Pang Juan and Sun Bin: jealousy is like a poisonous herb

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Pangjuan committed suicide after a burst of despair. He died at the time and place designed by Sun Bin for him. The sword and fire are merciless, the wisdom is boundless, and the dispute between sun and Pang has now settled. Closing this wonderful and bloody page in the historical records, I am heartbroken for Sun Bin’s miraculous calculation, and also sad for pangjuan’s hateful death.

Pangjuan and Sun Bin were classmates who had studied the art of war under the Guiguzi gate together. At that time, students who could be Guiguzi naturally had outstanding qualifications, which should be outstanding in the end, but pangjuan could not win Sun Bin. The seeds of jealousy of Sun Bin began to sprout in pangjuan’s heart.

How wonderful it would be for a person to bury his jealousy of others in his heart, turn it into a driving force for perseverance and enterprising, and strive to cultivate and improve himself; If others exceed themselves, they will hate to eat and sleep uneasily, then the outcome will not only harm others, but also destroy themselves in the end.

After pangjuan and Sun Bin broke up, pangjuan became an official in the state of Wei and served as the general of King Wei Hui. Peers are enemies, not to mention peers like Sun Bin! Pangjuan was afraid that Sun Bin would hurt his authority and rob him of his “rice bowl”: no matter where Sun Bin was, pangjuan felt a threat. He secretly deceived Sun Bin into the state of Wei, framed Sun Bin, and with the power in his hand, he cut off Sun Bin’s two legs and imposed ink torture. How can you be arrogant if you think of Sun Bin like this?!

But it was a troubled time. As long as there was a strong military talent, even a paralytic would have no shortage of markets. Besides, how can war be won only by developing limbs and being strong? Pangjuan’s IQ is still poor.

After being persecuted by pangjuan, Sun Bin was rescued by the Qi people to the state of Qi.

Pangjuan’s jealousy turned Sun Bin into a deep pool of cold water.

Facing the disabled body, Sun Bin can only be calm, calm, calm again. This is not only to deal with pangjuan, but also to live calmly. Create wisdom in calmness, and stretch the green leaves of your life in wisdom.

Tian Ji is a general of the state of Qi, but in the face of the horse race with the noble childe of the state of Qi, he can’t safely win. Sun Bin helped Tian Ji plan and divided the grades according to horsepower, just like walking chess pieces. The victory without competition is like the present. As Sun Bin expected, Tian Ji won a thousand liang of gambling money. Introduced by Tian Ji, King Wei of Qi appointed Sun Bin as a military adviser.

When the state of Wei attacked the state of Zhao, the state of Zhao appealed to the state of Qi for help. King Wei of Qi appointed Sun Bin as the chief General. Sun Bin said, I have the image of a disgraced general, so it’s better for general Tian to be the commander. Sun Bin didn’t care about his position. He was just calmly thinking about his opponents. Sun Bin sat quietly in the drapery car and rushed to the battlefield with Tian Ji as a military division. Sun Bin calmly planned tactics for Tian Ji, and pioneered the war method of encircling Wei and rescuing Zhao and besieging the city for help, which was a great success and shone through the annals of history.

Thirteen years later, in the face of pangjuan, who was eager to win, Sun Bin created and reduced the focus to show weakness, guided the war method according to the situation, introduced the army of the state of Wei step by step into the dead, and accurately arranged the time and place of pangjuan’s death, writing the most brilliant and magical stroke in his career as a military strategist.

Pangjuan suffered heavy losses and lost his life in two battles. Character decides fate, and jealousy closes pangjuan’s door to wisdom. The fire of jealousy burned pangjuan to death, but also quenched Sun Bin’s impeccable military art.

Jealousy is like a poisonous barnyard grass. If we allow it to grow wildly in our lives, it is often ourselves who will hurt badly in the end.

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