“Ode to joy” 3 was broadcast, and was roast for the embarrassing plot and the actor’s exaggeration

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The highly anticipated Ode to joy 3 was broadcast last night, and four episodes were updated at one time. The launch of Ode to joy 3 has also been on the hot search, and many netizens have gone to judge whether it looks good or not. As a result, many netizens’ comments on Ode to joy 3 are embarrassing for the plot fans, and the acting skills of the actors are also extremely pompous. What exactly happened? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ode to joy 3 is embarrassed by roast

Song of joy 3 has only been launched for four episodes, but it was spurned by netizens. Netizens said that the IP of song of joy was destroyed and there could be no more song of joy 4. Ode to joy 3 is starred by Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, Li haofei, Zhang Huiwen and others. In the play, Jiang Shuying plays the researcher of the biological center, Yang Caiyu plays the white-collar of the financial company, Zhang Jianing plays the manager of the housing department, Li haofei plays the assistant engineer, and Zhang Huiwen plays the company’s small paper case.

The new five beauties in Ode to joy 3, although the character setting looks very full, the lines of several actors are really embarrassing. For example, although Jiang Shuying studied chemistry in the play, the screenwriter really didn’t need to arrange a plot for her to recite the chemical composition of 84 disinfectant. She was really speechless. He even picked up a mineral water bottle in Jiangshu’s movie and drama, and even called himself a good deed every day.

Ode to joy 3: the actor’s performance is pompous

Although Yang Caiyu plays a role in a sexy red dress, the screenwriter arranges for her to step on high heels and subdue the gangsters. There are too many wordless lines in Ode to joy 3. I feel that these lines are very deliberate. The overall plot of Ode to joy 3 gives people a superficial feeling. The actors all give people the feeling that they can’t put it away. Netizens spit out that the five beauties in Ode to joy 3 seem to be the feeling of five Andy. Judging from the current public praise of netizens, there is no doubt that Ode to joy 3 pours on the street.

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