NSA’s attack on Xigong university is just the tip of the iceberg!

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This is a “Burglary”: first, pry open the door lock, look around, and then lower the cat to steal. After the search, erase the traces and walk away.

Whose house was targeted by thieves this time? Northwestern Polytechnical University.


In April this year, Xigong University reported to the police.

The reason is that the teachers and students of the school received many suspicious emails. Most of these emails focus on scientific research review, defense invitation and notice of going abroad, which are actually Trojan horse programs. Once you click on the link, your e-mail login rights will be lost, and all relevant e-mail data will be stolen; Some faculty members still have traces of network attacks in their computers.

(source: CCTV News)

On June 22, West China University of Technology issued a statement, saying that the behind the attacks were “hacker organizations and illegal elements from abroad”.

Who on earth did it?

The results of the investigation are directed at the US National Security Agency (NSA). This is the hub of the US intelligence department and the intelligence agency with the highest level of confidentiality. It was exposed by Snowden that it not only “monitors tens of millions of Americans” but also “monitors the world”.

It was the office of specific intrusion operations (TAO), a division of the NSA, that launched an attack on Xigong University. The office was established in 1998, with more than 2000 military and civilian personnel under it, and is specialized in cyber attacks and secret theft against other countries.

The technical team of the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center analyzed and found that in the attack on Xi’an University of technology, Tao used four types of network attack weapons: at the beginning, he used vulnerability attack breakthrough weapons, delivered persistent control weapons after the breakthrough, and then used sniffing and secret stealing weapons to lurk and steal important data for a long time. After the task was completed, he cleaned up the scene with hidden and traceless weapons, making people invisible.

China’s technical analysis and tracing show that the evidence chain of NSA’s cyber attack and data theft is clear and complete, involving 13 people who directly launched cyber attacks on China in the United States, more than 60 contracts and 170 electronic documents signed with American telecom operators to build a cyber attack environment.

Why did the highest level intelligence agency of the United States attack a Chinese University?

In fact, this is not too unexpected. As a national key university with both aviation, aerospace and navigation “three navigation” engineering education and scientific research, Xi’an University of technology has trained a large number of talents for China’s “three navigation” cause, and has successively sent out 65 Republic generals and 48 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Chinese Academy of engineering. A few years ago, Xi’an Polytechnic University was included in the “sanctions” list by the United States.

Attacking Xigong university is just the tip of the iceberg.

In February this year, Beijing Qian Pangu laboratory disclosed that formula, a hacker organization affiliated to the NSA, used the top-level back door to launch more than a decade long “telescreen” cyber attacks on 45 countries and regions around the world, including China and Russia. The targets of the attacks included well-known universities, scientific research institutions, the communication industry, government departments, etc; The survey conducted by 360 in 2008 also shows that China is one of the long-term key cyber attack targets of the NSA.

These cyber attacks can not only steal intelligence from other countries, but also damage key infrastructure such as power, water conservancy, telecommunications, transportation and energy, and even have disastrous consequences on public data, public communication networks, public transport networks and public services.

(source: CCTV News)


Yesterday, foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning quoted relevant reports at a press conference that the US side has used 41 kinds of special cyber attack weapons and equipment to attack Northwestern Polytechnical University for thousands of times and steal a batch of core technical data. The United States has also been monitoring Chinese mobile phone users in non discriminatory languages for a long time, illegally stealing the contents of short messages of mobile phone users, and positioning them wirelessly.

In fact, the United States monitors its own citizens as well as other countries.

Recently, the privacy and Technology Law Center of Georgetown University in the United States published a report entitled “the United States’ dragnet: eviction driven by data in the 21st century”. According to the report, the US immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ice) has spent $2.8 billion on a major project to “extract the detailed files of almost anyone”.

Report “the United States’ dragnet: expulsion driven by data in the 21st century”

On the other hand, the annual report of the office of the US director of national intelligence shows that in the past year alone, the US Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) conducted 3.4 million checks on the electronic data of its citizens without a search warrant.

It has long been an open secret for the United States to monitor the world. Take the well-known “prism” project as an example. In 2009 alone, 122 foreign leaders were monitored by the United States; As of 2011, more than 100 million pieces of credit card information from Europe, Africa and the Middle East were “tracked” by the United States. After one operation, the US Intelligence Department collected nearly 5 billion mobile phone call records and 2 billion mobile phone short messages worldwide every day.

In February 2020, a number of American media released a joint investigation report, saying that since the 1970s, the United States has cooperated with the former West German intelligence department to secretly manipulate Swiss encryption equipment suppliers, steal intelligence in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and carry out indiscriminate monitoring.

Last year, the “eavesdropping storm” of the United States against its allies once again caused an uproar in the international community. The US National Security Bureau used the Danish submarine Internet cable landing point to monitor and monitor the text messages and phone calls of political leaders in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries. Many allies were angry and asked the United States for explanations. This is exactly what Kissinger said: “being an enemy of the United States is dangerous, but being an ally of the United States is fatal.”

Why does the United States want to monitor the world?

Spain’s El Pais hit the nail on the head: monitoring the world and obtaining intelligence are important competitive resources for the United States to control the world. In order to maintain hegemony and reverse the inevitable decline of the country, the “matrix” does everything possible.

Ironically, such a “habitual intelligence thief” actually called for the establishment of a “clean network” and urged other countries to turn away Chinese enterprises on the grounds of protecting the “data security” of the United States.

No one can match his cheekiness.

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