Out of the swamp of life

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Out of the marsh of life, how can we get out of the marsh of life? Then please cherish your life. There is a man named abag who lives on the grassland of Inner Mongolia. On one occasion, young abag and his father lost their way on the grassland. Abag was tired and afraid. Finally, he could hardly walk. Dad took out five coins from his pocket, buried one coin in the grass, put the other four on abag’s hand and said: “ There are five gold coins in life, one for childhood, one for youth, one for middle age and one for old age. You only use one now, that is, the one buried in the grassland. You can’t throw all five gold coins in the grassland. You should use them a little bit, and each time you use them differently, so that your life will not be wasted. Today we must go out of the grassland, and you must go out of the grassland in the future. The world is very big. If you are alive, you should go to more places and see more. Don’t throw away your gold coins when they are useless& rdquo; Encouraged by his father, abag went out of the grassland that day. When he grew up, abag left his hometown and became an excellent captain.

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