“Ode to joy” 3: fixed file: Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, etc. group: new five beauties

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Ode to joy is an IP TV series that everyone likes very much. The first two have achieved very good results, so the third one has its own popularity. Ode to joy 3 is scheduled to be launched on Oriental satellite TV on August 11 and broadcast simultaneously on Tencent video. Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Huiwen and Li haofei compose the new five beauties in Ode to joy 3. Are you expecting?

Ode to joy 3 fixed gear

Ode to joy has always focused on the theme of urban women’s inspirational, and it is a play launched by the midday sunshine. Ode to joy 3 was shot in June last year and finished in January this year. Now it’s only half a year before the final shooting. Ode to joy 3 will be broadcast soon. This efficiency is still very high. After all, there are many dramas that can’t be broadcast after several years of pressure, and it normally takes one year.

Ode to joy 3 has its own popularity because of the achievements made in the first two parts of Ode to joy. However, at the same time, many people are not optimistic about Ode to joy 3. The reason is that the five beauties of Ode to joy that everyone likes have changed. For this play, we still hope that the original team will play. So when the new lineup was announced, many netizens expressed disappointment and did not want to see Ode to joy 3. Before that, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Yang Zi, Wang Ziwen and Qiao Xin sang the praises of five beauties. Except for the name of Jiang Shuying, which is a little bigger, the popularity of the other four people is not too high.

Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, et al. Group new Wumei

In the ode to joy, apart from the five beauties, everyone is also curious about who the male lead will be. The open lineup includes Dou Xiao, Wang Anyu, Jing Chao, Zhang Haowei and Qu Zheming. I don’t know if each of the new five beauties will have their own official partners, but among the five male actors, Dou Xiao and Wang Anyu have more roles. If you like Ode to joy, you can pay attention to Ode to joy 3!

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