On the first anniversary of King Lola’s love, the program revealed that his feelings were still sweet

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Lola was well known by many netizens because of her participation in the refrigerator. Later, she joined the semi familiar lovers of love synthesis and successfully held hands with Wang nenneng in the program. It’s the first anniversary of King Lola’s falling in love. Recently, the two have joined the program. The program also revealed that although they have been dating for a year, they are still in a sweet state. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

The first anniversary of King Lola’s love

Semi familiar lovers is a comprehensive love program, which has led to two couples, one is Luo Ying, Huang Ruien, and the other is lola Wang Neng. And Lola and Wang can be regarded as the most popular CP for semi familiar lovers, so they also have a lot of CP powder. Recently, Lola participated in a new variety show as a chef. She was also asked about her feelings in the program. Lola generously said that although she had been in love for more than a year, they still got along very happily.

Although Lola was a guest of the program, when tianwangneng also appeared on the shooting scene. Wang Neng can basically accompany Lola all the way, acting as both a boyfriend and an assistant. Other guests in the program also broke the news that before the program was recorded, Lola and Wang neneng had been sick of being together like glue.

King Lola can still be sweet

After Lola and wangneneng were together, they often spread dog food to netizens to show their love. The two people not only often share many small things in love on the platform, but also record an interactive video showing love from time to time. Laura and Wang Neng also disclosed that they had been dating for eight months and had never had any conflict because Wang Neng was very accommodating to Laura. Everyone is also very happy that Lola can find a good boy who really loves her. Xiaobian also wishes Lola and wangneneng a successful love.

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