Password genius is dead. Yamamoto was imprisoned after the founding of the people’s Republic of China and settled in Japan in his later years

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The eight popular TV series “wind whispers” on CCTV, the stories of American cryptographer Heathers, Chinese black room, and Chen Jiahu, a genius for deciphering, all have prototypes to rely on.

The first foreign aid in secret war

In the wind, Heathers, an American cryptographer who worked as a teacher in the “China black room”, is a real person in history, but his real name is yadley. He is the founder of the US military intelligence service (the predecessor of the US National Security Agency) and the “US black room” (the Department responsible for cracking Intelligence). In China’s Anti Japanese War, he became the No. 1 foreign aid on the secret front. In 1938, at the invitation of Dai Li, he went to China under the pseudonym of Herbert Osborne to set up an intelligence group “China black room” composed of more than 30 students studying in Japan to decipher mysterious codes, and made many achievements in the war of resistance against Japan

Chen Jiahu has character archetypes in history

Although chenjiahu, the genius of the play, is a fiction, he has the shadow of our party’s underground agents Yangsi and lizhifeng.

Yang Si was a mathematical genius. In 1935, he joined the Department of telecommunications of the Ministry of communications of the KMT government to study the cracking of secret telegrams. After that, Dai Li took a fancy to him, but he refused the invitation. Later, persuaded by Li Kenong, Secretary General of the CPC delegation, he accepted the secret mission and entered juntong in 1939. He joined the Communist Party in secret within a year. Three years later, he was promoted to major general director of the military statistics special technology research office.

Chi Buzhou studied in Japan in 1927, and later became a partner with a Japanese girl, Yingko Baibin. When the Lugouqiao Incident broke out, he took his wife back to China to resist Japan. He has a high IQ that never forgets and draws inferences from other cases. After the introduction of his classmate chenguting, he entered the Central Bureau of investigation and statistics and intercepted the secret code of the Japanese army. It has successfully deciphered many important intelligence, such as Japan’s big move towards Pearl Harbor.

Chi Buzhou’s superior was lizhifeng, a special agent of the Communist Party of China who broke into the central unification Bureau in early 1937 and organized a secret telegram room for yanghucheng. He secretly protected Chi Buzhou’s patriotic behavior. In his later years, Chi Buzhou accompanied his wife back to Japan and lived a plain life. (according to Shenyang daily)

Extended reading: two Chinese “conspiracy” geniuses who have created miracles of breaking secrets excerpted from the great names of the Republic of China by liujixing published by China Friendship press

The whereabouts of general Yamamoto is naturally the most senior and top secret of the Japanese army. Only a very few senior commanders know about it. In order to ensure the safety of general Yamamoto, the Japanese Navy spy agency made a thorough investigation of the “enemy situation” along the flight route in advance, and the plane took off only after it was determined that it was absolutely safe. At 6 o’clock in the morning, Yamamoto and his staff took off from Rabaul airport by two special planes escorted by six fighter planes. As they approached the first destination balal airport, they were suddenly attacked by 16 US Air Force P-38 fighter planes taking off from Gwadar Kanr airport. The escort aircraft immediately opened fire, but could not break out of the siege. The two special planes lost their protection and had to make an emergency descent from 1500 meters high to try to land at balal airport, but they were seized by us warplanes and pursued. Finally, one of the two special planes was shot down in the primeval forest near balal airport, and the other was sunk in the deep seabed of the nearby ocean. The next day, the search team finally found the wreckage of the crash in the primeval forest. Yamamoto, holding a “Yueshan” knife, fell horizontally beside the wreckage of the plane. It was terrible to see.

For a long time, Japan has been unable to decipher why Yamamoto’s itinerary and route were leaked. Because the secret code of the Japanese Navy was just changed on April 1, it could not be deciphered so soon. It can only be speculated based on various signs: some say that there are hidden agents of the Allied forces in the Japanese Navy; Some said it was because two American submarines attacked Maqin Island, completely annihilated 43 Japanese special marine corps spy members on the island and handed over the secret code book; Some say that during the period from the summer of 1942 to the spring of 1943, a large number of Japanese aircraft were shot down over Solomon Islands. Although the secret code book carried by the aircraft was stopped immediately, experienced secret code experts can still decipher the new code according to the old code. Later, the Japanese film warlord was also interpreted as the US Army deciphering the secret code of the Japanese army, which led to the success of the attack.

The real history is that this secret telegram was also deciphered by Chi Buzhou.

What Chi Buzhou decoded was not the Navy secret code, but the La code specially used by the Ministry of foreign affairs. As for the schedule of Yamamoto’s inspection tour, there were originally two telegrams. One was sent by secret Navy telegram to inform the subordinates at the destination; One is sent by La code to notify Japan. What Chi Buzhou intercepted and decoded was the latter secret telegram. This secret telegram was handed over to maoqingxiang and reported to Chiang Kai Shek. Chiang Kai Shek immediately sent someone to inform the US side in Chongqing. This time, the Americans were completely convinced by the level of Chinese experts in deciphering. They acted quickly and immediately deployed the air force to intercept. Finally, they attacked Yamamoto over the South Pacific, destroying his plane and killing people.

Chibuzhou was promoted to major general staff of the national army for his outstanding achievements in breaking secrets. He joined the ranks of generals as a civilian.

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, Chi Buzhou suffered a lot from his complicated experience. In 1951, Chi Shezhou was wrongfully imprisoned in Shanghai. On april12,1983, the Shanghai Higher People’s court acquitted Chi Buzhou. In his later years, Chi Buzhou was elected as a member of the CPPCC of Changning District, Shanghai, and wrote many important works, such as a brief history of Japan’s envoy to the Tang Dynasty. On february4,2003, Chi Buzhou died in Kobe, Japan at the age of 96. It is a pity of history that he is the real password genius in our country, which is still little known.

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