Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a dangerous farce!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu


In April 2022, Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, once announced that she would visit Taiwan. After China issued severe warnings one after another, she chose “strategic nucleic acid positive”, and the visit plan failed.

Three months later, the Financial Times reported that she once again planned to visit Taiwan during her Asian trip in August.

It has been a long time since Chinese people disliked Pelosi.

In 2019, Hong Kong “waste youth” carried out smashing activities, and she brazenly declared that it was “a beautiful scenic spot”.

By 2020, the epidemic in the United States was out of control, white police “knelt down” to kill black Freud, causing large-scale racial riots across the United States, and Pelosi’s “beautiful scenery” swept the United States.

At that time, Chinese netizens said that this retribution came really fast.

In fact, Americans don’t like Pelosi either.

This political “veteran” who entered the U.S. Congress in 1987 has been immersed in the “dye vat” in Washington for 35 years.

The 82 year old Pelosi, like the elderly Biden, has become the symbol of “senior politics” in Washington.

Some people even think that this is a microcosm of the decline of the American Empire.

According to the comprehensive poll data of realclearpolitics website, Pelosi’s current support rate is only 32.5%, while the disapproval rate is as high as 57.8%.

It is such a waning political “veteran” who is very unpopular with American voters. He wants to play a “big ticket” in the last few years of his political career, so that he does not hesitate to push the already tense and fragile Sino US relations to a worse situation.

What was Pelosi’s calculation when she visited Taiwan?

To be honest, whether Pelosi visits Taiwan or not cannot change the fact that Taiwan is a part of China, nor can it change the fact that most countries in the world recognize the one China principle.

If she wants, she will move to Taiwan, China immediately and even become a provincial citizen of Taiwan Province of China. It’s no big deal.

Judging from common sense, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is, on the one hand, the result of lobbying and public relations in Washington at the expense of Taiwan’s taxpayers by Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, which shows that “foreigners are supporting Taiwan again”; On the other hand, it is also the result of Pelosi, a Washington “veteran”, who wants to put gold on her face. She fantasizes that such an interview will show her support for the so-called “democracy and freedom in Taiwan”.

Hypocritical Washington politicians like to do these things best. After the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, Pelosi also went to Kiev to act with Zelensky.

It can be said that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is of little substantive significance, but it is very provocative and insulting.

Strategically speaking, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is of no value.

But tactically speaking, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will further erode the already scarce strategic mutual trust between China and the United States, and may push China US relations to a potential “tipping point”.

After China’s repeated severe warnings, if Pelosi persists, it will be a strong provocation to China.

I personally feel that the Chinese people should not be angry about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. We should be very clear that this is the consistent practice of American politicians to play the “Taiwan card”.

Dogs can’t change their shit eating habits, and American politicians can’t change their provocative and stimulating habits in China.

The key is how we can turn Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan into a “rotten chess” of the United States and a “wonderful chess” of China in the game between China and the United States.

First, China should intensify the struggle for public opinion and diplomacy, so that the world can see clearly the original face of the United States’ unnecessary provocation against China. In the short term, let the Biden administration bear the responsibility of destroying Sino US relations; In the long run, it will pave the way for the complete settlement of the Taiwan issue in the future.

The Biden administration has repeatedly said that it will build a “fence” for China US relations, but conniving at Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is not just a “fence” being built, but a dangerous move to bring China US relations to the brink.

Pelosi and Biden are both Democrats. They have worked together in Washington for many years. As long as Biden is willing, he can “persuade” Pelosi to give up this boring and dangerous provocation. If Pelosi finally makes the trip, the Biden administration will bear the historical responsibility for the continued deterioration of Sino-U.S. relations and even accelerating the trend towards conflict and confrontation.

Second, China should find ways to use Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan to create new realities in the Taiwan Strait region, including but not limited to sending military aircraft and warships across the so-called “central line of the Taiwan Strait” on a large scale, and opening a new period for the PLA to carry out military operations on the west side of the Taiwan Strait close to Taiwan; During Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, he declared a no fly zone over Taiwan and sent a large group of fighter planes to guard and drive away; Even as Lao Hu suggested, military aircraft were sent directly over Taiwan.

Since American politicians want to play “big”, we will follow the trend and take breakthroughs in the Taiwan Strait region to further compress the space of Taiwan independence forces and make Taiwan independence elements more anxious.

One consequence that China wants to achieve is that the more provocative American politicians are, the more things the United States and Taiwan independence elements will lose strategically. On the contrary, it is more conducive for China to seize the initiative in the struggle in the Taiwan Strait.

In short, it is to let American politicians and Taiwan independence elements lose more than they gain.

The Taiwan issue concerns China’s sovereignty and national dignity, and China has no room for concessions. At this stage, no matter the United States or Taiwan independence elements, no matter how much they shout, their deepest fear is that the situation in the Taiwan Strait will get out of control and China will complete national reunification ahead of schedule. This is the fundamental reason why they take provocative actions on the one hand and fear their hands and feet on the other.

China is going to use this point to fight back more forcefully against the provocative actions of American politicians, especially to make all preparations politically and militarily. From the experience of the past Sino US struggle, the more China is prepared to “fight for the liberation of Taiwan will start tonight”, the more likely it is to deter the United States and Taiwan independence elements, and finally choose the most favorable time and way for China to complete national reunification. On the contrary, if China is afraid of hands and feet, it will be used by American politicians and Taiwan independence elements to make them more unscrupulous.

Third, China can choose several countermeasures that have the greatest leverage effect on the United States, making the United States uncomfortable.

In the game between China and the United States, the United States has been choosing the way with the greatest “leverage effect” for China, such as playing the “Taiwan card”, casually selling some junk to Taiwan, and casually sending some “cats and dogs” to visit Taiwan, forcing China to make a strong response; For example, playing the “Xinjiang card” and concocting a lie called “forced labor and genocide” has forced China to make great efforts to deal with it.

In the future, in the game between China and the United States, China should also choose some attack points that cost little to China, but that the United States must make great efforts to “save”.

Previously, China’s actions in the South Pacific region have made the United States very nervous. There can be more strategic actions like this.

China wants to carry out normal economic, trade and even military cooperation with some countries in places regarded by the United States as “backyards” and “territories”, which makes the United States have to overreact and consume its strategic resources.

In addition to the South Pacific, the discussion about China’s possible establishment of military bases on the west coast of Africa will also make the United States uneasy. China’s increased diplomatic action in the Middle East will also stimulate the fear in the heart of the United States that “after the United States withdraws from the Middle East, China will fill the power vacuum in the Middle East”.

Next, China should try to find such starting points as much as possible, so as to force the United States to overreact at a small cost, thus diverting the strategic attention of the United States in the Sino US game and consuming the strategic resources of the United States.

This is a direction worth thinking about in the game between China and the United States.

Finally, for the people in China, we must be clear that no matter how the United States plays the “Taiwan card”, China’s growing comprehensive national strength has given China a firm grasp of the initiative in the struggle in the Taiwan Strait.

China is bound to unify, and this day is getting closer and closer.

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