenishment and maintenance.


The media on the other side of the Strait who have been hyping the “Reagan” for more than ten days to cross the Taiwan Strait can wash up and sleep, because the “American father” is going to sleep. Whoever goes to argue about the “Reagan” (the opposite side translation) will do it by himself.

The US Navy really can’t continue to play. After the old witch’s farce, the “Reagan” aircraft carrier strike group once circled around the sea for several days. When it was close to Japan, it also adjusted its direction and turned south, making the 1450 and the famous people on the island shout with excitement.

On August 8, Colin Kahl, US Deputy Secretary of defense, announced that US ships would be arranged to cross the Taiwan Strait in the next few weeks.

The spokesman of the US national security and Safety Commission, coco, also made a similar statement.

However, when the PLA remained unmoved and continued to announce the military exercise area, the “Reagan” aircraft carrier was embarrassed. It could not stay on the sea for a long time, and the two nuclear submarines in the formation also needed to enter the port.

The last time the United States stated its position on the “Reagan” aircraft carrier formation was on August 13. At that time, Campbell, the White House coordinator for Indian and Pacific Affairs, criticized China for overreacting to the military exercise and damaging the “status quo in the Taiwan Strait”. The US Navy warships will pass through the Taiwan Strait in the next few weeks.

On August 17, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned the US side: do not take rash actions and do not create a greater crisis. Those who play with fire will come to no good end, and those who violate the Chinese nation will be punished.

During the warning issued by the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the US military made the decision to let the “Reagan” aircraft carrier return to its home port and give up going south to the Taiwan Strait.

While the other side of the Strait was still busy analyzing the mystery behind the “Reagan” round trip, the US Foreign Policy magazine poured cold water on the island on August 18. The title of the article was “Taiwan should not rely on the American father to solve its own problems.”.

So directly, “Daddy American” was put into the headline. Did Wu zhaoxie and 1450 dare to say that they were “dwarfed”? They dare not even utter a word.

Foreign policy is a relatively serious conservative political journal. Under the current background, it specially writes articles on the Taiwan Strait. In fact, it is releasing the information about the return of the “Reagan” aircraft carrier to Hong Kong.


The “Reagan” decided to return to Japan on August 15 (Japan’s surrender day). After that, it did not hesitate to turn around and sail all the way to Yokosuka’s home port.

Before that, the Ministry of national defense, the Asia Pacific affairs agency and the National Security Commission had eaten all the words they had said. If a man can’t speak out, he can’t speak out.

The fact is that the media on the other side can only try their best to make up for it, saying that the United States is “deliberately showing weakness” and that the powerful means are behind it. In any case, the US warship’s southward move is powerful and domineering; The US warship’s return to its nest is a big move brewing. A group of people on the mainland network are also using this kind of script.

So why didn’t “Reagan” stop?

During this period, the PLA not only conducted military exercises in the Taiwan Strait, but also conducted live ammunition military exercises in the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea.

The “Reagan” has been wandering 1000-1500 kilometers away. It left in May. As a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, it could have stayed at sea for 6-8 months. It is obvious that the return time is ahead of schedule.

The main reason why the US military made this decision is that the fighting wills of the two armed forces are completely different.

In the past, the seventh fleet of the US military used to rely on its military superiority to roam around the Taiwan Strait, and it knew that there was little we could do with it.

However, the strength of the Chinese people’s Navy today is by no means comparable to that of more than 20 years ago. We already have the ability to destroy the USS Reagan and other large US warships.

No matter how American politicians or media clamor, the US military must analyze the consequences of military conflict through a lot of intelligence or data, and this analysis conclusion has become the basis for US military action decisions.

After receiving the military’s advice, White House politicians should determine the “scope” of military action based on political judgment.

The so-called political judgment refers to China’s determination to fight.

If China does not want to have a military conflict with the US military, then the two armed forces will “struggle” within the scope of mutual tolerance, that is, there is a tacit political understanding.

If China is determined to have a military conflict with the US military, then the problem will come.

Safeguarding national territorial integrity and realizing national reunification at an early date are the most important core interests for which the Chinese people are willing to sacrifice.

However, China is not a sea power country, and it always focuses on land warfare. The United States is a sea power country, and even replaced Britain as the military hegemon at sea.

The US military can use the reason of “free navigation” to enter and leave the sea areas it considers necessary for its military force to exist. However, the U.S. Navy dare not approach the sensitive military waters of the Soviet Union, such as the Strait near the Kamchatka Peninsula.

This shows that there is a premise for the “free navigation” of the United States. Of course, the premise is not international law, maritime conventions, navigation treaties and other international rules, but whether the other side can destroy it?


China already has the ability to destroy the US military’s maritime forces, coupled with the PLA’s determination to defend territorial integrity.

Therefore, the “Reagan” even gave up the idea of adventure and went back to sleep. If it did not go back to sleep, it would stay at sea for six months. But in this case, it will become a bigger laughing stock. Do you dare not move to the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait within half a year?

If the US military is brave enough to break into the Taiwan Strait in order to save face, the next step is to evaluate the war.

China’s industrial production capacity is constantly improving. The recent report issued by the US “center for strategic and budget assessment” (CSBA) points out that:

Under the condition that China’s military expenditure accounts for the same proportion of GDP, by 2031, the PLA will have five aircraft carriers (at least one nuclear powered), more than 60 large destroyers, and 10 nuclear submarines. It is difficult to predict the number of other ordinary warships.

The US military wants to contain the Chinese navy in the “first island chain” waters. CSBA believes that it must take actions together with its allies. The United States, together with Britain, Japan, Australia and the European Union, has continuously sent troops to the vicinity of China’s waters to threaten China.

However, judging from this PLA naval exercise, an Eastern theater has already demonstrated its “regional denial” capability. No matter what help the United States calls, these warships can only stay 1000 kilometers away when the Taiwan Strait is in a state of war, just like the United States.

How will this war be fought? Do western countries still want to repeat the scene of invading China’s coastline more than 100 years ago and landing on the shore?

In addition, the naval and air forces stationed in Europe and the United States, EU powers and Britain have to deal with Russia. If NATO wants to maintain combat effectiveness, it is impossible to invest more war forces in the “first island chain”.

What’s more, the decline in US industrial manufacturing capacity is too serious.

At that time, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese army. Although the US military was not lightly injured, once the US industrial production potential was fully developed, its warships and fighter planes could be put into combat continuously.

However, since the Reagan era, the United States has been keen on making fast money and big money, and reaping the world with political and financial power on the basis of dollar hegemony.

Most of the shipbuilding industry in the United States has left the United States, and some production lines have been closed or closed, not to mention that the speed of building new warships is extremely slow, and even the maintenance problems are continuous.

It needs South Korea to build ships for the US military. But is it difficult for the PLA to destroy the South Korean shipbuilding base during the war?

The arrogant US Navy has become a deterrent force in a simple sense. When it meets a real opponent, it will show its true colors.

When the “Reagan” returned to its nest, it told the outside world that there was no need to count on me. After I arrived in Hong Kong, the officers and men would go ashore, and it would take at least three months to take a vacation, go to bars, and find Japanese women. Therefore, it will take a long time to come out again.

How can the United States save face?

1? Suddenly one day, it was announced that the nuclear submarines of the “Reagan” aircraft carrier formation had successfully passed through the Taiwan Strait;

2? Dispatch survey ships or professional ships between the military and the people to pass through the Taiwan Strait without harm;

3? It is shameless to discuss with China to let some of my warships pass through the Taiwan Strait.

“Reagan” can be performed for more than ten days. After all, the island has paid so much protection fees that the United States must perform it once.

The transformation of the US military from a domineering president to a lewd man has indeed hurt the hearts of many American fans.

Is the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, like the sweeping robot, pulling the micro beacon?

However, the United States has an “advantage” that it is invincible and shameless, so let it run naked without shame.

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