Officially refuted the rumor that “Jiangsu candidates with a total score of 533 in English” lost admission to Tsinghua University and Peking University

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On June 29, the Jiangsu Provincial Education Examination Institute issued a “solemn statement”: Recently, a Chongqing netizen posted a document as a candidate for the Jiangsu general college entrance examination, saying that he was sentenced to 0 points for delaying his English test, but he still scored a total score of 533 points. The result has aroused widespread concern in the society.

The rumor has seriously damaged the authority and credibility of the college entrance examination and caused serious negative social impact. Our hospital has reported the case to the public security department and ordered the netizen to delete the post, and reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

It is reported that a previous article said that a candidate in Jiangsu was sentenced to 0 points for Tuka English after the bell rang, with a total score of 533 points, and that he “lost Qingbei painfully”.

The article said that a student in Jiangsu’s college entrance examination has attracted the attention of netizens: he scored 123 points in the Chinese test, 137 points in the mathematics test, 89 points in physics, 92 points in chemistry, 92 points in geography, and 0 points in English.

The candidate also explained on the Internet: After the bell rang at the end of the exam, I saw that I had a multiple-choice question that was a little unclear, so I picked up the scribble pen and sketched it. At that time, the invigilator did not recognize my exam. I violated the discipline, but after the exam, the teacher in the examination office checked the video and found me, thought I violated the discipline in the exam, and reported me to the province.

The candidate also suspected that it was very likely that he had been reported by a candidate in the same examination room.

The post sparked widespread discussion among netizens, with some people “screaming grievances” on behalf of the candidates, while others said that the invigilator “is not wrong to adhere to the principles.”

Some netizens said that based on the examinee’s math scores, he should be a “student master” character. If his English score is not awarded 0 points, he should be able to take the test with about 130 points. This candidate’s actual score is 533 points, plus 130 points, the total score will become 663 points, there should be no problem in Jiangsu Tsinghua University or Peking University.

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