One person, one word, can understand the 21st emperor of the Tang Dynasty

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There were many powerful dynasties in ancient China

But when it comes to impact on the world

Tang Dynasty is a well deserved No.1

Such a powerful Dynasty

What kind of emperors did they produce

One of my favorite words about history

It’s Datang’s turn today












































The reign time of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty was a matter of national fortune

Tang Shunzong, the shortest reigning emperor

Only 8 months

Tang Xuanzong, the longest reigning emperor

44 years

After Xuanzong, most emperors’ reigns

Not more than 20 years

Frequent changes in the throne led to extremely unstable policies

Often the last emperor insisted

The next emperor turned the corner

For example, Wuzong exterminates Buddha

Xuanzong, the successor of Wu Zong, revived Buddhism

Some people say

If there is a monarch who has been in office long enough

Maybe it can reverse the decline after the an Shi rebellion

Unfortunately, no if

The Tang Dynasty abounds in strong women

Queen, princess, female minister, female literati

Talented people come forth in large numbers

Wu Zetian, who became a female emperor

Empress Wei (Zhongzong) almost became the second Empress Wu Zetian

Princess Anle (Zhongzong) who wants to be the Empress Dowager

Empress Zhang (suzong) who wants to abolish the prince and establish a new king

Consort Guo (Xianzong), who colluded with eunuchs to push her son to the top

As for Shangguan Waner, yuxuanji, Li Ye, etc

Either he became an official in the imperial court, or he was familiar with poetry and books

There are countless talented women

So medium

In the late Tang Dynasty, in order to prevent the empress from interfering in politics

No queen for more than 130 years

Neither the queen nor the prince

From Wu Zong to Zhao Zong in the late Tang Dynasty

The emperor never set up a crown prince in his lifetime

There are various reasons

There are those who want to make it (Wuzong)

There are those who are too faint to stand (Yi Zong)

And fear that power will be undermined

He doesn’t intend to establish a prince at all (Xuanzong)

Emperor Zhaozong of the Tang Dynasty finally established a prince

It turned out that the prince forced him into a supreme emperor

Once again

The disaster of eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty

It is the best of all dynasties

To establish, kill and abolish a monarch is like a child’s play

Neither the later Han nor the Ming Dynasty could match it

Eunuchs are divided into political parties

Mutual overturning

Collude with court officials

Collude with the vassal towns

As a servant of the emperor, he never lost his life

Cancer was common in the late Tang Dynasty

Finally, this cancer was cut off by Qiang fan

But the life span of Datang also follows

Here we go


The cause of death of some emperors in the Tang Dynasty became a mystery

Were they dead or killed by eunuchs?

There’s too much to say

But one thing is recognized

The Tang emperor loved refining pills

21 emperors, 9 took longevity drugs

Taizong, xiaotaizong (Xuanzong)

They were all killed by drugs

Which one lives the longest?


martial! Then! God!



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