One Night Stand Story: Honestly, I Have One Night Stand After My Husband Studying Abroad

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My unforgettable one-night stand story, the plot is relatively simple, there is no romantic plot of shocking ghosts and gods. Yet the one-night stand gave me a wonderful feeling, unforgettable, and the urge to keep going. My husband went abroad to study for 23 days for four months a year, and I played mahjong with a few good sisters (all young women) as usual in the community. At the same time, when it comes to the hardships of a woman living alone, it is natural to talk about one-night stands.

I often heard about one-night stand stories with my best friend’s husband, but I knew that although I liked my best friend’s husband very much, he persuaded me to leave after he had a relationship with me. What should I do, I have completely fallen in love with him, and I feel guilty facing my best friend, but that man still ignores me after a one-night stand.

My best friend and I have known each other since high school, so we have become best friends who can talk about everything. Although we don’t have much contact with each other, our relationship is very good. The best friend found a rich second-generation boyfriend during college, and got married after graduation.

Oral about a night of passionate experience, I can’t forget the night I went on business with my best friend and husband

And I went to work in my girlfriend’s husband’s company between my best friend’s recommendation. Seeing my girlfriend’s beautiful life, I was not only happy for her but also jealous.

After working in the company for a long time, I slowly discovered that my best friend’s husband is a very attractive man, so the feeling of love began to appear in my mind. Later, when I discovered this terrible thought, it was too late. I was deeply immersed in it, and he had taken root in my heart.

In order to attract the attention of my best friend’s husband, I gradually became sexy in my clothes, but he was still not tempted by my temptation, and my best friend didn’t notice anything unusual about me. But I know that my best friend’s husband actually understands my thoughts, but we just don’t have the right opportunity, we need a chance.

Not long after, the opportunity finally came, and a business trip came true. I will never forget the experience of that night. Before the business trip, my best friend kept telling me to take a good look at her husband. After the business trip, we went to see the client. Later, we drank some wine when we had dinner together because we were happy. I didn’t expect my best friend’s husband to drink so badly. After a while, I got drunk and I finally carried him to the room.

Oral about a night of passionate experience, I can’t forget the night I went on business with my best friend and husband

Looking at the man lying on the bed, my heart beats again. So I put aside all thoughts and kissed, so we had a relationship, I fell in love with my best friend’s husband, and that night made me passionate.

But I didn’t think that this night was our only time. I regarded him as my beloved, and he just regarded me as the object of a one-night stand. Originally, I thought that our relationship would become lovers after we had a relationship, but in the eyes of my best friend’s husband, the passion that night was just a one-night stand, and even let me leave the company. Do you never want to see me? What should I do? He has deeply rooted in my heart, and although I feel guilty for my best friend, I still want to get him.

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