Ouyang didi entered the Beijing Film Academy. Netizens questioned that she was not included in the freshman list

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Everyone who pays attention to Ouyang Nana should know that she also has a sister Ouyang Nini and a sister Ouyang Didi. Ouyang didi entered the Beijing Film Academy, which was originally a good thing, but netizens questioned that there was no Ouyang Didi’s name in this year’s Beidian freshman list. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ouyang didi enrolled in Beijing Film Academy

Recently, Ouyang didi celebrated her 18th birthday. The musician Qiao Xiaodao sent a letter to celebrate Ouyang Didi’s birthday and congratulated her on getting the admission notice from Beijing Film Academy. However, many netizens came out to question, saying that they had not seen relevant information before, nor had they seen Ouyang Didi’s name in the list of freshmen, and they did not understand how she was admitted to Beidian.

An insider said that Ouyang didi was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy by relying on the policies of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the process is different from that of regular candidates. This is also why Ouyang didi didn’t send an article to celebrate her admission to Beidian, because she was afraid of being criticized by netizens for her privilege. Ouyang didi actually started acting before she was admitted to Beidian. She also played in Yu Zheng’s play as a housewife. It is reported that her sister Ouyang Nana helped to bridge the gap.

There is no ouyangdi in the list of Beidian freshmen

Ouyang Nana develops in the mainland alone, and her political views are different from those of her parents, so she should be quite lonely in the mainland. Now her sister Ouyang didi has also come to the mainland to study and develop. At least Ouyang Nana has relatives to accompany her. Therefore, as a sister, Ouyang Nana was very happy about Ouyang Didi’s coming to the mainland for development. She introduced many resources to Ouyang didi by using her own contacts. However, many netizens do not seem to like Ouyang Didi, thinking that her appearance is not as outstanding as her sister and her acting skills are not good. It is estimated that it is difficult to catch up with the development of her sister Ouyang Nana.

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