Operation ‘watchdog’!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

December 3rd, 2017. Joseph Dunford, then chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of staff, had a very serious expression. He has just returned from his visit to China. He visited Japan, South Korea, China and the Philippines during his East Asia trip. After returning home, he locked himself in his office except to report his work to the president. It was not until a week later that he called army chief of staff markmiley to ask him to come to his office in Washington. He had something to say to him. “Joseph, why are you so serious? Is there a big problem?” The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the United States has no actual power. This position is only the chief military adviser of the White House and the Pentagon. From a legal point of view, the real war decision-making power should be issued by the president and the Department of defense. The so-called Joint Chiefs of staff, in addition to providing military advice to the Ministry of defense and the Pentagon, are also responsible for coordinating the balance of interests among the various services. Therefore, in general, the position of chairman is held by various services in turn. For example, if Dunford is from the Navy, the next chairman may be the air force or the army. As army chief of staff, markmiley. Is most likely to become the next chairman. This time, Dunford specially recalled him to Washington from the eustatisburg base to discuss matters separately, which means that mark Miley is basically the only candidate for the future chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. However, mark had already made up his mind about the matter, but he was not excited. “We don’t have much time left. In my judgment, after 2025, we may not be able to compete with China. Therefore, we only have sevenoreight years left.” “Why do you think so? Isn’t president trump planning a trade war against China? As long as we fight them economically, they can’t be compared with the United States. Moreover, even if his economy surpasses us, we still have a strong military force enough to conquer China.” Mark felt that Dunford was a little too worried. “No, no, no, mark, you don’t know. After my trip to China this time, I found out how developed this country has become. I won’t say anything about the advance of infrastructure construction. The key is that the people of this country are full of self-confidence. That kind of upward spirit is very difficult for us to see in the current United States. In my memory, in the years after the 1990s, the United States seemed to have that kind of vigorous society Now I can see the atmosphere in China. This is not a good thing. More importantly, according to the information I have received, China has spent a lot of money on the Navy. Not only has there been a plan for four to seven aircraft carriers, but also destroyers, frigates and submarines of various types are being configured to the maximum. If this situation continues to develop, after 2025, even if we will make some development, it may be difficult to form a repressive advantage over China in the Pacific. Moreover, we also have huge security tasks to implement in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. ” “When you say that, China is really a problem. As one of the top US military decision makers, we really need to make a good plan.” Mark nodded his approval. “Mark, you know, it’s no problem who becomes the president of the United States. They are just puppets on the stage. We are one of the front runners. Militarily, we should have our own professional judgment. We can’t let those guys in the White House who pursue economic interests be kidnapped. I asked you to come. That’s what I mean. As the next president, your future life will be more difficult than mine, because our country is getting weaker and weaker, and our The president has been increasingly kidnapped by various economic interest groups, our allies have become more and more disappointed with us, while our opponents have become more and more powerful. China’s development is obvious to all. Russia has gradually recovered in recent years. If we do not plan ahead as soon as possible, we are afraid that when things come to an end, we will not be able to fight back. ” “I understand that, Joseph. The United States can remain strong for so many years. Of course, it is not what the glib fans in the White House can do. It is us elite statesmen who really make the United States strong. Now that you have made such a judgment, what do you think we should do next?” “President Obama’s return to the Asia Pacific region and President Trump’s Indo Pacific strategy are all empty. But since the White House has put forward such slogans, our military has to fill in the empty framework they put forward. Whether it is to return to the Asia Pacific region or the Indo Pacific strategy, if they are just shouting slogans, I’m afraid we won’t be defeated by China until 2025.” “Do you mean to increase military deployment around China?” Mark frowned. In fact, this point does not need to be raised by Dunford. All US officials know that in recent years, China’s navy has repeatedly broken through the first island chain. The so-called first island chain has long been like a leaky sieve, with eyes everywhere. It is not that the United States does not want to strengthen the consolidation of the first island chain, such as rebuilding military cooperation with the Philippines, for example, deploying Sade air defense systems to South Korea, and so on. However, such deployment and reconstruction will not only cost a lot, but also be strongly protested by the people of the host country. In response to these protests, the US government, in addition to increasing military spending, had to reach some interests with the host government. If they can’t meet the interest demands of the host governments, they will use the public protests as a pretext to make things difficult for the US government. For this reason, the US government and even the US military feel that it is difficult to sustain financially and that the political gains are not worth the losses. However, now that general Dunford has mentioned this crisis, the United States must face it positively. If it buries its head in the sand as an ostrich, it will have no chance when China finally grows too strong to contain. “Yes, it is indeed necessary to increase military deployment around China. In my judgment, the possibility of China engaging in operations in the Taiwan Strait has been rising rapidly in recent years. This is also what we need to deal with. Once China solves the Taiwan Strait issue, it will no longer be possible for us to control China’s move towards the eastern Pacific Ocean. At that time, taking half of the Pacific Ocean will not satisfy China’s desire to expand.” “Have you figured out how to increase the deployment?” Asked Mark. “I just don’t think so. That’s why I asked you to come and we’ll discuss it together.” “I do have a way to strengthen our military deployment in East Asia without increasing the burden on the United States.” Mark thought for a moment and said. “Oh, tell me.” Dunford was in a hurry. Because he knew that if the military proposed to increase the military deployment in East Asia, it would not be without the approval of the Congress, but such a costly action would certainly allow the military to distribute part of the money from the Congress. In this way, not only the military was dissatisfied, but also gave Congress an excuse to restrain the military. Therefore, Dunford is quite interested in increasing military deployment to China without increasing expenditure. “Well, you probably remember that we launched a war against Korea in the form of a 16 nation coalition. It was authorized by the United Nations. But even today, the 16 nation military alliance authorized by the United Nations has not been cancelled. Although it has virtually died in name, we can use it.” “Oh, how to make use of it,” Dunford became more interested. This mark really had a lot of ideas. “In fact, it is very simple. We immediately discussed with the White House to ask them to hold a meeting of 16 foreign ministers to discuss the security of the DPRK. Now, this mechanism still exists, and the DPRK is indeed a great threat to East Asian countries. Therefore, when we mention the 16 Nation Alliance again, it can be under the United Nations Flag.” “Mark, don’t forget that several of these 16 countries have left me now. Although this mechanism exists, people may not be willing to come. What’s the significance of holding such a meeting?” “Ha, Joseph, this is what you haven’t seen through. It doesn’t matter if some countries don’t come. We can fill in several countries. For example, if Ethiopia doesn’t come, we can add Japan. It’s estimated that it’s crazy. Moreover, Japan is also the protagonist in this plan.” “You mean, in any case, you just need to get together sixteen countries? But what does that mean?” Dunford was still puzzled. “Not all the 16 countries in the past can be used by us. For example, Ethiopia, Turkey and South Africa, can they still be with us? But Australia and Canada are all countries in the palm of our hand. What we need is these countries.” “What do you want them to do? Help us defend the first island chain?” Dunford still didn’t understand. “It’s impossible to defend, but it’s OK to help. These countries obviously don’t want to offend China too much. Especially in terms of military affairs, they offend China. After all, they have too many business contacts with each other. Once they turn their backs, it won’t be good for anyone. But now I’ll give them an opportunity to deploy their military forces around China in the name of the United Nations. In this way, they will not only have a big card to deal with China, but also It can be justified in legal theory, leaving China speechless. So they must be happy to join. ” “I see. What you mean is that we should hold a meeting of 16 countries to re mention the security of the Korean Peninsula. Then we should monitor the security of the Korean Peninsula in the name of the United Nations, so that all countries willing to participate in the 16 countries can enter the military defense circle in East Asia in the name of the United Nations. Indeed, it is a clever plan.” Dunford clapped his hands and laughed. He really admired this markmiley. What a clever idea. More than 40 days later, the Vancouver foreign ministers’ meeting was held. Although sixorseven of the previous sixteen countries did not attend, the United States still gathered together the number of sixteen countries by inviting foreign ministers from Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries to attend the meeting. In 2019, in accordance with the resolution of the foreign ministers’ meeting, Canada, Australia and other countries successively sent electronic anti submarine reconnaissance aircraft to Kadena air base in Ryukyu under the banner of the United Nations. Under the leadership of the US air force, it has carried out reconnaissance missions in the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the sea of Japan. It is called the United Nations mission. May 23, 2022. At the junction of the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea, a cp-140 anti submarine reconnaissance aircraft with the Canadian flag is flying from southwest to northeast. This time they accepted the investigation task assigned by the United States to conduct electronic investigation in China’s Yellow Sea and East China Sea. “Dirk, I’m a little flustered.” Co captain Jess moved his body to show his uneasiness. “What are you afraid of? Do they dare to do anything to us?” Captain Dirk curled his mouth. Since the squadron was stationed in Kadena Air Force Base in 2019, it has started its regular duty tasks, mainly focusing on the reconnaissance tasks in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. The task code is “watchdog”. Its purpose is to investigate Chinese submarines and other surface ships entering the Pacific Ocean from the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. This matter is original

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