Park Xujun’s suspected love affair was exposed and photographed shopping with beautiful women

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You should be familiar with Park Suk Joon, a little partner who pays attention to the entertainment industry in South Korea. His works such as Secretary Kim, third rate Road, Litai hospital class, she is very beautiful, young police, etc. are not only popular in South Korea, but also captured the hearts of many netizens in China. Park Xujun has also become a representative actor of Korean wave. Park Xujun’s relationship is suspected to have been exposed, and the media caught Park Xujun shopping with a beautiful woman. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Pu Xujun’s relationship is suspected to be exposed

Many Korean stars were photographed abroad, many of them by Chinese netizens, and so was Park Suk Joon this time. A Chinese netizen ran into Park Xujun in Britain. Park Xujun was walking with a beautiful woman at that time. The two also went to an optical shop. Chinese netizens also put their photos on the Internet, which immediately triggered a heated debate on the Korean Internet. Because Korean Netizens found that this beauty is a famous female online celebrity on the oil pipe. This female Internet celebrity used to interact with Park Xujun’s younger brother on the Internet.

In the photos of Chinese netizens, we didn’t see the figure of Park Xujun’s brother, so everyone guessed that the changed female online celebrity should be Park Xujun’s underground girlfriend, and park Xujun interacted with the female online celebrity because of his brother. After the rumor of Park Xujun’s affair came out, the saddest thing should be the CP fans of Park Xujun and park Minying.

Park Xujun was photographed shopping with beautiful women

Park Sujun and park Minying became the screen CP loved by Korean netizens because of their cooperation with Secretary Kim. In the past two years, it has been said on the Internet that park Xujun and park Minying are pretending to be in love. Not long ago, it was even said that they were about to get married. CP fans leave messages on the Internet: “ Woo, my CP is ”! Park Xujun has not made any response to the rumor of having an affair with the tubing woman. Is this the default?

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