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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source: wechat official account: the Dao of the big shopkeeper has been reprinted with authorization

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said recently that European politicians’ indifference to the sabotage activities in Kiev may lead to Ukraine’s self destruction and irreparable consequences for the West itself.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continued, and the war of public opinion between the two sides also surged. It was like a palace drama. You come and go, and you are too busy. As spectators, if we can understand one or two of them, we will be happy. Of course, if you can understand five or six of them, you will be shocked step by step. And those people or countries who can understand the seven eight or even all of them must have been involved in this matter or are making their own preparations for the development of this matter.

It is extraordinary for us grassroots to understand one or two of them. If we want to go further, we need more information and a higher position. So, let’s take one or two of them today to say what exactly Patrushev meant by this.

Today, we can see that the war has indeed entered a stalemate stage. Russia’s attack is weak and Ukraine’s counterattack is weak. In the stage of stickiness, some non-standard methods of warfare are also put to use. Such non-standard methods include but are not limited to assassination, attacking sensitive targets, and sneaking attacks on key targets of the other party. For example, the assassination of Russian populist figure Du Jinna not long ago.

I wrote a little story yesterday. A friend said that it was written superficially. In fact, I can understand this evaluation. As I said earlier, it is very good that we can see the truth of the matter by 12 / 10. Writing stories based on these weak elements is naturally more weak. However, Du Jinna’s assassination has indeed played a certain deterrent role to the populist figures in Russia, and the fact that some opposition groups claiming to be Russians have claimed this will indeed give the outside world a sign of internal instability in Russia. If this sign can ferment, it will be a great test for Putin’s leadership. As we all know, Russia is not an economic power, and its ability of war continuity cannot be compared with that of European and American countries. Under such circumstances, Russia’s popular support for Putin is actually one of the most important factors for Russia’s eventual victory. Once there is internal division, the danger can be imagined. Therefore, my analysis of the follow-up impact of Du Jinna’s death is theoretically still tenable.

In addition to the assassination of dujinna, the attack on the zaborore nuclear power station can be said to be a bolder attempt by Zelensky. Of course, this kind of thing should not be done by Zelensky. The American shadow behind it is quite strong. The attack on nuclear power plants is not to destroy them, but to threaten some countries. First of all, Russia must strengthen its defense in this direction, which will affect Russia’s determination and strength to attack. Zaborore nuclear power station is like a sword hanging over Crimea. If it goes wrong, it will not only affect the power supply of surrounding areas, but also greatly reduce the livability of this area due to water pollution. Moreover, the nuclear polluted river course downstream along the Dnieper River will form a natural dividing line, thus preventing Russia from attacking in this direction.

However, once verified, it will be defined as a war crime. Therefore, it is unlikely that an agent like Zelensky will really do such a crazy thing, because it is unnecessary. Even if the whole Ukraine is occupied by Russia, Zelensky can still find a place to live in Europe and America. Therefore, why Zelensky and his black hand did this is obviously for other purposes.

This intention is to threaten Europe. I find that Europe has become more and more miserable recently. Because of the energy problem, Germany and Denmark have cancelled their so-called carbon neutralization goals one after another. [this is a means that Europe has finally come up with to reap the world, and it will be completely destroyed. But this is also an inevitable choice for Europe at present, and this choice will also have a great impact on the future world pattern. We will talk about this later.] Britain, France and the United States have also cancelled some environmental protection measures and started coal power generation projects. However, even though Germany, France and other countries have given Ukraine a lot of military and economic assistance, they are still chased and scolded by Zelensky, accusing them of cheating Ukraine and giving Ukraine too little support.

Judging from the actual situation, European countries have indeed suffered heavy losses due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the high temperature and drought that are currently ravaging the world have really been somewhat slow in supporting Ukraine. Although the United States, the real beneficiary of this war, is also constantly increasing its assistance to Ukraine, it really wants to help Ukraine fight against Russia with the strength of one country, but it is unable to do so, or it is not what they want. Therefore, the United States and Ukraine must achieve the goal of holding Europe together to assist Ukraine to achieve the long-term consumption of Russia.

As one of the large-scale nuclear power plants in Europe and the largest nuclear power station in Ukraine, the safety of zaborore nuclear power station in Europe is also obvious to all. If the zaborore nuclear power station is eventually destroyed, the whole Europe will be affected. What’s more, once the head of the zaporoje nuclear power station is opened, will the remaining nuclear power stations in Ukraine eventually become targets of mutual attacks? What fate will nuclear power plants in Europe face in the future? It’s really urgent, and there are precedents to follow. Will Europe in the future become the first place to launch an atypical nuclear war?

Even if Europeans can see that this is only Zelensky threatening themselves, they cannot take it lightly, because Europeans also know that the United States and Israel are standing behind Zelensky. As an extraterritorial country, they do not care whether Europe will eventually become a scorched earth or a paradise. After all, the two world wars in modern history started in Europe.

Zelensky’s goal is Europe, and Patrushev’s goal is also in Europe. Even though Europe has cut Russia completely, Russians still hope that Europe can repent and build its own security concept. His implication is that if Europe still allows Zelensky to act arbitrarily, it will be Europe itself that will bear the consequences. In fact, this is not wrong, because compared with the scattered and small European countries, Russia’s ability to withstand atypical nuclear war is much higher than the Europeans. If the Europeans dare to break the pot, the first unlucky is definitely not Russia.

In fact, it also reveals that Russia’s illusion of Europe has not been disillusioned, and it still hopes to force Europe not to be tied too tightly with the United States through the Russo Russian tug of war. Even if Europe can overcome the plight of this year’s severe winter and finally get rid of the plight of relying on Russian energy, it will suffer a great internal injury and lose its industrial competitiveness on this planet because of the internal injury. This is a fact visible to the naked eye.


Germany relaunches coal power plants

German auto industry expert Ferdinand recently warned the German government that the cost of decoupling from China is unbearable for Germany. Because the current basic industries, especially the automobile industry, not only rely on China in the main production links, but also the consumer market. As a country that has made preparations for the internal circulation system and has broad market prospects, if Europe is really decoupled from China, China will certainly form its own industrial system and consumption system, which will make it difficult for Europe to compete with China in the world. At that time, does Europe really need to rely on Americans to improve its industrial system and consumer market? Trump, the supremacy of the United States, is not needed. Even Biden will not allow Europe to divide its industrial interests and market share.

It doesn’t need a very good vision to judge this point. Just look at the plight of the United States itself and the European crisis that the United States instigated Ukraine to create. It can be understood that the Americans are currently trying to find ways to collect the last drop of blood in Europe so as to recover their strength. In the view of some European people, even if China may eventually pose a threat to European industries, it will be in the next few decades. Because the advantages of China EU cooperation are far higher than the intensity of competition, the complementarity between the two sides is still in the mainstream trend. If China deviates from this trend, it will certainly affect China’s development, but it will not pose a fatal threat and the speed of knowledge will slow down. However, if Europe completely deviates from this trend, it will only be divided by China and the United States, and in the end, Europe will get nothing.

It is precisely because of this that the Russians are reminding Europe not to make any more mistakes for the United States. In the end, they will lose their wives and their soldiers. Therefore, from Zelensky’s willfulness to Patrushev’s “goodwill”, in fact, both sides are squeezing Europe. One hopes that Europe will increase its sanctions against Russia and its assistance to Ukraine, while the other hopes that Europe will see the future clearly and break away from the United States, so as to have its own security options.

That is to say, at present, the focus of both sides is still in Europe, which roughly means that those who win Europe win the world. However, as we all know, Europe’s choice is important, but there is another more important factor that ultimately determines the world’s direction and the outcome of the Russian Ukrainian war, and this factor is China. In fact, China’s current practice of drawing attention but not sending it out is the most painful thing for them. Because this will make the war between Russia and Ukraine the focus of the world all the time. Moreover, although Russia is not enough to attack, it is more than enough to defend. Although Ukraine cannot counterattack, it can not be defeated because of the assistance from the United States and Europe. It is really hard to speculate whether this tug of war will eventually drag Europe into the abyss.

However, if China makes a move in East Asia, the world pattern will inevitably change greatly. No matter what choice Europe makes, it will not suffer as much as it does now. Since the United States wants to turn its main energy to East Asia, its concern for Ukraine and its pressure on Europe will surely be eased. Therefore, this is probably one of the reasons why Europe stimulates China to make a decision early through various extreme means.

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