Our inn Zhang Xincheng was injured and the program team sent an apology

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Our hostel is a new variety show directed by Wu Tong. Many netizens complain that Wu Tong likes to sell his variety show feelings. Our hostel is no exception. It introduces the content of the scene experience of the martial arts world. Many actors from the martial arts world are invited to the show. For example, the resident guests include Guo Furong, Yao Chen, and Bai Zhantang, Sha Yi. Zhang Xincheng, our hostel, was injured, and the program team also apologized at the first time. What exactly is it? The editor will introduce it today.

Our inn Zhang Xincheng was injured

In addition to Yao Chen and Sha Yi, there are also Tang Yan, Zhang Jie, Yang Di, Zhang Xincheng and Zhuang Dufei as the permanent guests of our hotel. Wu Tong’s program, of course, needs to play games. In the latest recording of our inn, one of the game links is wrist breaking. As a result, Zhang Xincheng was unexpectedly injured in the process of breaking his wrist with Zhang Jie. The program team also sent Zhang Xincheng to the hospital for treatment at the first time.

This incident has also been reported online. Zhang Xincheng’s fans naturally love their idols and accuse the game design of the program team of being unreasonable. It is clearly an emotional slow complex program. Why should we break our wrists? Of course, some netizens felt that Zhang Xincheng’s desire to win or lose was too strong, so he broke his wrist and was injured. In this regard, Zhang Xincheng Studio sent a message explaining that Zhang Xincheng is no longer a big problem, and let fans not worry.

The program team sent an apology to Zhang Xincheng

Then our inn official WeChat also sent a message explaining the details, saying that Zhang Xincheng was sent to the hospital at the first time after the incident. After the treatment of a professional doctor, Zhang Xincheng had returned to the hotel for a rest. Moreover, the program team will accompany Zhang Xincheng throughout the treatment until the other party recovers completely. After Zhang Xin’s success, he also purposely parachuted his fans to report peace with them. Since the program team and Zhang Xincheng feel that there is nothing wrong and have reached a settlement, there is no need for fans to tear up the program team.

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