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Author: top ten sources: flower planting city (ID: hqsycn)

What is the root cause of a series of chaos and crises in today’s world?

Here we need to introduce the world law. The author divides it into three levels.

Level 1: origin law

The so-called simplicity of the main road, the deepest mystery and the most original law, are often hidden in our most common daily life.

The original law of the world is hidden in CCTV’s animal world – the original law: survival and reproduction.

To put it more concretely, it is to obtain territory and ethnic continuity, which is specifically manifested in obtaining food and breeding offspring.

Although the human world is clothed with advanced and civilized attributes, this basic principle is still the same, that is, to obtain resources and continue the race, which is usually manifested in making more money and raising offspring.

The second level: the law of human nature

If the original law is further outward, it will come to the second layer of the world law, which is hidden in Marx’s capital – the law of human nature: exploitation and exploitation, domination and domination.

Because of the existence of the “original law”, it has led to the extraction, distribution and competition of resources, and it is inevitable that there will be exploitation and exploitation, domination and domination.

There are too many people in the world who are pursuing the so-called fairness. If we can see through this layer, we will know that “fairness is relative, and injustice is absolute”.

The third layer: the three thousand Avenue law

On top of the first and second layers of laws, we come to the three thousand Avenue laws that we can usually see at the outermost layer, such as the jungle law, zero sum game, population extinction, titty theory, capital plunder, class locking, and so on.

Here are some brief introductions.

The law of the jungle and the zero sum game are familiar to us, so we won’t talk about them.

Population taming


Limited resources can not make everyone live well, and a large number of resources concentrated in the hands of a few (20%) will aggravate the discontent of the public (80%).

In order to control this situation, a group of people in the west, represented by Brzezinski, put forward two solutions, either to eliminate part of the population irregularly by means of war and other means, or to use the “teat music theory”, that is, by opening up the porn industry, creating a large number of idol dramas, verbal battles, short videos, reality shows, games and so on, to immerse people in the pleasure of low-grade tastes and lose their ability to think about the real world, In the intoxication and numbness, they get satisfaction and vent, so as to divert their attention and dissatisfaction, and become the “sheep and leeks” for the upper class.

Population domestication is not only in modern times, but also in ancient times, such brainwashing techniques as “the divine power of the monarch”, “loving the people as a son” and “the kindness of the monarch is as deep as the sea”.

“You do not know you, so you are you; if you know you, you are not you”. The reason why a monkey is a monkey is that it does not know that it is a monkey. In the rise of the planet of the apes, when Caesar knows that he is a monkey (orangutan), he is no longer a monkey. However, this kind of stratum breakthrough was not liked by the upper class, so when Caesar led the apes to break through the confinement, they were immediately surrounded and suppressed by humans.

Capital plunder:

Why is the West rich and powerful?

This is due to the three times of “violence, machine and technology” in the west, totaling more than 500 years, the violent plunder in the era of great navigation, the dumping of colonial products in the era of industrial revolution, and the plunder realized by controlling high technology.

Nowadays, their plundering is becoming more and more difficult, so that the British lament that “Britain has become a developing country” and macron laments that “the end of prosperity”.

Level locking:

Under the laws of resource possession, exploitation and exploitation, class stratification is bound to occur.

The world will not let too many people become rich, because when everyone is rich and free, everyone will not work. So who will work to create products? Who will become the sheep and leeks of the upper class?

Therefore, the rules designed by the world must be to make a few people rich, while the money of most people can only be just enough, or even not enough, but the bill can be filled through labor. Only in this way can people work hard and create value.

Because of this, even if people have money, they will certainly use “inflation” and other means to turn the wealth into people’s hands. Generally speaking, at the beginning of the year, $10000 is deposited in the bank, and the purchasing power will be reduced by about $800 by the end of the year.

Of course, “inflation” is not only aimed at the poor, it is also a good weapon for the rich to eliminate. However, they often control more resources and can better fill the wealth reduced by inflation through wealth appreciation.

This is not only reflected in the economy, but also in education. For example, the West provides “Happy Education” to the poor, making it difficult for them to enjoy low-quality education, and it is difficult for them to achieve class breakthrough. However, the children of the powerful still use the harsh “elite education”, so that they can continue to stay in the upper class.

In short, the upper level will use the methods of “teat music”, “education stratification” and “wealth reduction” to lock the stratum and prevent the bottom level from breaking through.

In fact, there are many laws like this. Due to the limitation of space, the author will not fully describe them here.

Why is the West afraid?

The above three principles are not only applicable to the west, but also to the whole world.

Under the law of origin, the West wants to gain more territory and resources to better survive and multiply; Therefore, they must play the trick of ruling and being ruled, exploiting and being exploited.

In the first and second laws, they will also carry out jungle laws, zero sum games, population domestication, class locking, and so on.

For example, they will use the brainwashing techniques of freedom, democracy and human rights to domesticate the population; Many entertainment industries in the world are also controlled by capital, thus numbing the public.

For example, they also require “class locking”. The United States stands at the top of the world’s interest chain, the rest of the western countries stand at the second echelon, and the rest of the vast countries become the bottom soil for them.


? video screenshot of 2022-g7 Summit

However, since World War I, the world has begun to see two changes: the awakening of the bottom and the rise of socialism.

At the beginning of World War I, socialism began to rise;

During World War II, although not all people believed in socialism, the awakening of the bottom reached the peak, and people began the national independence and liberation movement one after another.

Although World War I and World War II were mainly colonial struggles between imperialists, they also led to the national independence and liberation of the third world, which was the starting point for people to get out of imperialist hegemony.

The awakening and flight of the sheep is a great threat to the life of the Western nobles and the plundering of civilization. It has caused great fear and hatred to the top level of the west, because they can no longer kill the laboring masses in the name of “God” to support themselves.

Therefore, on the first day of the founding of the Soviet Union, Churchill vowed to kill it in the cradle. The whole west also used “tit music” and “class locking” to hypnotize and lock the world for nearly 100 years, and achieved considerable success.

Time has come. When facing the new round of awakening and rising of the third world represented by China and Russia, the west at the upper level is bound to counterattack and suppress under the above three principles. This is the root of a series of chaos and crises and the ideological basis for the west to try to form a value alliance.

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