Painted cake or smashed pot?

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Yesterday, a friend asked me with great concern that the G-7 summit has produced a G-7 version of the global infrastructure plan, which is obviously aimed at China’s the Belt and Road plan. Is China capable of withstanding the impact of integrating the strongest Western forces?

In fact, the question was asked in the wrong direction. First of all, as we all know, even if the G-7 really twisted into a rope to fight against China’s the Belt and Road, they still have no chance of winning in the “frontal battlefield”. Everyone on earth knows how strong the comprehensive strength of China’s infrastructure is today. Let’s not enumerate them one by one. Taking the shield machine, a necessary tool for cutting roads, as an example, the cost and efficiency of western countries cannot be compared with China [in the field of shield machines, the reversals of China and the West in technology and market are often talked about by Chinese we media, so everyone must be familiar with it.] As for other machines used in infrastructure construction and the efficiency management of integrating these machines, as well as China’s experience and technology accumulated in infrastructure construction at home and abroad for so many years,… The reputation of the infrastructure maniac is by no means illusory

Japan once grabbed China’s high-speed rail orders in India by providing India with high-value [80billion yuan] interest free loans. In other words, although Japan snatched the order, most of the railway was given away. Full low interest means that the construction fund is covered by me. Although you want to pay it back, it can be paid back after 65 years at most. The interest is only 0.1%. This should catch up with the global inflation in recent years. This interest rate is basically equal to no interest,. Of course, six years ago, Japan’s high-speed rail orders won without money are still paralyzed by the whole project. This result gives the Japanese government a sigh of relief. Thanks to the difficulty of Indians, according to the previous construction period, the railway should be delivered this year, but so far, it seems that only dozens of kilometers have been built. Avoiding this wave of inflation will naturally make Japanese investors happier. Moreover, the previous offer has increased by 80% in the hands of smart Japanese. Calculating Japan and Wulitou style India will definitely have fun in this matter in the future.

Secondly, Japan has also used the same means to grab high-speed rail orders from Vietnam. Like India, Vietnam’s high-speed rail, which was originally planned to start construction in 2014, has made little progress so far. It is said that the partial opening to traffic in 2030 is already the upper limit. In 2016, Indonesia’s yavan high-speed rail, built by Chinese companies, is about to open to traffic.

Japan can compete for China’s infrastructure projects in Asia. First, Japan has a huge influence in Southeast Asia. I used to use the street view function on Google maps to walk on the streets of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and other countries. Basically, Japanese cars are running on the roads. Based on the loose environmental standards for automobiles in these countries, it is definitely a long and long process for the rising star Chinese cars to replace them. Second, Japan’s low price bidding. Moreover, the price is so high that China can not participate. It can be seen that Japan does not care about the simple profits or losses of the project, but its influence in the region and the relevant management and service rights after the completion of the project.

Japan obtained railway orders through low prices. Does it want to repair them? It seems that what I asked is nonsense, but why didn’t the Japanese fix it? There are many reasons, but one of the most important factors is that the price can not be repaired at all, and the project can be completed only by changing the project cost. That is to say, if the West wants to bid for infrastructure projects with China, it can no longer rely on its technical advantages, management advantages and later service advantages to win the bid at a high price. The advantage can only be gained through low price competition. The fact reflected from this result is the infrastructure itself. Compared with China, western countries basically have no advantages. And all they have is to rely on the voice of the western system in the world. But the right to speak is also gradually losing.

It is precisely the western countries themselves that have gradually lost this right to speak. For example, the seven nation version of the global infrastructure planning vision that they have developed this time and a comprehensive version of global infrastructure that a country has spent 600 billion US dollars look like a lot. In fact, it is scattered all over the world, that is, sprinkle water. More importantly, these sprinkling things will eventually become a simplified version.

At the G7 summit last year, Biden gathered six countries in the UK to carry out the same project. The name is very nice. It’s called “making the world a better place”. It has planned a global infrastructure investment of 40 trillion US dollars. A year later, it is said that the total investment in this project was less than sixmillion dollars. It is estimated that it is the expenditure for some experts or officials to do research and travel. This is a very strange thing. Why didn’t a project started last year show any signs of starting? This year, a similar version was made?

There is only one reason, that is, Biden doesn’t really want to do any global infrastructure, but he can’t do it in China. We know that Biden is not a fool. Can he not know? What’s more, what the West has been leading the world for so many years and has not done, but what they have to do when they are going downhill today? He who believes is a fool. As for the one that made the world a better place last year, why can everyone pretend to be innocent? In fact, it was because at the G7 summit held in Britain last year, there was a heated debate about “making the world a better place again”. As a result, within a few months, the United States, Britain and Australia secretly negotiated nuclear submarines during the summit and pried the French order. So, who cares about ‘making the world better again’? So, this earth shaking thing at that time didn’t even have a small bubble in the end.

That’s why Biden came up with a new version this year. Last year, due to the black France and playing with its own brothers, the probability will not continue, because no matter on the above occasions, as long as the plan formulated by the seven nation summit in 2021 is mentioned, France can turn its mouth, so that the United States has no confidence to grow up in front of its brothers. But God knows if there will be another story about black Germany in this meeting? Or a few months later, the Black French version will pop up again, and then the new version of the infrastructure planning will be over.

But the chances are that nothing will happen. For example, the version last year cost sixmillion dollars. How did you spend all this money? In fact, the United States has never thought about building any major global infrastructure. It is a firm fact that you can’t play. Therefore, the funds allocated by them in the early stage must not be used for investigation and construction, but for calculating damage. For example, a certain country in China and Eastern Europe is preparing to build a railway worth one billion dollars, and the United States can destroy it by spending onemillion dollars to buy an important politician. And the source of this money is likely to come from the start-up fund of ‘making the world a better place again’.

So, what is the infrastructure plan for the G7 summit. It is not used to compete with China. It is simply to sabotage Chinese projects. For example, the high-speed railway in Vietnam, after the Japanese seized it, doesn’t really matter whether it is completed or not. Just put it there so that China’s China Vietnam Cambodia Thailand railway can’t be completed. If the China Vietnam Cambodia Thailand railway is built by China and extends to Malaysia and Singapore. Then the situation in the whole Indochina Peninsula will be greatly changed. Japan can no longer meddle in the affairs of the region. Therefore, Japan competes with Vietnam Railway at low prices and delays the construction period intermittently. In fact, what matters is not the profits and interests of the railway, but the struggle for the right to speak on the entire Indochina Peninsula.

In fact, Japan has achieved its basic goal. Vietnam is indeed not integrated into the railway circle of Indochina Peninsula. Therefore, China has focused on launching the China Laos railway and opening up the China Thailand railway in the next time. Japan seems unable to destroy this matter. Next, the major infrastructure planning designated by the seven nation summit has become the most important driver of destroying this construction.

So we understand. The essential purpose of the seven nation version of the major infrastructure plan is actually destruction. The seven countries can’t do China’s infrastructure construction together, but the seven countries’ joint destruction of China’s global infrastructure process will certainly have an effect. The G7 version of the infrastructure plan is not a pie in the cake for the third world countries, but is used to smash the pot.

At present, many countries in the world are not blind to the face of the United States and the West. But many things can not be seen clearly. The game and interest temptation inside are not so easy to discriminate and reject. Moreover, even if they can see clearly and reject the temptation, they can only be in a dilemma in the face of the powerful power of the West. For example, the South Pacific island Assembly decided not to invite all strategic partners to the meeting. Because both China and the United States are their strategic partners, they can’t stand the pressure if they invite China instead of the United States. If they invite both, their islands will become a grassland for elephants to fight. Who can stand the result?

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