On the 5th day after the Tangshan beating incident, an even more shocking follow-up came

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Text by Li Moon and Jia Ming
Every night at 8:30, I will accompany you to see the world

The incident of being beaten by a girl at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan has continued to ferment these days.
I watched a lot of news and found a series of events that followed, which was equally angering and shocking.
For traffic, someone pretends to be a party
After the beating case was exposed, someone picked up the Douyin account of the main criminal Chen Mouzhi-Zhi Wuhui.
As a result, many people changed their Douyin screen name and avatar to “Zhi Wuhui” in order to get traffic.
He even stole the videos sent by “Zhi Wugui” and moved them to his own account.

This traffic is rubbing off, is there no bottom line?
But there is more to it.
Some people take advantage of the incident to pretend to be the party to increase their fans.
For example, a netizen named “Cao Mouhua” was first mistaken for the Tangshan beater.
Many people ran to scold him and followed his Douyin.
Not only did he not deny it, but he also deliberately recorded a video, saying, “All black fans, there will be surprises in a while.”
Someone left a message under his video: “Is it you who threw the stool?”.
He replied, “What can I do?”
——Deliberately evasive, making people misunderstand “it’s him”.

This straightforward suggestion quickly convinced a large number of netizens.
People rushed to his account to comment.
As a result, his works that usually only have dozens of views have become popular in the blink of an eye.
In just three days, the number of fans has increased by nearly 500,000.
This person saw that the popularity was almost harvested, the goal was achieved, and he quickly changed his mind.
He posted a video saying that he was innocent, that he was maliciously hyped and called the police.
The work “Surprise Black Fans” was subsequently deleted.

In this way, an account with hundreds of thousands of fans was easily harvested.
Change your name and surname in a few days, and you will probably be able to bring the goods live.
If the girls who were beaten saw such a follow-up, I wonder if they would be pissed to death.
And “pretending to be a party” is not the only way to gain popularity.
The day before yesterday, another video started circulating on the Internet.
Also in front of the BBQ restaurant.
It was also a man who approached a strange girl after drinking.
Also after being rejected, the man moved his hands in anger.
It was just a critical moment, a young man “stepped up” and “saved” the girl.
The publisher of the video also specially added the label of “reproducing Tangshan’s beatings”.

At this juncture, when such a thing happened, people praised the young man one after another.
The video went viral quickly.
The result was quick, and the local police confirmed that it was a posed shot.
Several people are shareholders of a taekwondo gym. In order to promote their own taekwondo, they specially planned this video.
I really don’t know what to say.
A brutal beating case became a traffic password for some people in a blink of an eye.
We support those who carefully analyze discussions and speak out for victims.
But are these unscrupulous counterfeiters, impersonators, and posing for pictures too much?
Under the benefit, the immoral are really like locusts crossing the border, racking their brains to grab a piece of the pie.
“Hundreds of ghosts walk at night in the heavy rain, and some people are among them, and they are happier than ghosts.”
Innocent victims, but being kidnapped by morality?
After the beating case, the anger of a large number of netizens had nowhere to vent, and was transferred to the barbecue restaurant.
Although it wasn’t the shop owner who hit the person, the shop owner also went to the first place to pull the frame and call the police.
But many people still think that “if something happens in your store, you are responsible”.
Then, angrily, he took the phone number and address of the owner of the butcher shop online, making frantic calls to abuse and threaten.
There are also people knocking on the door of the store in the middle of the night, sending wreaths and offerings to the store, urinating at the door of the store, and playing sad music.

That barbecue restaurant has now been forced to close.
The proprietress, who was harassed to the point of nowhere to hide, cried that she could no longer live and was on the verge of collapse.

I understand people’s anger, but this board is really on the wrong side.
The owner is actually a victim of the incident.
An aunt who is almost 60 years old also persuaded the fight, called the police, and provided monitoring. It should be regarded as fulfilling her obligations.
In front of a group of violent beating people, she is actually weak, and what she can do is limited.
We can’t ask for a moment of crisis where everyone is desperate and perfect.
That’s not realistic.
And there was also a shopkeeper who was also affected by the unwarranted disaster.
The main criminal of the beating case, Chen Mouzhi, once posted about his hot pot restaurant on Douyin.
It was actually taken before, and now the hot pot restaurant has already been sold.
The new owner, Mr. Wang, took over the shop last summer.
Moreover, he bought it from an intermediary, and it has nothing to do with Chen Mouzhi, and he has never even seen it.
But this time, the new owner was also miserable.
I received more than 200 abusive phone calls a day. The group buying website was full of bad reviews, and there were people in the store throwing rotten eggs.
Now, the store is completely out of business and has been forced to close.
More than 10 employees have lost their jobs.
The owner had invested more than 600,000 yuan in decoration and rent before, which was inexplicably lost.
It’s amazing how things have turned out like this.
By beating people, inciting gender confrontation
The topic of relationships between the sexes has often sparked discussions over the years.
This is also normal, because between men and women, there are indeed many differences and conflicts that need to be sorted out and resolved in discussions.
But some people are always chasing the wind and drawing everything in the direction of “male and female opposition”.
The incident of “a group of men hitting a few girls” in Tangshan also quickly turned to “contradictions between men and women.”
At the beginning of the incident, there were many people who denounced men.
The man who scolds the hands, also scolds the man who watches.
Said, “In such a brutal scene, only women protect women, and men don’t make a move, they all stand by.”
But that’s not the case.
From the live video and media reports, it can be seen that not all men are indifferent.
Some men shouted “let go” and “hit me”, and some men called the police in time.

In this case, in fact, men and women have their own fears.
It should not be distorted to the perspective of “men are bad” and “men and women are opposed to each other”.
Once the rhythm is skewed, the focus of the problem becomes blurred, and the real evil cannot be punished.
On Weibo, there is also a post with tens of thousands of retweets.
It is a blogger who questioned “why is the popularity of men beating women so high, and in turn, no one pays attention”.
It was accompanied by a piece of news: Several girls in Handan beat up a boy and stabbed the boy in the rectum with a wooden stick.

Below the post is the scene of a large car accident.
Men scold women, women scold men, men and women scold each other in confusion…
But soon, the news turned around.
Some bloggers found that the pictures in the news are actually old news from abroad.
The location is in Argentina, and the time is 2020.

At this point, it is really good to use this old news to deliberately amplify the contradiction between men and women and incite the opposition between men and women?
We should acknowledge the differences and contradictions between men and women.
But in the final analysis, we should analyze these problems, seek solutions, and strive to live in equality and harmony.
Rather than deliberately provoking confrontation and intensifying contradictions.
If men and women become incompatible, everyone will not feel well.
See the world with sharp eyes
It has only been four days since several women were beaten.
In these four short days, a lot has happened.
All kinds of chaotic and monstrous phenomena are everywhere, dazzling people to see.
Most people are righteous, but a small number of people with intentions are taking advantage of our sense of justice to deliberately fish in troubled waters for their own profit.
There are also a small number of people who can’t figure out the root of the matter themselves. They only see the appearance, and they raise their arms and shout, creating a confrontation between men and women, unintentionally shifting the rhythm, and making the event that should be “sweeping the black and eliminating evil” become It’s like a vague conflict between men and women.
This is all very bad.
Therefore, in the Internet age, everyone must remain sober and maintain the ability to judge right and wrong.
Don’t let your kindness and anger become a traffic tool for others and a fist to hit the innocent.
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