On this battlefield, Japan has entered the country!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

Recently, two hot spots have come to an end.

The first is the “toxic teaching materials” incident.

According to the investigation report of relevant departments, the textbook illustrations that caused the anger of the whole network in the past only had three problems of “not beautiful, not serious and standardized, and not detailed and accurate”. The final treatment result was that 27 people were held accountable, and the illustrations had been redrawn and no longer cooperated with the original author Wu;

The circular also said that although the teaching materials have these problems, there is “no benefit transfer” behind them.

That is to say, in the planning, drawing, review, printing and other links, until the books are delivered to the children’s desks, no one collects black money. The text and illustrations in these textbooks are in line with the aesthetic and values of all process participants. Each participant thinks that they should compile, draw and write like this!

If it is true, is it more terrible than taking money to do this?


The second thing is the “Suzhou kimono girl” incident.

At present, the latest development of this incident is that the police have returned the girl’s clothes, shoes and socks and “expressed concern”.

However, the case and the girl itself are obviously not the focus now. The focus of public opinion has been shifted to “Chinese hate Japan”, “Chinese extreme nationalism”, “Chinese police bureaucracy”, “Chinese lack of inclusiveness” and “Chinese are not confident”. From “national character that can not stand up” to the old-fashioned “system problem”, a lot of sarcasm has exploded.

Now let’s look back. This matter has been fermenting all the way up to now. Are there still people discussing the “Japanese surrender day”?


All the topics are focused on whether the Chinese have made mistakes and whether they should “reflect”. On a day that should be remembered in history, the Japanese fascist aggression was not condemned, but the Chinese society first tore itself apart!






While these two events ended, another international news did not arouse much enthusiasm——


Japanese media recently reported that in order to “improve the environment at home and abroad to support the activities of the Japanese government and the self defense forces”, the Ministry of defense will include special funds in the 2023 annual budget to analyze overseas “false information” and actively send out “correct information beneficial to our country”.

Specifically, in next year’s foreign and security documents such as the outline of the national defense plan and the national security guarantee strategy, Japan will set the “cognitive field” as the fourth new field of the self defense force, establish a special force, and concentrate on building the “cognitive combat” capability.

The “cognitive warfare” here is to weaponize public opinion by manipulating the dissemination of information, constantly divide the enemy country, create social suspicion, distort social trust, or exert specific influence, so as to compete for the “brain control” of the enemy country’s people.

To put it bluntly, it is to subconsciously brainwash you and unconsciously affect the belief, thinking and psychology of the people in the target country.

For example, Hollywood is the base for the United States to engage in “cognitive warfare”. Through the ideological media of film, the United States has transmitted a lot of information to the world, such as the responsibility of the United States to protect the world, the image of the United States is always positive, and the enemies of the United States are evil.

Therefore, when the United States took the lead in fighting in the world, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, or Libya, it always stood on the side of “justice”, and there was no overwhelming opposition.

A negative example is the current Russian Ukrainian war. Western public opinion has brainwashed it over and over again to convey the understanding that “Russia is an invader”. Therefore, from abroad to home, how many people really regard Russia as the only “aggressor” after World War II?

For another example, former US ambassador to China Robert Pompey once mentioned a way to overthrow China, that is, brainwashing China’s 500 million young netizens, turning them into “allies and supporters within China” of the United States, and then turning young people into weapons to overthrow China.

Think about it. In 2011, when Huntsman said this, how rampant were those “road leaders” on the domestic Internet?


At present, the Japanese Self Defense Force should be listed as a special “cognitive field”, which is actually similar to those of the United States.

However, as China’s neighbor, Japan’s penetration into China is far more “skilled” and deeper than that of the United States.

Let’s look back and see if the two events mentioned above are very consistent with the characteristics of “cognitive warfare”?

In addition to the self Dwarfing and vilification of our nation, how many Japanese “private goods” have been included in the “toxic textbook incident” to change the cognition of the Chinese people?

For example, “Chinese families” in kimonos——


For example, the wartime propaganda of the Japanese army’s invasion of China turned into “learning from Lei Feng and doing good deeds”——



For example, Yue Fei dressed as a Japanese samurai——


Isn’t this typical “exerting specific influence”?

However, the Japanese elements that are so obvious in our textbooks can be reviewed and printed. What does it mean?

This shows that Japan’s “cognitive warfare” has been deeply embedded in China’s cultural field. What they want is to start with dolls and carry out ideological infiltration, so that our children can become familiar with Japanese elements, like Japanese culture, and change their understanding of Japan!

And this battlefield is not limited to our textbooks.

For example, ask a group of “cultural people” to sing a Japanese hymn——


For example, sponsor some Chinese media to wash the nuclear island without radiation——


In addition, there are Liang Yanping, a university teacher who denies the Nanjing Massacre in class, Cao Shuji, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University who openly says that Japan has not launched a germ war, and Feng Wei, a professor at Fudan University who believes that Japan’s massacre in Nanjing is “endless” and “accidental killing”. Isn’t this to whitewash Japan’s invasion and change China’s understanding of history?

There is also the “Suzhou kimono incident”. Many cynics have attacked the Chinese people from two points: the police “conservatively enforce the law” and there are problems with the procedure; For Japan, China is blind to foreigners and has serious nationalism.

To sum up, there are also problems with China’s public power system and the Chinese people.

However, they did not say that behind the so-called “conservative law enforcement” is that some people wore kimonos to take photos here before, and they have been complained by local residents. It is true that the national feelings of local residents have been hurt in public. On that day, the girl also had a dispute with people. Therefore, the police’s law enforcement is not based on personal likes and dislikes, and the procedure is reasonable.


Why do local residents complain? This is the same question as the so-called “blind exclusion” of China – why do Chinese people have opinions about Japan?

These people who wantonly clamor on the Internet will not say that it is because of Japan’s rightwing orientation, because Japan refuses to apologize and repeatedly worships ghosts, because Japan has whitewashed its history of aggression by revising textbooks, because Japan has engaged in the “nationalization of Diaoyu Islands”, because Japan has shouted the “China threat theory” to hate China, because Japan is reviving militarism step by step, because Japan has created the “arc of freedom and prosperity” and the “Indo Pacific strategy” against China, Opening the way for the west to encircle China, because Japan relies on the United States to manipulate the Taiwan issue, deepening China’s current strategic dilemma

The United States may be China’s No. 1 competitor, but it has always been Japan that has made the greatest effort and the most active effort to kill China!

Why should Japan do this?

In the final analysis, after 2000, China gradually rose. Especially around 2010, China’s GDP gradually surpassed that of Japan, and by 2021, it had exceeded Japan by more than three times, which just made Japan uncomfortable.

Therefore, the Chinese people’s current opinions on Japan are only a reaction to Japan’s behavior. In the final analysis, the reason is Japan’s own psychological imbalance.


However, now that a “cognitive war” has been waged and a fire has been successfully ignited in Chinese public opinion, all the problems have become Chinese.

How white and innocent Japan is! On the “Japanese surrender day”, the biggest problem between China and Japan is not the revival of Japanese right-wing militarism and the shouting in the Taiwan strait that “Taiwan has something to do is Japan has something to do”. Instead, it has become “the Chinese can not tolerate the Japanese” and is aimed at the Japanese everywhere!

The attribution of the problem has become “blind exclusion” under Chinese democracy.

Are the Chinese “xenophobic”?

No one will stop you in the streets of any city in China and in the national costumes of any country? Has Xiao Shenyang ever been scolded for wearing a Scottish skirt on the Spring Festival Gala?

Even for Japan, if China can not tolerate it, after the reform and opening up, can there be so many Japanese enterprises to make money in China? So many Japanese live in China?

Therefore, the crux of this problem is how China Japan relations have come to such a stage today. It is up to Japan to ask itself!

Those who complain about the wrongs of the kimono will not say this. They will only use this incident to make a mischief.


Interestingly, if the historical line is lengthened, it is not the first time that Japan has done something wrong, but it has put a hat on China in reverse.

After the Lugouqiao Incident, the Japanese did brainwashing propaganda like this——

“The Chinese government has not closed its doors and reflected on itself. Instead, it has intensified its efforts, concentrating all its xenophobic means on Japan, instigating and educating Japan to exclude Japan, bully Japan and hate Japan at home, and slandering or containing Japan with the despicable means of using foreigners to subdue foreigners. Of course, Japan is magnanimous and takes the overall situation of East Asia into consideration. But the more forbearance Japan is, the more arrogant China becomes; the more concessions Japan makes, the more arrogant China becomes, and the more time it accumulates Yes, it is because of the exclusion of the Japanese and the bullying of the Japanese. Even if there is no conflict over Lugou Bridge, there must be other conflicts.

Look, is it similar to today?

What’s different is that the above paragraph was an internal propaganda material of Japan, but today, it has been put into the minds of some Chinese people in another way!


And the assassination of Abe before.

A right-wing benchmark fell down, and a group of people on the Chinese Internet were so popular that they sternly asked why the Chinese people did not mourn? Why not cry for the Japanese?

Why should the Chinese mourn?

Can’t we care about the gunmen and the Japanese social problems behind the gunmen?

In essence, this is that some people aim at the public opinion field in China and deliberately find fault and create topics.

According to what we said earlier, “cognitive warfare” is to use “public opinion” as a weapon to create social suspicion and undermine social trust. Now our network is easily ignited by people, and their purpose has been achieved.


Therefore, Japan’s “cognitive war” against China has already begun.

The formal inclusion of “cognitive warfare” in the diplomatic and security documents this time has no more than two purposes. One is to continue to play up the “China threat” and prepare public opinion for the amendment of the constitution; Second, to cooperate with the US cognitive war and assist the us to occupy the commanding height of public opinion.

Japanese media have already claimed that Japan’s “cognitive war” is aimed at the dissemination of information in Chinese. In order to gain an advantage over China, the Japanese government will not only take the initiative to send information, but also strengthen cooperation with the United States, Britain and other allies, and even learn from the green frog’s 1450.

In other words, after allocating special budgets and establishing special departments, Japan’s “cognitive warfare” will continue to upgrade, and its investment in China’s cognitive environment will increase.

This war has entered a new stage!

At the end of the article, I have something to say

It is not only Japan that is waging a cognitive war against China.

For example, the “big translation movement” recently launched on overseas social platforms is to select some extreme remarks on the Chinese network, such as some previous remarks that ridiculed Ukrainian women and discussed Abe’s death, translate them into multilingual languages, and then publicize them on the global platform as the group characteristics of the Chinese people, Its goal is to define the Chinese people as “a collection of arrogance, arrogance, populism, cruelty, bloodthirsty, and no compassion”, so as to manipulate the world’s perception of China and in turn affect the Chinese people’s self-awareness.

Therefore, some extreme remarks, such as making fun of Ukrainian women and discussing Abe’s death, are often widely reported by Anti China media, and will be accompanied by a wave of reflection on the “Chinese conscience” at home.

However, it can be seen from the case of the kimono girl in Suzhou that our country is not used to this kind of cognitive warfare. Other people put a little ghost fire at a special time, and the public relations rhythm of our relevant departments can not keep up with it. The public opinion fermentation is facing out of control. In the end, it is very passive to be led by some emotions.

I hope that we can sum up our experience from these events, start from cleaning up the “25 sons” in China, and gradually win the victory of this protracted war at home and around the world!

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