Park Minying’s recent photos are frightening. The brokerage company forcibly deletes the photos

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Although there are many beautiful stars in the Korean entertainment circle, most of them become beautiful through plastic surgery. Park min young should be considered as one of the representatives. Park min Young’s photos when he was a child are very different from those now. It is absolutely a model of ugly duckling changing into swan. Park Minying’s recent photos are frightening. The agency also ordered Park Minying to delete these two photos. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Park min Young’s recent photo is frightening

Park Minying recently posted two photos on her social platform, and her style is more popular online. It can be seen that park min young is wearing a very delicate makeup, and then wears a very beautiful concave pose. Park Minying must think these two photos of herself are beautiful, so she shared them with INS. But she didn’t expect the comment area to explode directly.

Because Park Minying’s face looks really horrible. The whole face is long and thin, and the cheeks are recessed. It looks like a failure of cosmetic surgery. When the agency saw the comments in the comment area, it immediately contacted Park Minying and forced Park Minying to delete the two photos. The insider revealed that at the beginning, park Minying was stubbornly unwilling to delete it. It was the staff who directly logged on Park Minying’s ins account and deleted the two photos that were criticized by everyone.

The brokerage company forced Park Minying to delete the photos

Many netizens also complained about Park Minying. Isn’t there a normal aesthetic? Park Minying’s face in the photo has changed into this, and he dares to put the photo on the ins. Many netizens are also worried that park Minying’s face will not change. If it is like this in the photo, people really dare not see her new play. There is no need to worry about this. Park Minying’s father runs a plastic surgery hospital. His father is an expert in plastic surgery. Park Minying can go to his own hospital for face repair anytime and anywhere.

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