Pei Xiuzhi’s new play Anna leads to controversy about what else to do besides discredit

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Pei Xiuzhi, as a member of the Korean women’s troupe missa, has long been transformed into an actor. Pei Xiuzhi is very popular not only in South Korea, but also in China. Pei Xiuzhi’s new play Anna caused controversy, and netizens spit out what Korean TV dramas can do except discredit China, while Pei Xiuzhi’s fans are still whitewashing. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Peixiuzhi’s new play Anna leads to controversy

Pei Xiuzhi’s new play Anna is still very good in South Korea. It tells the story of Yumei (played by Pei Xiuzhi), who suffers from Ripley syndrome, who lives by lying and becomes another woman Anna, living a double life. This play can also be seen on the Internet in China, and even someone has specially translated it into Chinese. However, some passages in the play have been dissatisfied by many Chinese netizens.

For example, there is a passage in the play in which Pei Xiu was given a watch by the male host, but a salesperson saw the watch, but told peixiuzhi that the watch was made in China, and then it was shipped to Switzerland and turned into a Swiss watch with a screw. This dialogue is obviously about fake goods made in China. Another clip is peixiuzhi chatting with his colleagues, in which he said that only employees without Beijing would be expelled to China. This sentence is obviously discriminating against China, as if in their eyes, China is a bad place.

What else can Korean dramas do besides discredit

These two clips have caused heated discussion on Chinese netizens, who are all kinds of roast, because Korean TV dramas and it is not the first time to connotation China. But what makes people more angry is Pei Xiuzhi’s Chinese fans. These fans even wash all kinds of white, saying that China does make fake Swiss watches, and that no one is willing to leave their country and be transferred to a foreign country. In the eyes of fans, they only worry about whether peixiuzhi will be affected in China, and they have no sense of national honor at all. Everyone scolds them for their brain powder, which is really good.

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