Pakistan railway welcomes Chinese warships and Russia shouts “I want”!

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

On the 23rd, China and Pakistan held the delivery ceremony of the second “054ap” missile frigate.

Also on the 23rd, Russia’s important state-run satellite news agency reported that “Russia should order warships from China as soon as possible”. On the 24th, this report was searched by China and Russia at the same time, triggering a heated debate among the people.


As I emphasized in my previous articles, major hot spots in the world do not exist in isolation.

Pakistan railway welcomes China’s warships, and Russia’s “hot discussion on buying” took place on the same day. Of course, the two are related.

I. the Pakistan railway with Chinese warships is even more “iron”!

On the 23rd, the “054ap” missile frigate delivered by China’s Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua shipyard to the Pakistani Navy was the second one tailored for the Pakistani Navy.

In November last year, China delivered the first “054ap” frigate to the Pakistani Navy, and the Pakistani railway navy was a treasure.

Originally, it took half a month for the Pakistan railway navy to return to Gwadar Port of Pakistan railway from Shanghai port of China. As a result, the Pakistan railway Navy successively flew warships to the Philippines and Malaysia along the way.

It is equivalent to doing “Buyer show” publicity for our frigates.

In China’s naval ship sequence, aircraft carriers, cruisers and amphibious assault ships are the first gear.

055, as China’s “leading destroyer in the world” and a special warship comparable to Western cruisers, is the second gear.

The next is the 052d missile destroyer with a full displacement of 7000 tons, which is the main warship of China’s Navy formation and the third gear.

Next, there is a huge number of “054A” missile frigates, which our country makes dumplings every year. In our navy, they are only the auxiliary of 052d.

Therefore, my past military articles rarely introduced the 054A missile frigate. So why is it that the Pakistani Navy, the fourth-class frigate in China, is a treasure?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that the Pakistani railway’s navy was “too shabby” in the past.

The Pakistan railway Navy signed a contract with China this time to purchase four 054ap frigates at a unit price of US $350million at US $1.4 billion.

Before the delivery of China’s missile frigates, there were only 6 destroyers and 5 frigates for the main warships of the Pakistan railway Navy.

The six destroyers of the Pakistan railway navy are also “big ones”. This is because the six ships that Pakistan railway bought from Britain in the 1980s are only “frigates” and have been in service in the British navy for 20 years.

The Pakistan railway navy “upgraded” the second-hand British “frigate” as a destroyer, and served in the Pakistan railway Navy for 30 years.

Can such a 50 year old antique still resist the Indian Navy, the “overlord of the Indian Ocean”?

This time, China delivered the 054ap customized payment of Pakistan railway to Pakistan railway, which upgraded the prevention and control radar for a longer distance and the faster “anti-ship missile” for Pakistan railway.

One of the cm-302 supersonic heavy anti-ship missiles customized by China for Pakistan railway this time is enough to kill a 5000 ton destroyer, and two are enough to kill an enemy 10000 ton cruiser.


The reason why we upgraded the “radar detection and control range” and missiles for the Pakistan railway Navy is that in our naval formation, 054A is an auxiliary, and in the Pakistan railway Navy, it is used as an absolute main force.

At present, the other two 054aps are also in the trial phase. Therefore, all four of them should be delivered before the end of this year. At that time, Pakistan railway has four 054A enhanced versions patrolling the Indian Ocean, so the waist can be “more iron”!

The second reason why 054ap makes Pakistan railway more iron is in the relationship between the two countries.

Because China’s shipbuilding industry leads the world, China’s naval vessels are famous for their “cost performance” in the international military purchase market.

Perhaps $350million can also buy 4000 ton ships from other countries, but radar and missile systems are not products of the same generation as China.

The 054 AP reflects the friendship between China and Pakistan because we are really “selling at a loss”.

The construction cost of 054A in China is about US $348million, and the unit price of customized funds sold to Pakistan railway is only US $350million, which is really a cost price.

If the upgrading of missiles and radars is included, the cost may increase by tens of millions of dollars.


Of course, China Pakistan friendship is not “China’s unilateral loss making”.

After the first frigate of 054ap arrived at Gwadar Port in Pakistan last year, the president of Pakistan railway personally welcomed it.

Gwadar Port is the sea land intersection of the “energy channel” of the China Pakistan corridor. Therefore, the Pakistani President directly said that “054ap will be responsible for safeguarding the maritime security of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

Therefore, China does not make money at all or even sell warships to Pakistan railway at a loss. While protecting its own maritime borders, it also surrounds the China Bulgaria economic corridor and China’s energy security. This is the deep meaning of “frigates make Pakistan railway more iron”!

Second, Russian warships have changed from big brother to little brother!

On the 23rd, after the delivery ceremony of China’s second 054ap was held, it triggered a heated discussion in Pakistan railway, because its netizens were even more shocked by the performance of China’s 0.55 million ton large drive.

However, the basic cost of the 055 is US $1billion. If you add in various electronic equipment and weapon systems, the cost may be more than US $1.3 billion.

The annual military expenditure of the Israeli Palestinian railway navy can not afford the cost and maintenance cost of the 0.55 million ton large-scale drive, which is why we almost made the 054 frigate like a flagship.

Also on the 23rd, when talking about buying Chinese warships, Russian media highlighted 056a light frigate, 054A missile frigate and 052d main destroyer.

Among them, 056a is a light frigate with a displacement of 1500 tons, which only serves as a supplement to the Navy formation.

The Russian media also focused on the 054A missile frigate this time.

Before China began mass production of 054A frigates in the last century, it also bought several Russian frigates for “imitation and upgrading”.

Therefore, the Russian media specially emphasized the “054A Russian gene” this time.

Russia’s big country self-esteem is somewhat different from that of South Korea. South Korea’s “big country self-esteem” is to plunder other countries’ cultures and products, copy them by yourself, and do not promote them internationally as “authentic”. This is the main reason why we dislike South Korea.

Russia’s “big country self-esteem” emphasizes the “Russian gene” of 054A in order to make it easy for citizens to accept, so as to clear the obstacles for large-scale purchase.

After all, Russia is a powerful country that inherits the military heritage of the Soviet Union. In the past many years, as a big brother, we want to buy sophisticated weapons. Their attitude is very high.

In the Russian Ukrainian war, the sinking of the cruiser “Moscow” of the Russian navy, on the one hand, made it impossible for Russia to even have a full fleet of main warships.

On the other hand, it also shows that Russia’s large warships left over from the Cold War era have not kept up with the times in terms of weaponry.

At this time, China’s naval vessels were significantly ahead of the Russian army, which was a fact recognized by the Russians.

However, if we only publicize the advanced warships of our country and take the national character of Russia as an example, it does not mean that he wants to buy them.

When the Russian media tried to publicize the “Russian army gene and lineage” of a certain Chinese ship, it proved that Russia really wanted to buy it this time!

Third, China, Russia and Pakistan can enter the era of “more iron” only by upgrading their military purchases!

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine this year, the partnership between China and Pakistan and Russia has been sublimated.

However, in the past, China’s cooperation with Pakistan and Russia in arms purchase was lame.

In the India Pakistan conflict, because Russia has long been inclined to India, Pakistan’s military equipment used to rely on the United States and Europe for a long time.

The air force relies on the United States for its equipment and the Navy on Britain for its equipment.

In the new century, China and Pakistan have launched the “Xiaolong” cooperation mode in the air force, which has made China’s Xiaolong fighters the main choice for Pakistan to gradually replace the equipment of the US Army.

However, because “warships are too expensive”, there was little cooperation between the Chinese Navy and Pakistan in the past.

The situation in China and Russia is similar. In the past two decades, China has been the buyer of Russia’s advanced fighters, and Russia has not sold its more advanced anti missile system to China.

Russia’s “stinginess” towards China in the export of “high-end weapons” is also the reason for us to make greater efforts to “rely on ourselves”.

China’s strong heavy industry foundation, complete industrial categories, and the “civil military integration” supported by the huge civil market have enabled China’s advanced weapons of all services to have “self-reliance” funds and accumulation.

With the relatively single economic structure and volume of Pakistan and Russia, as well as the “harsh geographical environment” asymmetric with the economic scale, there is simply not enough financial resources to support the “military industry self-reliance” of Russia and Pakistan railway.

Therefore, through this “frigate Buyer show” of Pakistan railway, China has asked Russia to put down its “stature” of buying arms from China, which is an important step towards “more iron” relations among the three countries.


The military legacy of the Soviet Union is withering in Russia. Russian military industry has no ability to convert advanced technology into military production capacity.

Therefore, Russia will lay down its position and take out the only “advanced technology” to transform into military production capacity in China in the next few years, so that China and Russia can jointly enhance their strength against the United States!

When Russia also welcomes Chinese warships, it will also be a day for the “global anti hegemonic camp” to change the world!

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