Nuwa had a descendant who was loyal to King Zhou and was finally killed

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Yuanshi Tianzun just wanted to take advantage of the war of King Wu’s suppression of Zhou to involve his disciples in the interception of religion and kill them, so as to achieve the great cause of deification. But in his heart, he did not hate King Zhou and Yin Shang as much as people imagined. Yuanshi Tianzun did not have to destroy Yin Shang. The only one who really wanted to destroy the Yin and Shang Dynasties was the empress Nuwa.

Compared with Nuwa’s mother, the king of Wu had no intention of destroying the Shang Dynasty. His original intention was to become a powerful vassal. However, under the bewitchment of Nine Tailed Fox Daji, King Zhou repeatedly embarrassed Xiqi and even wanted to kill his father, King Wen Jichang. Under duress, King Wu had no choice but to raise troops to resist.

The empress Nuwa was not forced to do anything like King Wu. Some people think that her motive for destroying the Shang Dynasty was mainly to vent her anger. This is because King Zhou wrote a rather frivolous poem while paying tribute to Nuwa, which seriously offended Nuwa’s mother. Therefore, Nuwa wanted to kill the scum man King Zhou. However, in the original novel of the romance of the gods, Nuwa has a aboveboard reason, that is, the Fengming Qishan mountain, the Zhou family are thriving, and the Chengjiang mountain will be exhausted.


Therefore, Nuwa’s mother thought that her destruction of the Shang Dynasty was not to avenge her anger, but to conform to the will of heaven. Just because of this, she saw that King Zhou was not so fatuous as to be corrupted into Tang Jiangshan, so she summoned three demons from Xuanyuan tomb and told them with confidence: deceive King Zhou and corrupt Tang Jiangshan.

The eagerness of empress Nuwa to perish the Yin Shang Dynasty can be seen. However, what is little known is that Nuwa has a descendant who runs counter to her ancestors. Nuwa hopes to destroy the Yin Shang Dynasty, but he assists the Yin Shang Dynasty and is loyal to King Zhou; Nuwa’s mother wants to help Xiqi, but he opposes Xiqi and vows to be an enemy of King Wu. So, who is this “unfilial descendant”?

Let’s take a look at how the relevant materials record that “in the past, the country was named after the wind, so after Fuxi, there was a queen of the wind”, which means that Fuxi had a descendant named “Queen of the wind”. Empress Feng is one of the three princes of the Yellow Emperor, who once assisted the Yellow Emperor in governing the world. However, what does Fenghou have to do with Nuwa?

Who is Fuxi’s wife? It’s Nu Wa. Fenghou is the descendant of Fuxi, and naturally is also the descendant of Nuwa. Some materials even record that Fenghou is the eldest son of Nuwa and Fuxi.

Of course, Fenghou was a figure in the period of the Yellow Emperor. The period of the Yellow Emperor was more than 1000 years away from the period of deification. Fenghou has long passed away. It is certainly not Fenghou who runs counter to Nuwa, but the descendants of Fenghou. His face is like indigo, his hair is like cinnabar, and he spits red beads to hurt people. He is the great general of Yin Shang Dynasty.

The red bead in the wind forest is probably his internal pill. This pill can be used as a magic weapon with great power. In the battle with Xiqi group, one of the most outstanding achievements of Fenglin was the killing of Ji Shuqian, the brother of King Wu. In addition, he also captured Nangong Kuo, a senior general of Xiqi.

However, although Fenglin is a descendant of Nuwa, it is said that after becoming a saint, his strength can not be underestimated. But in fact, his distant descendants have not much blood relationship with their ancestors, and their potential for inheritance is very limited, so their magic power is sparse and ordinary. Although killing Ji Shuqian is a great achievement, Ji Shuqian is only a mortal after all, which is not enough to show that Fenglin’s magic power is strong.


As a matter of fact, Fenglin’s skills make him pale in the face of those who cultivate immortality. When fighting with Nezha, Fenglin didn’t hold out for a few rounds and was hurt by Nezha with gold bricks. Although he was later treated by the Four Saints of Kowloon Island, Fenglin was injured again in a subsequent battle. This time, Fenglin was not so lucky. He went to the Four Saints of Kowloon island for medical treatment, fell off his horse on the spot, and soon died of anger.

It is worth mentioning that Huang Tianxiang, the fourth son of Huang Feihu, fought in the cold forest. Even ordinary people can kill the wind forest, which shows that the magic power of the wind forest is really mediocre. However, after all, he is a descendant of Nuwa. Although he has a distant relationship, he can not be taken for granted. Later, Jiang Ziya named him a hanging guest. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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