“ Nuwa mends the sky ” What kind of story is it? What does she use to mend the sky?

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Friends who are very interested in Nuwa, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Empress Nuwa existed in ancient myths and was called the goddess of creation. Nuwa mends the sky and Nuwa makes people deeply remember Nuwa’s mother. Empress Nuwa not only filled the sky and created people, but also created everything in the world. She was the first person to create things in the world, so she was called the mother of the earth.

Main achievements: Nuwa made human form out of yellow mud, gave it life, created human beings, divided them into men and women, and established a marriage system, so that boys and girls can freely fall in love and marry each other, so that they can reproduce and live forever. Later, heaven and earth collapsed, and the world was in chaos. Beasts came out to harm the world. People lived in deep water. So Nuwa began to melt colored stones to fill the sky. After filling the sky, she cleaned up all the beasts that had caused disasters to the world, cut off the feet of turtles and used them as pillars of heaven. A total of four pillars of heaven were set up to tidy up the world.

Empress Nuwa not only created life, but also created everything in the world. Every day, empress Nuwa made more than 70 kinds of things out of yellow mud and gave them life. Empress Nuwa not only created men and women, but also taught them how to reproduce. Empress Nuwa created musical instruments, and made instruments such as Cuan and se that can produce beautiful music, which are called the goddess of musical instruments. Nuwa turned manna into wine and gave it to the mortal world to relieve fatigue.


The story of Nuwa mending the sky

Today I will tell you the story of Nuwa mending the sky. In other words, the story happened after the founding of the universe by Pan Gu. The whole universe appeared heaven and earth, and Nuwa was responsible for making people. Nuwa made a human form out of yellow mud and gave them life. The sun, moon and stars also stuck to their posts, and everything was going on in an orderly manner. However, life is not so happy and happy. In order to compete for the throne, the two gods had a strong fight, knocked down the Buzhou mountain, broke the Tianzhu, causing the sky to collapse in half, smashing the earth into countless holes. The groundwater and the water in the sky continue to gush out, flooding the human world, floods and fires, people are displaced, and live in deep water.

Nu Wa looked at the suffering of the world, and her heart was very uncomfortable and worried. So I made up my mind to save people from disasters and decided to mend the sky by refining stones. Empress Nuwa traveled all over the world and mountains to find sky mending materials, and finally set her goal at Tiantai Mountain. Tiantai Mountain is called the fairy mountain on the sea, and there are five colors of soil on the mountain, which is the best place to refine stones. After Nu Wa selected a place, she began the stone smelting plan, taking five colored earth as raw material, and then calcining it with the sun divine fire. After 9 days and 9 nights, she finally practiced the five colored stone, and then used the same time to mend the collapsed sky. Nuwa’s work of mending the queen of heaven is far from over. Nuwa used the four legs of the gods and ghosts as a pillar to support the whole sky, which restored the whole world to its original state.


Empress Nuwa once created life and everything in the world. In addition to this time, she also created musical instruments, so she is respected by the Chinese people. Nuwa’s most famous thing is Nuwa mending the sky. This story is about two kidneys fighting for the throne, which led to the collapse of the sky and the danger of the world. Seeing that the world was suffering so much, empress Nuwa decided to mend the sky. After nine days and nine nights, empress Nuwa finally succeeded in mending the sky and saving the safety of the people.

Materials used by Nuwa to mend the sky

Nuwa mending the sky is the stone used, which is called multicolored stone. It is made of multicolored earth and burned by the sun and fire for 9 days and 9 nights. Nuwa used a total of 36500 colorful stones to mend the sky. Another saying is that colorful stones and Jiutian xirang are used to make loess for human use, so the colorful stones refined with this colorful soil can be competent to mend the sky. Nuwa’s stone for mending the sky is said to use five colors, so it is called multicolored stone. This color finally turns into rainbow and rosy clouds, so it is named. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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