Open and closed heart door

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Everyone has experienced the failure of opening and closing the heart door, but people have different attitudes towards failure. The sunshine of success can dispel the darkness of failure. There are two brothers, only four or five years old. Because the bedroom windows are closed all day, the house is very dark. When they see the bright sunshine outside, they are very envious. The brothers discussed and said: “ We can sweep in some sunshine outside together& rdquo; So the two brothers took brooms and dustpans and went to the balcony to sweep the sun. When they moved the dustpan to the room, the sunshine would disappear. After sweeping for many times over and over again, there was still no sunshine in the house. The busy mother in the kitchen saw their strange behavior and asked: “ What are you doing& rdquo; They answered: “ The room is too dark. We need to sweep some sunshine in& rdquo; Mother smiled: “ As long as you open the window, the sun will come in naturally. Why sweep it& rdquo;

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