Nordic, cheap virgin!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Erdogan said: as long as I am the president of Turkey, Finland and Sweden will not want to join NATO.

However, only 15 days later, at the NATO summit, Turkey expressed its support for them to join NATO.

It’s not Turkey, it’s Erdogan who did not expect that Finland and Sweden gave up their bottom line and principles so soon after a little trial

I know your bottom line is low, but I didn’t think there was no bottom line at all.

The focus of the differences between the two sides lies in the Kurds.

El Ando commands the country known as “turkey in the middle of the country, husky in the dog”, which is not in vain, because he always likes to do mindless things and often recklessly dies.

Turkey once jumped up and down, supporting the separatist forces in all corners of the world, but it did not realize that it was the biggest plot of the separatist forces.

The 18million Kurds distributed in the south of Turkey, accounting for about 15% of the national population, have their own language and culture, and their residence accounts for about 1/6 of the country. They have always dreamed of independence. They almost established the country several times in history, but they are on the verge of success because of various reasons. They have been cheated by Britain and the United States for a long time and abandoned after losing their use value.

The unwilling Kurds set up the “Kurdish workers’ Party”. They fought wars and terrorist attacks with the Turkish government, which made them restless for a long time.

Why does Turkey dare not clamor for the great Turks now? If Erdogan dare to support national self-determination, please take the lead. 1/6 of the territory and 15% of the population do not want it first.

Turkey, together with the Kurds in Iran, Iraq and northern Syria, has a total of 30million, which makes El Ando very disturbing.

Why does Elan have to take part in the Middle East affairs and take an active part in the Syrian war? In addition to his Middle East dream, another reason is that the Kurds in the four Middle East countries support each other and flee for a long time. The Turkish Kurds are hanged by the government forces, so they all withdraw to Syria or Iraq. When the government forces withdraw, they come back. Therefore, Turkey always “encircles and suppresses across the border”.

In addition to the Kurds, Erdogan’s other big worry is his own political enemy, GuLun, who has been explicitly supported and sheltered by the United States and the West.

In 2016, Erdogan’s opposition launched a coup in Turkey, and there is clear evidence pointing to Gulen.

The coup caused more than 1600 casualties, and Erdogan almost ran away. In the end, Putin provided him with information to save him and let him turn over at the critical moment.

Therefore, facing Finland and Sweden joining NATO this time, Erdogan said:

Don’t you know? Putin saved my life. That’s my brother, my beloved relatives and friends. Do you want me to fuck him?

That will cost more!


El Ando’s “money increase” is to liquidate the Kurdish workers’ Party and draw a clear line between the US western bloc and Gulen.

In fact, with the gradual withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle East, Turkey is at least better off than in the past, and various European countries are also facing various separatist forces. They must not dare to publicly support the Kurds. They all regard this as Turkey’s “internal affairs”.

After the failure of Gulen’s coup in 2016, the overall situation of Erdogan has been decided. Erdogan has lost its use value to the western group in the United States, and only “took refuge” in the United States

However, Sweden, Finland and Norway do not think so, especially after the outbreak of the refugee crisis.

After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, a large number of refugees from the Middle East poured into Europe, especially reaching the historical peak in 2015. At the beginning, European countries supported and opposed it, but the three Notre dames of Europe, Norway, Finland and Sweden welcomed it with open arms.

The immigration offices of the Nordic countries provide complete services for refugees, with a full set of economic assistance to help applicants apply for housing; The applicant can also provide the same medical assistance and children’s medical services as the Swedish people

Finnish Prime Minister sepileh told the media that he was willing to provide his own house for refugees.

Even if I rent a house again

Under such a policy, a large number of refugees have poured into northern Europe, while Kurds from the Middle East prefer Finland and Sweden, because the United States and European countries have included the Kurdish workers’ Party in the list of terrorist organizations, while northern Europe welcomes them with open arms.

Finland said: people want to be independent. Why don’t you let them be independent? Wouldn’t it be nice if you gave them one sixth of your land?

So, take Finland as an example. Since 2010, about 50000-80000 refugees have poured in every year. Up to now, there are about 70000 Kurds.

Do you think the figure is not high? You should know that the total population of Finland is 5million, which is equivalent to the refugees who increase the total population by 1.5% every year.

Sweden has a larger population of 10million. Therefore, the greater the capacity, the greater the responsibility. In 2016, it accepted 160000 Middle East refugees. So far, the number of Kurds has reached more than 120000.

The whole three Nordic countries applauded and cheered, and wished to take refugees as their fathers.

After arriving in northern Europe, the refugees in the Middle East were happy. They found that this place not only had high welfare, but also was a paradise for crime.

There is no death penalty in the three Nordic countries, and criminals have always wanted to rely on “Probation”. The government attaches great importance to “human rights”. If a crime is committed in northern Europe, they will be imprisoned in a seven-star prison to “suffer”

The most representative is the Norwegian government. Since 2000, in order to enable criminals to live a comfortable life and “transform at ease”, the Norwegian government has invited the world’s most famous designers to invest 10billion dinars, about 240billion yuan. After 10 years of construction, it has built an 8-star national prison, Halden prison, covering an area of 100 hectares!

More than 250 felons for murder or rape are held here




Note: the above photos are taken from harden prison.

There are all kinds of things here, including churches, gyms, activity rooms, clinics, libraries, greenhouses… You can think of or can’t think of what life needs here!

All the criminals live in single cells with air conditioners, televisions, computers and showers. In order to keep them at peace, “men and women are not tired of matching and reforming”, and women policemen are specially allocated in proportion.

The refugees in the Middle East, especially the Kurds, are stupid. They say that if I go to prison in northern Europe, it will be paradise.

As a result, the refugees in northern Europe immediately began to resume their old businesses, such as robbery, murder, rape

Take Finland as an example. In 2010, refugees were welcomed. By 2015, the crime rate had soared five times. Nearly 2700 criminal cases were caught and discovered throughout the year, mainly in the form of vicious crimes such as fighting, theft, explosion and sexual crimes.

And Sweden?

In 2015 alone, the Swedish police received 6700 rape reports, equivalent to 69 rape cases per 100000 people.

In 2016, Monica Gandhi, the female minister of the Federation of India, told reporters: why do you say that India is a big rape country? We can’t compare with Sweden.

What about Norway?

Norway’s immigration has led to a sharp increase in the incidence of crimes. On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik, a member organization of the extreme right wing of Norwegian criminal immigrants, planned and launched the YUTE Island tragedy in order to oppose immigration and attract the attention of the authorities. He killed 77 people with weapons, most of whom were teenagers in summer camps on the island.

Of course, Breivik turned himself in after killing people, and then happily lived in Norway’s star prison.


After killing 77 people, he was sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment by the Norwegian court! This is the highest penalty in Norway!

Let alone Breivik killed 77 people. Even if he killed 5million people in Norway, he can only be sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment, because there is no higher penalty than this.

According to Norwegian law, as long as Breivik has stayed in his cell for seven years, he can get out of prison every weekend and go back to prison on Monday;

Within 14 years, as long as he hasn’t committed any more crimes, he can be paroled, and nothing will happen

Do you think northern Europe is in a mess? Is northern Europe against immigration?

Sweden, for example, has been very busy since 2010.

In 2010, a representative terrorist attack suicide bombing in Stockholm caused 19 casualties;

In 2015, the representative Stockholm truck collision incident;

Since 2016, there has been no way to make statistics. There were 162 explosions that year!

At its peak, in march2016, three explosions occurred in Stockholm in one night

Well, the reason is that there are too many refugees from the Middle East and other regions.

Although Swedes do not discriminate against refugees, the Swedish government is still worried that refugees are sensitive and have ideas. Therefore, for political reasons, many refugees’ criminal identities are covered up. That is to say, after committing rape and terrorist attacks in Sweden, refugees live in five-star prisons. After they are released from prison, their identities are not allowed to be disclosed.

For the refugees who committed crimes, not only did they not disclose their identity and names, but all the photos were coded because “human rights should be safeguarded” and “racial discrimination should not be allowed”.

These, naturally, let the refugees have no fear.

Sweden’s crime rate is rising, but does the Swedish government have a long memory?

It’s strange to grow!

In March, 2019, there were 11 explosions caused by refugees in Sweden. This month, Sweden also issued 25589 green cards, 8549 green cards for refugee reunification and 4685 new refugees.

While terrorist attacks continue, people are constantly released

Until April, the three Nordic countries were overwhelmed by refugees, and domestic voices of opposition rose one after another. Nordic people finally knew that if they wanted “human rights equality and freedom”, they would be attacked and raped by terrorists.

They don’t want political correctness anymore!

Since April, Norway, as the representative, has promulgated a new asylum and Immigration Act, which stipulates that officials are allowed to refuse to enter Norway from the Norwegian border without directly coming from the conflict area. Since then, northern Europe has begun to comprehensively tighten the asylum policy, restrict family reunification, shorten residence time and reduce welfare, and restrict the basic human rights of refugees after acceptance.

From this moment on, the number of refugees in northern Europe began to drop sharply to the original 3% or less.

Today, the doors of northern Europe to refugees have almost been completely closed!

If it were not for the promulgation of these laws, we have every reason to believe that the immigrants in northern Europe today have accounted for more than 30% of the population.

Only after being hurt did Nordic countries realize that once their vital interests were involved, “human rights equality and freedom” were nothing.

In the future, it will be difficult for new refugees to go to northern Europe. However, immigrants who have already arrived in northern Europe will go to heaven and do anything

Turkey angrily condemned:

Finland and Sweden became the settlements of Kurdish immigrants and the Curian movement, and became the centers of plotting to split Turkey.

Moreover, in 2019, after Turkey “crossed the border” to northern Syria to attack the PKK armed forces, Sweden also suspended arms sales to Turkey

Sweden has good reasons:

Others Kurds want to be independent, why don’t you let them be independent?

Why don’t you give up your position when julun wants to carry out a coup?

You see, I was raped by them without saying anything

He finally said: as long as I am the president of Turkey, you can’t join NATO. Putin is my brother. I think he will beat you one day.

You want to join NATO unless you cooperate with us to liquidate the GuLun and Kurds.

El Andorra thought that Sweden and Finland would fight him to the end. Unexpectedly, only 15 days later, the situation changed.

Finland and Sweden indicated that they would list the PKK as a terrorist organization, prohibit its activities in China, provide Turkey with relevant materials about members of the PKK and the “Gulen movement”, and initiate extradition against them.

In other words, nearly 200000 Kurds were immediately forgotten and became victims of the admission tickets for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

Nordic virgin, turn around and don’t recognize people.

Aren’t these two Notre dames chanting freedom? Why did you suddenly change your mind?

In fact, we can see what they think from former Finnish Prime Minister sepileh.

In july2016, sipilai made a high-profile statement to the Finnish media: we fully support refugees to come to Finland to live. As long as they are willing to come, I will give them my dabiyo to live, and I will rent a house outside.

In october2016, the Finnish media asked sipilai that you saw that more than 30000 immigrants came last month. Did your dabiyo live with them?

Xipilai said that soon, I will give them a place to live. I am going to rent a house.

As a result, the later reporters repeatedly asked, in February 2017, sipilai really couldn’t stand it. He said that I thought twice that it was not good for them to live in my other place, because I was well-known in Finland, and they went to the press conference to harass them

In fact, what sipilai wanted to say was:

Why should I give them my house? I won’t give it. How can you

I’ll shout slogans. Are you serious?

Nordic cheap virgin heart, very simple.

First, as long as you don’t force them on and harm their interests, you should shout to welcome immigrants. However, if it really poses a threat to their safety, the refugees should quickly let them go.

Second, in order to welcome the refugees, any gesture can be made, but it is absolutely impossible if we really want to sell real interests. The so-called housing them is just talk.

Third, when things have nothing to do with their interests, they can call for freedom and equality and highlight their moral commanding heights. For example, they can tolerate Kurds’ actions in northern Europe, because it is Turkey that wants chaos, and it is someone else’s business to fight, which is none of my business.

Fourth, once it is related to interests, any values are bullshit and can be given up. If you can join NATO and seek American asylum, you should give up the Kurds immediately. Anyway, they are the ones who died. I just want to be safe

The above is the Nordic virgin formula.

Simply put, it is the virgin of speech and the bitch of action.

According to the words of hundreds of years ago, we should not only erect a memorial archway, but also be a bitch.

At any time, the three Nordic countries do not forget to express their arrogance and Prejudice by standing on the moral level. At this time, I can not help but think of Sweden. They were very happy to give the Nobel Prize to the great monk and Liu, and gave it back to Mo Yan, because in the award speech, they made it very clear that Mo Yan let them see “a world without truth, common sense or compassion, highlighting the tyranny of the times”

The three Nordic countries, which are small countries and few people, have a total population of about 20million, which is not as good as a megacity. However, because of their scarce population, they have abundant natural resources and enjoy very high benefits. Oil fields, forests and iron mines make them eat all day long and look down on the world with arrogant political correctness every day.

However, these alone are not enough. They also need to have industries. However, taking Sweden as an example, what will happen to enterprises that have entered the global top 500?

China geely acquires Volvo as the largest shareholder;

A considerable part of the household products sold by IKEA are made in China, which is bound to exceed 60% in the next five years. Ikea will eventually become a pure sales company;

H& M is on the verge of going to the streets in the Chinese market for insulting China;

Ericsson, once a communication giant, is less than 1/7 of Huawei’s market today;


In addition to the above four “global top 500 national pride”, Sweden’s top 20 enterprises have been surpassed by China one by one.

Autoli, an automobile safety company, has been pursued by Junsheng electronics, and has been beaten out of its armour in the market.

Electrolux, the largest household appliance enterprise in Sweden, fell out of the top three in the face of the impact of Haier Midea Gree.

China Hikvision has surpassed axis, the largest security camera enterprise in Sweden, to become the world’s first.

In the field of construction machinery, XCMG of China ranked 6th in the world, Sany of China ranked 8th in the world, and Sandvik of Sweden fell out of the top 10.

Only trucks, bearings and air compressors in Sweden have not been overtaken by China, but it is a matter of time.


This is why these countries have always been hostile to China.

They didn’t know how to reflect on themselves, so when they were angry and shameless, they packed all their previous resentments and stuffed them into China, concocting all kinds of nonsense. Swedish news agency, Swedish daily, express, 8 pages, today’s social news, daily news and beixueping newspaper took turns to fight, and they did not respect democracy, human rights, protect the environment, discriminate against women, and so on.

All of these are the world of Sweden, and all of them perfectly appear in Mo Yan’s novels

Today, the three Nordic countries also know that it is only a matter of time before their enterprises are replaced and surpassed by China. However, they are unwilling to accept the reality and have to fight hard to discourage China.

The political correctness of the West has always been to sympathize with the weak, slander the strong, and kneel and lick the king

What does China belong to? A country that both Biden and trump fear from the bottom of their hearts On the way from the strong to the king.

A powerful country that has piloted the world 80% of the time in history

A strong economy that has accumulated a lot and quickly eliminated European Manufacturing

A nation that will surely surpass them in the future and make them unattainable

They can pretend to sympathize with refugees, but in a country like China, the West cannot sympathize, and no one is qualified to use the word “sympathy”.

Therefore, we must have a clear understanding that in the next 14 years, the whole western world will intensify its efforts to slander, spread rumors and discredit China. China is also the only country they can discriminate against.

But they have only the last 14 years, because after our long-term goals are achieved in 2035, we will become the real king!

Is it possible for the Nordic countries to seek asylum from the United States and continue their comfortable lives?

The United States itself knows that it is never Russia that can pose a threat to hegemony.

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