Pat the consumerist garlic, whose face is swollen?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

After friends and businessmen from all walks of life dried garlic and cut vegetables, Zhang Xiaoquan’s general manager finally couldn’t help apologizing.

However, after such a big public opinion storm, Zhang Xiaoquan’s share price rose for two consecutive trading days.

If it is said that the 18th is the general inflation, a wave of muddling through, barely received a red, but yesterday? The gem obviously fell sharply, and it clearly ate the increase on the 18th. In this way, people are still tenacious and popular, so what is the logic of capital here?

I remember when I was a child, there was only a kitchen knife that had been used for decades at home, and a sharpener was always available. When it really didn’t work when I grinded it, I had to wait for the knife sharpeners in the streets to take all the kitchen knives and scissors at home to renovate, so I used them as before.

I used to like watching cooking shows very much. Old school chefs beat the world with a kitchen knife. No matter what kind of flower work, they can use the seemingly clumsy Chinese kitchen knife to cook clearly one by one.

Therefore, from the perspective of use, the Chinese kitchen knife is definitely a good thing. It is normal for a family to cherish things and inherit a good knife for several generations.

But what if you sell knives?

If your customers are cultivated a little simple and honest spirit by traditional customs, they always think that a kitchen knife is the right kitchen knife consumption concept after all? Aren’t you stuck in the ceiling of your profession?

My family used to buy a washing machine of an imported brand. The instruction manual said that the service life was ten years. When the ten-year period was approaching, there began to be various problems. It was clear that in the past, let alone too much leather, and then when it was about to fail, you still remember those good times of mutual harmony during the previous service life, thinking that the next one still using this brand would be guaranteed for at least ten years.

If you have the ability to do this, you have to admire others’ quality control ability. If you say it can be used for ten years, it’s really ten years. You can’t use it for another year. If it dares not to be bad all the time, won’t it die after you do it?

You see how smart Americans are. The fund managers on Wall Street asked pharmaceutical companies to study how to sell people to take sustainable drugs. If you take them, your symptoms will immediately reduce. If you dare to stop, you will have a relapse immediately. So is this a specific drug?

It is said that even the boss of the CDC, fudge, has been recruited by the new crown specific drug.

This new crown magic medicine, which was simply deceived by fudge himself, was unexpectedly roared up by some experts, encouraging a large number of imports.

Put aside the curative effect and talk about business. The medicine that is good after eating is useless. Taking the medicine that breaks the root once is the way to break the business. It is expensive and can scare you to eat all the time. It is the medicine that supports a good business.

It’s useless to talk about economy every day without knowing the business experience of brick family and beast.

So the question comes back. For a brand of knives and scissors that has been inherited in China for hundreds of years, if you really go to study the spirit of the ancestors and promote a product that can cope with all scenes, and a knife and scissors can be inherited for generations, are you big?

Before going public, Zhang Xiaoquan’s annual sales were stable at more than 300 million, and his net profit was 15%. That was a real model of small and beautiful, and there was no pressure to feed a lot of old craftsmen who made knives and scissors.

However, it is a little impractical for old products to push through the old and bring forth the new, for old trees to sprout new buds, and for old brands to play in the capital market.

Watch an American drama casually. In the kitchen of a middle-class American family, there are always more than ten pots, a lot of plates, and a lot of long and short knives neatly inserted on the knife base. However, the dishes that people seriously cook are so different.

Then the pots and pans have to be made without being knocked. What should we do? Buy again. It doesn’t matter to you. Anyway, your home is not complete. You’re embarrassed to let your relatives and friends come.

Commercial institutions are overjoyed. This is a good business for big consumer countries!

So you see, for a manufacturer, what people want is to do business, expand the business, and put dozens of fragile knives in your kitchen. Don’t ask what it is for, anyway, you have to use it. If you question it, people will throw out the advanced experience of western countries. How about Michelin chefs depends on your shyness.

If there is a bump, there will be problems. Then the big action of patting garlic must be directional destruction.

So you ask me, is it normal for a knife to pat garlic?

Of course, it’s normal, because it’s a business.

The GDP data of the first half of this year came out, and consumption fell sharply.

I reflected on myself and calculated my account. Suddenly, I was shocked. Over the past few years, I have gone more and more wrong on the road of consumption.

In those days, I was brainwashed by the advertisement of a shoe brand and always thought that as a woman, I would treat myself badly if I didn’t put dozens of hundreds of high-heeled shoes of all kinds at home.

Later, I often read various fashion magazines, so I was obsessed with collecting lipstick numbers and a large drawer of lipstick. I used it to use only those colors, and finally I survived the shelf life.

Not to mention thinking about new clothes and bags every day. All colors and models should be matched neatly.

Fortunately, I can still make money, so I won’t burst my credit card and carry these false delicacies.

But one day, I suddenly woke up. It turned out that I didn’t have to put a bunch of “pseudo exquisite” shackles on myself in order to get cheap praise. People can live a simpler life.

As a result, a large number of extraneous things were cleaned up round by round, and my consumption also plummeted, becoming one of the reasons for the decline in consumption.

After an epidemic, after three years of tension, many people woke up from the consumerism of brainwashing.

You will find that high-quality and durable goods are respected by more and more people, and those who play tricks and take fashion trends as a gimmick to trick people into stepping on the pit have followed suit.

Earlier, it was Zhong Xuegao. If it was before the epidemic, could this ice cream assassin still ask for a thing?

Maybe many people are proud of being stabbed to show their consumption taste.

A few years ago, would anyone still feel aggrieved for such low-cost ice cream as snow lotus and pudding?

Today, when it comes to the high quality of Zhong Xue, I remember that the thief expensive Haagen Dazs used to have all kinds of problems, which prevented it from showing its nobility?

Later, Luo Dazuo came forward to help Zhong Xuegao feel aggrieved, and he always wanted to show it when he received the money. This is Dazuo’s business ethics, and his excuse is still invalid, which just attracted more ridicule.

Why did Dazuo become a top-level online celebrity in those days? He talked about Japan and the United States every day without thinking. So what? In this way, it can arouse the collective fans of netizens.

Now do you think he dares to repeat what he said before? Don’t be beaten to death by the crowd with a garlic knife!

So you see, the problem is not that your products have changed, but that the world has changed and the mentality of the people has changed.

We don’t want to be defined and consumed casually. We just want a product that can solve the problem and has comprehensive cost performance.

In summer, we want to eat ice cream, but we don’t want to be ambushed by all kinds of ice cream assassins, because an ice cream is really not worth so much. No matter how much you blow, you will be moved to tears, and it’s hard to fool ordinary people to follow suit.

At ordinary times, we can’t afford to live in a big house that is too spacious. If there is a kitchen, it’s also limited in area. We buy kitchen knives. It’s such a big place. Why use dozens of knives as standard in luxury houses to deceive us?

Maybe those who don’t eat minced meat are still living in the past, thinking that by criticizing consumers, ground beetle doesn’t know how to get everyone in.

At the beginning, I also saw a lot of swordsmen in the forum. All kinds of knives show how to cut iron like mud. If you ask him if the knife can pat garlic, the spitting stars of the crowd will spit you out.

Some knives were not used to shoot garlic for you from the beginning.

Just like some clothes, I never thought that the people who wear them would wash them, and some shoes, I never thought that people would wear them all over the street.

It’s not wrong for the general manager of others to use the previous set of superiority brainwashing methods to contact consumers, but the problem of empiricists is that they can’t keep up with the new situation.

When it comes to the situation, the Internet is full of resistance from small town problem makers. Now you tell me that you are not high-grade enough to beat garlic with my noble knife.

This is naked provocation, because at this time, everyone has been too lazy to listen to the so-called celebrity and opinion leaders selling a set of brainwashing methods, and everyone has their own simple value judgments.

If a Chinese enterprise, or a time-honored Chinese enterprise, sells a knife to the Chinese people, and even a kitchen knife of others has gone all over the world, the basic function of shooting garlic, cutting vegetables and meat can’t be satisfied, are you still a reliable knife?

If your knife is unreliable, and finally the problem lies in the fact that consumers don’t understand knives. Unlike chef Michelin, who can switch dozens of knives back and forth, it will make things bigger.

It’s like some people say that small town question makers are not qualified for examination preparation. Now some people say that ordinary people are not qualified for comment knives. This is all poking everyone’s lungs. It’s inevitable to beat them.

However, from the perspective of capital, things are different. Zhang Xiaoquan, the original regional brand, is well known all over the country. This is the invisible expansion of the brand of consumer goods.

Optimistic capital will think that although everyone can’t shoot garlic with a kitchen knife now, what about the future? After much debate, maybe many people have been brainwashed into thinking that the knife for patting garlic should be independent, so everyone has the need for more kitchen knives, so you see, how does consumption come about? Isn’t it from the demand?

You originally only need a knife. With the continuous output of garlic patting technique, maybe some people will be brainwashed into many knives.

There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic. Anyway, you won’t go to the live studio to buy knives. It’s also an attitude to go to the stock market to buy tickets.

However, the world has really changed a little. The consumerist lifestyle is unsustainable. Obama is not wrong. If the world lives in accordance with American consumption habits, no more earth will be created, which is an ecological disaster.

But we all have to live on this earth.

Therefore, it is not that we consider the consumerism habits of the United States, but that the United States moves closer to our traditional consumption concept.

Now it’s time for consumption to return to the origin of pragmatism. Even if Americans are not happy, economic conditions will make them happy in the future. Don’t you think Europe, which developed first, will return early?

So you see, shooting garlic is not a big deal in a teacup. If you have the wrong idea, you have to wait for being slapped one by one.

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