One key reason, Biden returned empty handed from the Middle East!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

Biden’s trip to the Middle East can be said to be a complete failure of diplomacy. The external goal has not been achieved, and the internal public opinion cannot be calmed.

Biden went to the Middle East for two main purposes:

One is to take this trip to re highlight the influence of the United States in the Middle East, and also to give political points to himself and the Democratic Party. This is obviously not possible.

In contrast, Biden’s most important purpose of this trip to the Middle East is to “find oil”, but he still failed to achieve his wish.

Feidan failed to achieve the relevant goals, and also staged a series of embarrassments. Biden was rejected for shaking hands with others; When meeting with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the two fought on the spot. Biden mentioned “kasuji”, and the crown prince asked Biden to think about “the abuse of prisoners by the US military in Iraq”

? video screenshot of Biden and Saudi Crown Prince

I have to ask a question, why did Biden return empty handed from his Middle East trip?

First, of course, it is the gratitude and resentment between the United States and Saudi Arabia

It is no secret for the United States to train journalists to be public spies. Saudi Arabia can find a secret agent to work as a part-time temporary worker, but it is hard, so the contradiction between the United States and Saudi Arabia began to intensify.

In 2019, Biden also vowed to make the Saudi royal family a “pariah”.

Secondly, major changes have taken place in the world pattern

Compared with others, this is the most critical.

Recall that in the United States, Nixon abolished the Bretton Woods system and successfully linked the dollar to oil in cooperation with Saudi Arabia. From then on, he embarked on the road of opening the peg;

In 1991, the Gulf War, the United States echoed, to the Clinton period, the United States entered a golden age of prosperity;

Even in the Iraq war 20 years ago, the United States was still imposing on all sides, and no one dared not follow it. If anyone dares to challenge, Saddam and Gaddafi are models.

However, time has come, and the situation has changed, as follows:

1. There is a power that can check and balance the United States – China and Russia;

2. The symbiotic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has changed into a competitive and even antagonistic relationship. The reason why it was made into “petrodollars” in the past is that Saudi Arabia has an agreement with the United States, the United States provides security for Saudi Arabia, and Saudi oil is settled in dollars.

But now, the United States not only does not need to import oil from Saudi Arabia, but also is an oil exporter, forming a competitive relationship with Saudi Arabia.

In terms of security, due to the existence of Israel, the United States cannot provide high-level weapons to Saudi Arabia, which cannot guarantee security.

3. Saudi Arabia has closer relations with China

Compared with the United States, China is the largest oil importer of Saudi Arabia. China and Russia can provide high-level weapons to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia can obtain daily necessities from China.

4. The United States has dared not wage war again

If the time goes back thirty or twenty years and Saudi Arabia treats the United States as it does now, I’m afraid the United States would have passed a wave of missile aircraft long ago. However, in the past, the United States could not fight Syria, but later retreated to Afghanistan. Now the war to cultivate Ukrainian proxies is still retreating, and the weakness of the United States has been faintly visible.

Moreover, in order to compete with China and Russia, the United States dare not fall into a new “Iraq war”.

Therefore, when the world has the power to balance the United States, when the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is not as close as before, and when it is determined that the United States does not dare to launch a new war, Saudi Arabia also has the capital to challenge the United States.

So we see that the United States has repeatedly asked opec+ to increase production, and no one is listening at all; Before Biden’s visit, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia didn’t even answer the phone; Now Biden put down his body to visit the Middle East and still got nothing.

Clearly, the world has entered the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Biden thought he was the “son of Zhou” who could command the world.

Why does Biden keep getting involved with China and Russia when he visits the Middle East?

When the media interpreted it, they said that Biden was “talking mechanically”, but it was not.

It is easy to understand why the United States would discredit the Xinjiang issue.

Why did the United States spread rumors to discredit the Xinjiang issue? On the one hand, it wants to disturb Xinjiang, on the other hand, it wants to take the opportunity to create contradictions between China and the Islamic world. Biden mentioned China and Russia from time to time during his visit to the Middle East. Russia is too lazy to interpret. For China, the purpose he wants to achieve is to provoke China and the Islamic world.


The Middle East is the world’s energy heart, and Africa is the largest potential market and an important node of the “the Belt and Road”.

A chaotic Middle East is most beneficial to the United States and is conducive to its control. If the Middle East is harmonious and even unified, the Eurasian continent may not be the current situation, but begin to plan “eight horizontal and eight vertical”, and the railway will be built from the West Bank of the Pacific Ocean to the East Bank of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, who has the ability to achieve such a grand plan? Do you rely on the declining river? Is Europe dependent on bits and pieces? Throughout the world, those with this ability, who give up the “infrastructure maniac”!

If this situation is formed, Asia, Europe and Africa can form a huge internal cycle. Even if Asia and Europe are integrated, there is basically nothing wrong with the United States.

This is why the United States must continue to create chaos in the Middle East and constantly provoke relations between China and the Islamic world.

However, the effect of American instigation seems to be getting worse and worse. After the Xinjiang cotton incident, the vast majority of the Islamic world stood on China’s side; The “25 year agreement” between China and Iran makes many people greedy; Saudi Arabia’s 10 billion dollar large oil refinery in China will soon be put into operation; Now even a number of Middle East powers, such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, have asked to join the “BRICs countries”, but Biden returned empty handed!

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