Ouyang Nana Godfather Tae announces marriage plan to conceive the next generation

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Many young friends of the post-80s and early 90s should know TAE. Now young netizens probably know Tae through Ouyang Nana. TAE, the godfather of Ouyang Nana, announced his marriage. It is reported that the two sides have been dating for half a year. It is also because they have plans to conceive offspring, so they began to plan to get married. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ouyang Nana Godfather Tae announces marriage

Although TAE is a Thai star, he also has many fans in China. He should be the first Thai actor to develop in China, and Tae doesn’t look like a Thai at all. So many people who have seen Tae TV series are because he is a male artist from Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the years when China developed, Tae also lived in Taiwan. Tae recognized Ouyang Nana as a daughter when she was a child because she had a good relationship with her parents.

Tae’s Chinese TV dramas, such as stunning double girls, flying immortals outside the sky, strange stories in the new Liaozhai, unruly and handsome Royal doctors, are all very good-looking, so Tae used to be the prince charming in the eyes of many Chinese girls. TAE was born in 1982 and is 40 years old. So when the news of his marriage came, many people sent their blessings. However, this is not Tae’s first marriage. Tae married his Japanese girlfriend Eileen sasai in 2013. After marriage, the two settled in Japan, so Tae rarely came to China to film. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only five years, and Tae announced the divorce to foreign officials in 2018.

Tae plans to nurture the next generation

Tae has now released the good news of marriage, and said that he and his fiancee have plans to conceive the next generation, and their wedding will be held on October 22. Although it has disappeared from the screen for several years, Tae maintenance is still very good. In addition to sending wedding greetings to TAE, many netizens also shouted Tae one after another, hoping that he could make a film when he had the opportunity. Fans still miss him very much.

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