On the style of the Warring States Period

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In my spare time, I picked up reading materials from the bookshelf at random. Unexpectedly, a popular volume of “historical records” made people unable to put it down, and sometimes had the illusion of returning to the Warring States period. I have some experience about the chaos of the Warring States period. I’ll keep it in mind, and I’m willing to share it with readers.


During the Warring States period, it became a common practice to cultivate scholars, and scholars attached great importance to the concept of fame and integrity. Meng Changjun had thousands of diners. He not only treated them with courtesy, but also insisted on “eating and living with all the diners”. One night, he had dinner with a diner, during which the light was covered by the waiter. The diner thought that Meng Changjun must have deliberately covered up the unequal quality of the food, and angrily asked to leave. Mencius Chang sat down and offered food. As a result, the diner felt ashamed and committed suicide on the spot. Some people say that a big husband does not bow down for five bushels of rice, and some righteous men commit suicide for one word.


Meng Changjun took advantage of Feng Yuanzhi’s wise official to resume his duties, but he lamented that 3000 diners saw his dereliction of duty and scattered the birds and beasts, claiming that anyone who had the courage to return would spit and humiliate. Feng breakwater persuaded him with the theory of “rich and noble, poor and few friends”. He said that in the morning, the market was crowded, but in the evening, people passed by but didn’t enter. This is not to prove that the world likes morning and hates night, but that actual needs determine people’s choices. Meng Changjun listened to his advice.


Taking advantage of potential was a kind of custom and a kind of right among scholars in the Warring States period. Lian Po was dismissed by the king of Zhao and went home. After losing power, his disciples left him one after another. When he was appointed general again, all the guests came back. Lian Po was naturally unhappy and asked them to go home separately. However, the doorman criticized Lian Po’s “backward concept”, saying that “if you have power, I will follow you, and if you have no power, you will go away. Why do you complain about this?”


In the Warring States period, the cultivation of scholars, such as buying luxury cars and villas today, was a symbol of identity. This also caused considerable psychological pressure to some noble sons at that time. There was a lame man among the diners of Pingyuan. One day, when carrying water, a beautiful concubine laughed upstairs because of her ugly posture. This guest insisted on killing his concubine. The prince of the plain did not leave, and the diners gradually dispersed. However, Pingyuan Jun finally had to offer his beautiful concubine’s head to make all the diners “return to the team”.


The world values righteousness, but it is rare to reward it like in the Warring States period. “A scholar dies for a bosom friend, and a woman allows for a person who pleases herself” was the words of the Jin people during the Warring States period. He was placed in high position by Zhibo, who was killed by Zhao Xiangzi, and he vowed to avenge him. He failed to assassinate Zhao Xiangzi, and the bodyguard wanted to behead him. However, Zhao Xiangzi believed that Yu rang still avenged Zhibo after his death, which showed that he was a righteous and virtuous man, who would rather be careful to avoid from now on than kill him.


I’m afraid of jealousy. It is said that talents were supreme in the Warring States period, but it was not completely worry free. Bian Que’s medical skills are superior and unparalleled. While being famous all over the world, it also attracts the envy of “peers”. Li Yi, the supreme doctor of the state of Qin, knew that his skills were inferior to those of others and sent someone to kill Bian que. So Sima Qian said: women have no beauty or evil, and they are jealous when they live in the palace; There are no virtuous and unworthy scholars. They enter the court to see doubts. Just as Lao Tzu said: good things are ominous things. The ancients really understood and reasoned thoroughly.


Most of the assassins in “historical records: biographies of assassins” are losers. What they showed was not the assassin’s courage and strategy, but a kind of loyalty. Yu rang still didn’t forget Zhibo’s loyalty to his reuse. Nie Zheng was simply moved because Yan zhongzi used a lot of money to buy himself as a killer. His assassination was actually a death or suicide. The reason is also absurd. If there is a mother, don’t take risks, and if her mother dies, do everything.


During the Warring States period, communication was underdeveloped, but wise men often used animals as tools to win by surprise. Chen Sheng put the silk cloth with the words “King Chen Sheng” in the fish belly to create public opinion for himself. He also sent people to the jungle to learn the cry of foxes, and animals became a tool of public opinion. The childe killed Wang Liao with a dagger hidden in the fish belly and became the only successful assassin in history. Meng Changjun escaped from the enemy country by a man of crowing and stealing, which also showed his true colors of “fierce animals”.


“Information is shared separately”. Meng Changjun was dismissed by the king of Qi, and Feng breakwater, the strategist, came up with a plan and implemented it himself. Feng first came to the state of Qin to explain the general situation of the struggle between Qi and Qin. The king of Qin asked for advice, and Feng offered a lot of money to use Meng Changjun. With the promise of the king of Qin, Feng breakwater hurriedly returned to the state of Qi and told the king of Qi about the potential of Qi Qin rivalry. The king of Qi asked for advice. Feng said, I heard that the state of Qin wanted to buy a lot of money for the prince of mengchang to enter the Qin Dynasty as a prime minister, so why not keep people with generous gifts. After confirming Qin’s plan, the king of Qi restored mengchang’s position and offered generous gifts.


The earliest news. Many news elements were found in Chen Sheng and Wu Guang during the Warring States period. In order to gain popular support during the uprising, Chen Wu pretended to be Fusu, the son of Qin II, and Xiang Yan, the general of Chu. This is the first fake news I have read in history. Chen Wu wrote “Chen Shengwang” in white silk cloth and put it in the fish belly for people to read. It can be called the first newspaper in history. They also sent people to the jungle to learn from the fox called “King Chen Sheng”, which can be called the first radio station in history.

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