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On july6,2005, the 117th plenary session of the IOC was held in Singapore.

London, Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow are competing for the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

The competition for the right to host the Olympic Games has never been so fierce. Among the five candidate cities, four are from the five permanent members of the Security Council. The only Beijing that did not participate in the election is because it just won the right to host the Olympic Games in 2008.

This also makes the competition for the 2012 Olympic Games more like a geopolitical game between the major powers of the Security Council.

London has the support of Commonwealth countries, Paris has the support of central and North African countries, New York has the support of central and North American and Oceanian countries, Moscow has the support of Central Asian and Slavic countries, replacing Madrid, which competed in the competition in Beijing. As the overlord in the era of great navigation, it also has the support of Latin American countries.

According to the rules of the Olympic Committee, five countries have opened four rounds of “werewolf killing” voting, and each round has voted for the country with the least support votes.

Due to the balance of sphere of influence, the votes of the great powers were roughly equal in each round.

For France, this is its third bid. The previous two times were defeated by Barcelona (1992) and Beijing (2008). This time, it is determined to win. The International Olympic Committee has always had the highest evaluation of Paris.

French President Jacques Chirac personally canvassed for votes. The publicity film for Paris’ Olympic bid directed by the great director Luc Besson is very imaginative and perfectly combines the beauty of Paris with sports.


Chirac and the French people are also full of confidence in winning the right to host the Olympic Games.

Although New York, which was “cut” in the second round, will turn a large number of American ticket houses to London, which is also the brother of ansa bitch.

However, Moscow, which was “stabbed” in the first round, as a traditional ally of France, and Madrid, which was “stabbed” in the third round, are both Latin speaking countries with France. Based on diplomatic traditions and feelings, both will vote for Paris.

Therefore, during the last round, the French people have begun to celebrate.

But at 19:48, when Rogge officially announced it, Paris lost to London 50:54, and Chirac lost to Blair.

Because it is a secret vote by electronic voting machine, which three votes France has lost has become an eternal mystery, but the voting mechanism of the Olympic Committee can still be talked about.

The country with the highest weight of the IOC is the five permanent members of the Security Council with three votes each.

According to the voting rules of the International Olympic Committee, the members of the country where the city applying for the Olympic Games is located cannot vote when they are elected. Therefore, when all parties are close, it is a mysterious power with three votes that really decides the winner

Without love for no reason, set the clock to the new year of 2005.

At the countdown ceremony for the centenary of times square in New York, at the gracious invitation of George W. Bush, China’s Diving Queen Gao Min attended as one of the guests of New York’s Olympic bid. Clare, No. 10 Downing Street, also personally recruited snooker star Ding Junhui, who studied in London, to apply for the Olympic Games.

However, when Chirac of France invited Liu Xiang, a Chinese flying man, to be the ambassador for the Olympic bid, he was secretly declined by Liu Xiang. In the face of heated media discussion, the General Administration of sports even refuted the rumor and explained that Liu Xiang was only a French cultural ambassador, not an ambassador for the Olympic bid in Paris.

Without Chinese support, France could only invite three Chinese stars to assist in the election. Russia produced a platform for Chinese promotional materials, and Spain produced a Chinese fan promotional film in Madrid 2012.

The Sino French friendship that has advanced and retreated since General de Gaulle for more than 50 years, the proletarian brotherhood since the October Revolution in Russia, and the Chinese and Western comrades in arms that have been congealed in the anti secession trenches for half a century have all been put aside.

Since George W. Bush and Blair started the war on terrorism in 2001, China, which has great influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has rapidly entered the honeymoon period with the five eye alliance countries.


The Olympic bid ambassador is not only a star’s personal glory, but also a venue for major country diplomacy.

Two years after the 2012 Olympic Games, the 119th plenary session of the IOC will be held in Guatemala City in 2007, and the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be chosen.

Austria and South Korea’s Pyeongchang and Russia’s Sochi jointly vied for the right to host the event.

With the tacit consent of the mysterious East, an old friend Putin hired figure skater Chen Lu as Sochi’s ambassador for the Olympic bid, while another old friend Roh moo Hyun chose famous player Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo from Beijing to support Pingchang.

Not surprisingly, Austria, which did not invite the Chinese national to assist in the election, was eliminated in the first round. In the second round of voting, Sochi of Russia defeated Changping of South Korea.

Coincidentally, like London’s victory over Paris, Sochi and Changping were also four votes away.


Today, Gu ailing said at the time100 summit that he would serve as the ambassador of the United States in its bid to host the 2030 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, and said in an interview: “I have never regretted choosing to represent China.”.

We don’t need to make too much interpretation based on personal choice. Behind the candidate for the bid, there is often a national will.

Next year, at the 140th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to be held in Mumbai, India, a runoff election will be held from five cities: Salt Lake City in the United States, Vancouver in Canada, Barcelona in Spain, Lvov in Ukraine, and Sapporo in Japan.

China’s three votes are also important winners and losers.

Since the modern Olympic Games was held, it has been closely related to politics. In this regard, I try to make some irresponsible guesses.

This move by the United States is not only to lock in China’s three Olympic Committee votes in advance, but also to maintain China US relations in the process of friction with Taiwan, and to show goodwill and win over to China’s elite.

However, China agreed to Gu ailing as the US ambassador for the Olympic bid six months in advance. It is not logical to bet so early. This may have something to do with the confrontation between us and the Allied forces of Japan, the United States and Canada at the Shangri La summit a few days later.

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