One day, the case was solved. The assassination angered Putin, and Ukraine was about to be hammered!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

Another important person was assassinated!

This time, it was Alexander dujin, a famous Russian philosopher and political scientist who was called “Putin’s brain” by the West. His daughter dujinna was killed in the explosion of the car that should have been dujin’s.


A blatant assassination in Moscow, the capital of Russia, caused an uproar in global public opinion.

Why did the killer retaliate against dugin? This issue involves three aspects:

First, who is the killer’s messenger?

Du Jin said that Du Jinna died in a “terrorist attack launched by the Nazi regime in Ukraine”. Now the Russian side has identified the perpetrator as a female Ukrainian citizen named Natalia Pavlovna wovk, who fled to Estonia after the incident.

Second, who did Du Jin offend?

It is obvious that the murderer was a premeditated assassination, and the target figure was Du Jin. In view of the extreme importance of his thoughts to Putin, the murder of Du Jin was actually intended to destroy Putin’s core brain trust and give Putin a blow, which has a stronger symbolic significance.


Third, how will it affect the Russian Ukrainian war?

After dujina’s assassination, Ukrainian media began to speculate about the escalation of the situation in Crimea, saying that “Russia is preparing a ‘surprise’ for Ukraine’s independence day on August 24”. The Ukrainian Ministry of internal affairs called on Ukrainians not to ignore the air raid warning in recent days. Public opinion generally believes that the death of Du Jinna may accelerate Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Ordinary people may have realized Du Jin only in this assassination. They are also curious about the West calling Du Jin “Putin’s brain”. Is Du Jin really so important to Putin?

After the incident, in response to the media’s extensive claims that dukin was “Putin’s brain”, the Russian media refuted the rumor, criticizing his extreme views and calling dukin a “marginal figure”. His views have never been recognized by Putin.

However, it is worth noting that Russian President Putin signed an order on the 22nd to posthumously award the medal of bravery to the late Dalia dujina. This is also recognition of dujina’s “contribution” to a certain extent. It can be seen that the name of “Putin’s brain” is not in vain.

The assertion of “dismembering Ukraine” caused Du Jin to get into trouble

Alexander dukin is the representative of the new Eurasian school in Russia, the most influential and characteristic theoretical school in Russia, and the “prominent scholar” in the current Russian political circle.

Many people are puzzled by the new Eurasianism. In fact, to put it simply, the new Eurasianism is born to oppose western hegemony and ideology. It is to establish a new geopolitical order with Russia as the leading center to replace the unipolar and hegemony of the United States.


The new Eurasianism thought developed by Du Jin, which originated from the ideological soil of Russia, first aims at the political situation of Russia itself, which directly aims at the survival dilemma of Russia in the face of strong Western discourse. As we all know, the game between NATO and Russia on strategic security issues is also the fuse of the Ukraine crisis.

Because of the existence of Ukraine, NATO can deploy strategic weapons to Russia’s doorstep and aim them at Moscow. This is the biggest hidden worry for Russia’s survival. In order to resolve this dilemma, Russia must actually control Ukraine, especially the eastern part of Ukraine. This is also the cause of dukin’s assertion of “dismembering Ukraine”.

The “intersection” of dugin’s thought and Putin’s practice originated from the Ukraine crisis in 2014.

In 2014, American scholars Anton barbashin and Hannah Thoburn wrote in foreign affairs, pointing out that dukin is Putin’s “brain” and the source of Russian expansionist ideology.

At the end of 2014, Foreign Policy magazine of the United States rated him as the global thinker of 2014, and joined Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the terrorist leader of Syria, and jihadi John, the Islamic state, among the agitators, making him famous.

In the eyes of the Americans, the political philosopher Alexander dukin masterminded the ideology of Russian expansionism and provided theoretical endorsement for Russia’s “annexation” of Crimea, thus becoming Putin’s real “think tank”. Up to now, dugin is still the theoretical supporter of Putin’s military action against Ukraine.


The deeper reason why Du Jin has become a thorn in the eye of western countries is that he is committed to developing a new grand strategy and ideology against the west, especially the United States.

Since the end of World War II, Americans have firmly believed that the world peace and prosperity order was realized and carried out under the guarantee of American military and economic strength, and was guided by American democracy, freedom, human rights values and lifestyles. Therefore, the existence of any world disorder is, first of all, a challenge to the world order created by the United States, a threat to the peace under the rule of the United States, and a destruction of the faith in the American century.

In such a world, there are always unwilling and rebellious people. In fact, they are concrete political and military actions against the United States. However, most of them are asymmetric terrorism and suicide attacks. For example, “9 / 11” is a typical suicide attack against American hegemony.


Such a group of people or elites began to challenge American values and seek alternatives to American democracy, freedom and human rights. Alexander dukin is one of them. What makes the West fear is not suicide attacks or Jihad, but a challenge to American ideology and values.

The Crimean War in 2014 fired the first shot of the disorder of the world order led by the United States, and also formally put the idea of dukin into practice. It is not important whether dugin influenced Putin or Putin originally intended to do so. What is important is that dugin’s Russian expansionist thought appeared at the right time, which “complemented each other” in theory and practice with Putin’s military action in Crimea.

What the United States has the most influence on the world is not its external military strength, but its internal set of values and ideological system on freedom, democracy and human rights, which controls the vast majority of western countries in the world. Now some people have challenged this whole system and formed their own theoretical system, which is naturally not tolerated by western society. What is more, this theoretical system of anti American hegemony is being put into practice on the Ukrainian battlefield.


In particular, dugin has long made a judgment on the continuous fermentation of Ukraine. He believes that——

As long as Ukraine exists as a sovereign state, it is meaningless to talk about the geopolitics of Eurasia. Therefore, due to geopolitical considerations, Ukraine’s destiny is to be dismembered, with the West becoming part of central Europe, Crimea and Kiev becoming part of “little Russia”, and East Ukraine joining Russia.

For Ukraine, this “evil idea” of “dismembering Ukraine” is absolutely unacceptable. The ultra nationalists in Ukraine will certainly keep an eye on dugin.

In a sense, dukin’s extremist ideas about Ukraine have long laid a dangerous root. That is to say, the “Nazi regime in Ukraine” will not allow the “fallacies” of “dismembering Ukraine” to become prominent, and then make theoretical endorsement for supporting Russia’s military actions.

Eurasia, Du Jin made theoretical endorsement for Putin’s foreign policy

Dukin’s new Eurasia was developed on the basis of Russian classical Eurasia. In essence, Eurasianism is a series of theories focusing on Russia’s reform and way out.

Classical Eurasia arose on the basis of the “Slavic school” in the 19th century. The “Slavic school” is a typical Russian nationalism. Its core appeal is to preserve the local social structure, values and political and economic system. Therefore, from the very beginning, new Eurasianism has a strong gene of localization of nationalism.

The “Slavs” held a negative attitude towards Peter I’s westernization reform in the 19th century. They believed that——

Western European countries that believe in Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are morally corrupt, so the constitutional monarchy established on this basis is also the inevitable result of their degenerate social form. The Russian Orthodox Church is more conducive to uniting the Slavs and maintaining a natural, harmonious and humane relationship.


In the confrontation with the “Western faction”, the rise of the “Slavonic faction” is actually Russia’s response and survival strategy in the face of a powerful West.

With the growth of the historical cycle, the western discourse power shows more and more conservatism, while the geopolitical dilemma that Russia has encountered has constantly updated and developed the localization survival theory.

It is in this cycle that Russian nativism ushered in the second spring – Eurasianism, which directly targeted “enemies” not only “Westerns”, but also “Bolsheviks”.

Eurasia believes that——

Russia’s way out is not to turn to the West and follow the path of constitutional democracy, nor to realize Xintiandi through class conflict and global proletarian revolution. Instead, Russia will develop itself into a unique civilization system and realize its historical mission on this basis: to create a new power center and civilization center that is different from Europe and Asia, but also contains both characteristics.

This is the origin of Eurasia.

In the late 1980s, the cause of the Soviet Union began to encounter crisis, and Soviet politics began to be dominated by Pro Western reformers. However, a series of liberalization reform measures not only failed to alleviate the economic decline of the Soviet Union, but also gave birth to a more serious political crisis, which eventually led to the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Dissatisfaction with the situation caused by the reform has given birth to an anti western and liberal political movement in Russia. The new Eurasianism is one of its branches and eventually developed into an independent political force at the end of the 1990s. Du Jin is its initiator and integrator. With the emergence of new Eurasia, the previous Eurasia was also called classical Eurasia in the academic circles.


Compared with the classical Eurasianism, the new Eurasianism is bolder in its policy proposition and has a clearer combat goal, that is, the unipolar world led by the United States and the liberal ideology.

Based on this, Du Jin described history as a life and death struggle between land power civilization and sea power civilization, which was a zero sum game of life and death. The conflict between land power and sea power is manifested in the conflict between the Atlantic doctrine led by the United States and the Eurasianism of Russia.

In order to counter the influence of Atlantism, dugin believed that——

It is necessary for Russia to establish a Multi Center Alliance System – each center is an independent large space, and each large space overlaps to form a brand-new imperial alliance system. In dukin’s eyes, Russia occupies the central area of Eurasia and thus occupies a dominant position in this alliance system. He hoped that a Eurasian alliance system would be built around Russia and around the axis of “Russia Germany Japan Iran” to confront the Atlantic system with the United States as the core.

Based on this idea, isn’t the measures put forward by dugin the best interpretation of Putin’s famous saying – if Russia doesn’t exist, what will the earth do?

Dukin has spared no effort in promoting Putin’s foreign policy:

In 2008, when the military conflict broke out between Russia and Georgia, dugin personally went to Georgia to lobby.

In 2014, during the conflict with Ukraine, dugin repeatedly expressed his views and supported the integration of Crimea into Russia.

Finally, the Crimean incident occurred.

In March 2014, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which belongs to Ukraine, was merged into the Russian Federation. On the 18th, Russia took over the territory and established the Crimea federal administration.

Some people point out that this is a naked annexation, and the designer behind it is Du Jin.

The current military action against Ukraine is precisely Putin’s concrete application of dukin’s strategic thinking.

As early as 2014, dugin drew a “blueprint” for the Ukraine issue, which divided Ukraine into three parts:

Wuxi region has become a part of central Europe;

Central Ukraine, including Kiev, has become a small Russia;

Kharkov and other places in udong region were directly merged into Russia.

That is to say, “dismember Ukraine” as mentioned above. At present, Putin’s military action against Ukraine seems to be realizing the “blueprint” of “dividing Ukraine by three”.

Now Dalia dujina, daughter of dujina, was killed in a bomb attack in Moscow State. Public opinion generally believes that the main target of this attack should have been dugin himself.

According to the Russian federal security service, it has been determined that the crime was prepared and carried out by the Ukrainian secret service. The perpetrator was a female Ukrainian citizen named Natalia Pavlovna wovk. The Russian news agency reported that a hacker organization revealed that the suspect had served in the Asian speed camp.


Putin was very angry and the Russian people were very angry when such a shocking assassination occurred in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The consequences will naturally be very serious. At present, global public opinion is generally worried about whether Russia will take stronger measures against Ukraine based on this reason.

Du Jin himself said:——

Her daughter died in the “terrorist attack launched by the Nazi regime in Ukraine”, but the Russians will not be defeated, and the killer’s attempt to “smash the will of the Russians with bloody terror” will not succeed. What Russians desire in their hearts is not only revenge or revenge, which is small for Russians. “We only need to win… So, please win!”

The 24th is the independence day of Ukraine and the time node of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine for half a year. Both the United States and Ukraine said that Russia would launch a major attack on this special day or in the next few days. Although it is not clear whether this warning is a public opinion war, Du Jinna’s death has obviously become a realistic factor in the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on the 23rd that——

The murder of Du Jinna is a barbaric crime, and Russia will never show mercy to the organization, orders and perpetrators.

At this critical moment of tension in Crimea, Ukraine has been launching attacks in Crimea recently. The intensification of contradictions caused by the death of dujina may make the conflict between Russia and Ukraine enter a new stage this week, and Russia will launch a stronger and larger-scale attack on Ukraine.

In a word, dukin’s new Eurasianism has deeply influenced the Russian political arena today. It is the failure of Russia’s westernization reform and the collapse of Bolshevism in the cold war that the Russian local aristocrats and elites represented by dukin explored the development and path of Russia and won the favor of the ruling party. It covers a distinct nationalist gene and is also vigilant by the West because of its expansionary thinking, It is the product of Russia’s pursuit of anti western strategy and ideology under the current geostrategic dilemma.

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