Only stupid people have good face!

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Author: Ye Lihua Source: Seeking Truth (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

At the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, the representative of Ukraine proposed to observe silence in order to mourn for those killed by Russia. Some representatives stood up, while others did not. In fact, the Ukrainian representative did not know how many benefits he could get, but he wanted to do the job well.

This job is for those who have not participated in the brewing.

Before 2014, the people who can decide the fate of Ukraine are in Berlin, Paris and Moscow. Putin, Merkel and Hollande met to talk about Ukraine. After 2014, the people who can decide the fate of Ukraine are in eastern cities, Moscow, Brussels and Washington.

The representatives of Ukraine could not even participate in the individual brewing process.

But this proposal is still up to them.

The representative of my country did not stand up.

The representative of Brazil next to him wanted to stand up, but when he saw that the representative of China did not stand up, he did not follow him. Malta, as the rotating president of the General Assembly, neither wants to offend Brussels nor Moscow, and further, neither the eastern cities nor Washington.

So he began to squat.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations stood up, sat down and stood up again.

After the end of the silence proposed by the representative of Ukraine, the representative of Russia proposed to pay tribute to all those who died since the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. All the delegates stood up.

I think of lunch in our company.

Some comrades like to sit down and eat at a place after taking a meal in the canteen. Some comrades like to take it back to the office to eat. Sometimes some comrades are busy and ask others to help them make a meal, put them on their seats and take them home to eat at night.

I like to eat at that time, mainly because I am lazy, and I always wash my tableware after eating. Take it back to the office, and then go to the water room to wash it. It’s better to eat in the canteen and wash it after eating.

A few days ago at noon, I was having a good meal. Suddenly, a familiar voice asked me if there was anyone here. Without raising my head, I waved my hand. Then a cardigan jacket sat opposite.

At first glance, it was my leader and I waited for him to open my mouth. He said that in general, it is impossible to talk about small things in the general meeting and big things in the small meeting. There is always a process from brewing to concentration.

The wise man doesn’t look at the face of the scene, but the wise man looks at the bottom, and the fool has a good face. I don’t like to be in the limelight, I like to show off. I always feel that if I can get face in the big room, I can also get the inside.

I said yes.

The leader also said that the scenes in the large area are more to be seen than the things in the scenes. Do you think most people in the crowd see the scenes or hear the brewing?

I said it was a scene.

The leader said, well, think about it. Are stupid people stupid? Not stupid. On the contrary, stupid people are very smart. Is it to save face?

I said no, to show to people who can only see the scene.

The leader said that you are really thorough.

What the representative of Ukraine is doing is self-defeating. We want to strengthen Russia’s aggressor again through silence, but after a year of war, 3000 sanctions have been imposed. Whose position is where, it has long been planned.

Ukraine has not participated in a single brewing. It wants to win support by relying on the face of the scene. Who will win the support?

Who can only go to see the scene?

hey. I won’t say.

However, the Russian representative’s ability to adapt to the situation showed up and turned the problem into a memorial to all living things, and the scene came back at once. Everyone has no burden to mourn without political position. On the contrary, if you don’t stand up at this time, you will fall into disrespect for the statement.

That is pure fascism.

In ancient China, the State of Qin and the monarch of the State of Zhao gathered. The monarchs were in high spirits and drank some wine. The King of Qin invited the King of Zhao to perform impromptu, so the King of Zhao hit Fou for a period.

Diplomats of the State of Qin began to write that on a certain day in a certain year, King Zhao struck Fou for the King of Qin.

Diplomatic tricks can only be diplomatic tricks. Move your mouth a little. After a while, the king of Qin was forced to play an instrument for the king of Zhao. So the face of Zhao State came back.

But face is for fools, and things are finally decided on the side of strength comparison. No matter how hard the puppet performs, it can’t decide anything, or even make people stand up.

The fate of Ukraine has never been in his hands. After a while, Makron will come to talk about Ukraine.

Smart people never look at face.

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