Only people with strong hearts dare to watch these nine despairing domestic films

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1. Blind Mountain

It makes people feel tight. It is said that the poor mountain and the bad water produce the unruly people, and it is also said that the land and the land on one side and the people on the other side may also be the nature of convergence in human nature. The bottom line gradually blurs, and the right and wrong of one party tend to their identification and self persuasion, rather than universal values. For example, this shameless family always thinks that I paid for it. You should go at will, pay back the money, and think like a brute. The film lashes not only a mountain village, but also the whole twisted mountain.


2. Thousand arrows pierce the heart

The true and unpretentious plot and the director’s intention of “A Thousand Arrows pierce the Heart” is the best and most touching domestic film we have ever seen. When a man doesn’t love his wife, it’s wrong for her to cry and laugh. It is always the most pleasant to punish others when a thousand arrows pierce the heart, but life will also make you pay the price. So people still have to learn to let themselves go. It’s profitable to live a happy day more.


3. Kill

Many metaphors and symbols are suitable for interpretation, especially at some political level. This film can prove that the scale of Chinese films is far larger than you think. I always feel that this piece is separated by a layer of yarn and cannot be seen through. All I want to say is to point to the end. It is hard to avoid feeling tired when I look at it, and it is suitable for interpretation. I really appreciate Guan Hu’s consistent style and rigorous attitude, which is much better than that one and that one!


4. Fragrant Soul Girl

Adapted from Zhou Daxin’s novel “Fragrant Oil Workshop by Xianghun Pond”, it is a film that shows the theme of rural life in the process of modernization in China. Xie Fei’s eyes return to the countryside once again, telling the story of a child bride who has become a mother. On the one hand, the film reflects the modernization of the rural economy in mainland China, on the other hand, it depicts the tragedy of traditional women with modern ideas, which is rich in content, rich in meaning, and richer in characters.


5. Tengu

It is a rare domestic masterpiece that will be very depressing after watching it. In fact, this kind of story of the poor mountain villains will happen even in this era, perhaps because of some factors other than the film, the director made a choice, so that the end turned into what it looks like today, weakening that power.


6. Shouting the Mountain

The process is straightforward. The description of trafficking and being bullied is light and obscure, and murderers occupy more description. It mainly depicts the poverty and simplicity of the mountain people, who must pay back what they owe. Of course, some people have no shame. They cry once to blackmail a pig, and they like to take advantage of others to eat white noodles and badger meat. They tear their skin and complain for debts. They mainly focus on the expression that the mute can speak but dare not speak. Also, the interpretation of the wax man who does not want to beg for help in the early stage blurs the point. Hong Xia speaks and does not want money. Finally, you tell her that I let her speak, It’s really touching, really human. My family has set up an old oil workshop to pay off debts. The restoration of that era is too real, and the theme of “Shouting Mountain” is also clear, whether you are happy or not, you have to shout. The male leader looks very special when he walks up the slope and plays hoe. He has a unique feeling, which is lively, powerful and humming. Give food, pass a mirror, and work together to grind soybean oil. The feelings of that era were accumulated bit by bit. There was not much romance, but simple and plain.


7. Hello! Mr. Tree

Hello, Mr. Tree is a magical film. In China, only Mo Yan’s early novels have ever brought me such an experience. Everyone with rural experience will be brought into a delicate reality sorrow, remembering the mysterious, useless, kind and harmless Mr. Tree behind him, who smells of mud stars, wine foam and Mars. All the local people and human relations are losing ground, and those of us who live in cities are splitting into Mr. Tree who has no idea what to do.


8. Beauty

Personally, I feel that it is standard, but such literary and artistic films are already very valuable in China! The expression is clear, the story makes people sad, and Li Yu’s usual open style approach at the end. Each of the brightest characters here performs very well, and they can win a prize! In such a utilitarian and impetuous age, Fang Li and Li Yu are really a stream of Chinese films!


9. Xiang Girl Xiao Xiao

Adapted from the original novel Xiao Xiao by Shen Congwen, it tells the story of a child bride in a tender and bitter rural China in the 1920s. In this story, history seems to be moving forward in an extremely slow and heavy transformation. Xie Fei attributes the progress of history to kindness, religious belief and opportunity, which is consistent with Shen Congwen’s atmospheric and quiet attitude when referring to life and death.


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