One of Nezha’s magic weapons is & ldquo; Hydrangea & rdquo; What’s going on? How many magic weapons does Nezha have?

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What’s the matter with the “Hydrangea” in Nezha’s magic weapon? How many magic weapons does Nezha have? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

When it comes to the weapons and magic weapons that Nezha possessed, many people can definitely say a lot of things, such as fire pointed guns, heaven and earth circles, mixed sky silk, etc., especially in the novels of the romance of the gods. It is simply a moving treasure house of weapons. However, you know that in some ancient texts, in fact, Nezha’s initial weapons were not so many, only two, and even one of them was hydrangea. This is very unexpected. How can Hydrangea become a magic weapon?

Nezha is a very lovely young hero in the divine world. It can be said that he is well known in China. This should be attributed to the deduction, dissemination and publicity of novels such as the romance of the gods and the journey to the West.

Take a look at Nezha in the New Year picture: a handsome baby face is red as white, with two “claws” combed on his head (there is a poem in the journey to the West that says “the total angle covers the chimney” and “the total angle” refers to this kind of bifurcated BUN). He holds a fire pointed gun in his hand, pedals on the wind and fire wheel in his feet, wears a heaven and earth ring in his arms, and wraps a silk cloth around his waist. He also carries a piece of gold brick in his arms. The original image is three heads and six arms (in addition, there is the saying of Nezha with eight arms). It is really heroic be like a lion!

However, Nezha’s “outfit” was arranged by the novelist. In the early legend, Nezha did not have so many weapons and magic weapons. He probably only had a gun and an “embroidered ball”.

In the Ming Dynasty novel Journey to the south, Nezha was ordered by the Jade Emperor to go to the divine world to suppress the rebellious King Huaguang. According to the introduction in the book, Nezha is “the son of King Li Jing in the Pisha palace… He has great powers and boundless power”. One of his magic treasures is an embroidered ball. “There are 16 leaders in the embroidered ball, leading 5000 soldiers to help fight, and nothing is invincible.”.


At the front of the battle, Nezha showed off some other treasures. He “wore a red flower gold and purple circle on his head, eight treasure embroidered armor on his body, green thread soap leather boots on his feet, a flower embroidered ball on his left, a nine knot copper whip on his right, a long gun in his hand, and a white horse with a red mane on his body”. When fighting with Huaguang, he first “sprinkled flower Hydrangea” and then “sprinkled red flowers, gold and purple circles”. Huaguang is not afraid of it. Instead, it “throws the golden bricks” and sacrifices the “wind and fire wheels” — those who have read the journey to the South know that the triangular golden bricks and the wind and fire wheels were originally the magic weapons of Huaguang.

Nezha only fought with Hua Guang this time and got a tie. Later, he sent his subordinates to fight with Huaguang again and again, but they could not win. In the end, they had to change the strong attack into soft deception, and sent people to cheat the golden triangle of Huaguang – they failed to win the other side and captured the “advanced weapons” of the other side, which was also a “shame”.

This gold brick was also handed over to the Jade Emperor and collected in the “imperial treasure house”. It seems that it did not fall into the hands of Nezha. As for Huaguang’s wind and fire wheel, according to the description in the book, it was also taken away by Nezha’s subordinates with magic weapons. Whether Nezha stepped on it from then on is not explained in the book.

The friend nearby could not hold back the fire for a long time: Nezha and Huaguang are all mythical figures. This magic weapon and that weapon are purely “novelist’s words”. Where are there really any gold bricks, silver guns and wind fire wheels? You are still here to study the inheritance relationship of “baby” and track their history. Isn’t it stupid?


No. What I’m talking about here is the evolution of mythical characters (that is, literary characters) from simplicity to complexity and gradually to fullness. For example, where did Nezha’s gold bricks and wind fire wheels come from? Obviously, it was the novelist’s “eye hot” Huaguang’s baby who was inspired to “equip” Nezha, right?

The weapon of BRICs is very good. People fight with each other like “board bricks”. Of course, immortals can’t do such vulgar things. If they want to fight with each other, they have to fight with gold bricks! The weight of the BRICs is heavy and the striking force is strong; On the other hand, who doesn’t love gold? With the opening of the golden brick road, no matter in the world or in the divine world, it must be invincible and invincible! You see, there is still some irony here.

Another example is the wind and fire wheel. It is the bold imagination of people in the age of animal power on the means of transportation. However, no one envies it any more today. Look at the streets, young people all pedal electric unicycles, and society has begun to enter the age of immortals.

A gold brick and a wind and fire wheel are many times more powerful than Nezha’s original treasure, the “flower Hydrangea” with vague image and dubious efficiency! Therefore, the author of “the romance of the gods” resolutely abandoned the hydrangea and creatively replaced the new equipment for Nezha. At the same time, he kept the long gun (fire pointed gun) and the golden purple circle (renamed the heaven and earth circle), and added a mixed sky silk outside. The heroic posture of the little hero was thus shaped!

However, the author of journey to the west is not willing to give up this Hydrangea easily. When Nezha changed into three heads and six arms and confronted Wukong, it was written in the book that his six arms were “ferociously holding six kinds of weapons, such as demon cutting sword, demon cutting knife, demon binding rope, demon subduing pestle, hydrangea, fire wheel, and Yaya fork, to attack” – in the confusion, we still recognized the “Hydrangea”, which was Nezha’s most original treasure!

Wu Chengen is a bit nostalgic, and he is unwilling to give up the old tradition when he innovates. That is, in the romance of the gods, when he boldly “transformed” the image of Nezha, didn’t he also retain the old content—— With the traditional thick soil, new seedlings can grow stronger. The creation of novels is based on this principle, and cultural construction and even social reform are not based on this principle? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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