On this sensitive issue in China, ZELINSKY accidentally fell into the pit!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

If you are wandering in the Jianghu, you can’t avoid being stabbed.

In a word, Ukrainian President Zelensky is an old Jianghu man, but it’s a pity that the old Jianghu man met a pit digging expert recently, and he fell into the pit with a snap.

Moreover, this pit is also related to China. Because the title of a recent report in the Washington Post is: ZELINSKY called on the international community to protect Taiwan before China launches an attack

What the hell is going on? Doesn’t ZELINSKY know that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China? Doesn’t he understand the super sensitivity of this issue?

But don’t rush to condemn ZELINSKY. It’s not as simple as the Washington Post reported.

Based on the reports of various media, the situation is as follows.

1. Singapore Shangri La dialogue, ZELINSKY video attended. At present, as long as he can participate in the international forum, Zelinski condemns the Russian invasion and calls for support for Ukraine. In international public relations, he is really dedicated and has made great achievements

2. In the question session, the pit is coming. The reporter of the Washington Post asked a very instructive question, comparing Taiwan with Ukraine, comparing the position of the Chinese Mainland on Taiwan with Russia’s actions, and then asked ZELINSKY’s views. Obviously, he wanted to induce key figures such as ZELINSKY to make a statement on the Taiwan issue and even say something that angered China.

3. Zelinski was stunned for a few seconds. He wanted to talk about Ukraine, but others asked Taiwan. But if he didn’t answer, he appeared to be cowardly, so after a simple thought, he said something.


4. I listened carefully to ZELINSKY’s statement. In fact, I was very careful. There was no mention of Taiwan or Chinese Mainland. Instead, I talked about the experience of Ukraine in general and brought some thoughts to the world. He said: “we cannot let a country be at the mercy of another country, which is more powerful in terms of finance, territory and equipment. Therefore, if there is a diplomatic solution, we need to use diplomatic methods, but this must be a pre emptive preventive measure, not after the outbreak of war and after the launching of hostilities.”

5. Even so, in the words of the Washington Post, ZELINSKY called on the international community to support Taiwan and jointly fight against China’s “invasion”

ZELINSKY, who thought he had no problem with his eloquence, was unexpectedly taken to the pit in Singapore.


Because it is very simple, Ukraine has no intention to touch the Taiwan issue, which is of no benefit to Ukraine.

As a matter of fact, we can see that ZELINSKY spoke highly of China in his two recent statements on China. Recently, he made it clear that China is very important to Ukraine.

He said as follows: I am very interested in (China), a great country, influencing Russia and ending the war. It is very important for (Ukraine) to ensure that China does not support Russia… Therefore, I think the leaders of major countries must give priority to resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I very much hope to ensure that China supports Ukraine.

On another occasion, at the Davos forum not long ago, he said that he was very satisfied with China.

What kind of satisfaction method?

ZELINSKY said this: in dealing with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China has chosen a policy of staying away. At present, Ukraine is satisfied with this policy. In any case, it is better than helping Russia. To be honest, we are very satisfied with the status quo.

This is a seasoned politician. Indeed, some Ukrainian officials have complained about China, but the upper echelons of Ukraine are very sober. Ukraine now needs the sympathy and support of the world. Alienating China and making verbal accusations against China will be counterproductive.

Moreover, China has not harmed any interests of Ukraine. Yes, China has not provided weapons to Ukraine, but has provided humanitarian assistance. In fact, the attitude of many countries in the world, including India, Brazil, South Africa, and a large number of developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, is similar to that of China.

Therefore, ZELINSKY must acknowledge the reality that China is China, China is not the west, China is not involved and China does not help Russia, which is a good thing for Ukraine.

In fact, being able to stabilize China is also regarded as a major diplomatic achievement by Ukraine.

Under such circumstances, how could ZELINSKY wade in this muddy water? Deliberately provoking China on the sensitive issue of Taiwan?


But where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. ZELINSKY, an old Jianghu man, fell into a pit in Singapore. At least three points.

First, the purpose of digging a hole is, in the final analysis, to slander China.

In the current international political arena, ZELINSKY should be the first flow. Rub his high traffic and attack China through his speech. Isn’t that the attempt? Therefore, no matter how ZELINSKY worded and how careful he was, whether he said “Sun Walker” or “Sun Walker”, as long as he said it, he would tell the other party’s way. Western journalists directed and acted by themselves, and ZELINSKY became a prop.

Second, this is the current communication pattern. China should be careful.

Irrelevant answers can hype zeliansky’s appeal to protect Taiwan. But this is the current communication pattern. We must be vigilant and careful. Of course, fake is fake. The digging behavior of the western media is detestable. More importantly, the west is not the world. The hype of individuals in the west is not the whole international public opinion. Let them be proud of themselves.

Third, ZELINSKY should be more careful when he learns from a setback.

Jianghu is dangerous. We should sympathize with him. This time, poor ZELINSKY was completely plotted. But you should be careful, ZELINSKY. Especially on sensitive issues like Taiwan, how many people with ulterior motives want to take you to the ditch. I guess ZELINSKY is also very upset now. Big rivers and waves are coming. I didn’t expect that Western journalists were so bad that I capsized in this ditch

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