Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will be escorted by an aircraft carrier!

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Source: wechat official account: Daily Yijian has been authorized

In April this year, it was reported that Pelosi would visit Taiwan, but at that time, Pelosi was suddenly confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus, which delayed the relevant plan.

Recently, US media revealed that Pelosi, who had previously delayed her visit to Taiwan due to infection with covid-19, would come to Taiwan again. Coincidentally, the time was also selected on August 1, the founding day of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army. I really don’t know whether it is ignorance or deliberately disgusting.

Pelosi is the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the third person after the president and vice president. Unlike those large and small lawmakers or former senior officials, once Pelosi leads a delegation to Taiwan this time, it will also be the most serious provocation of the U.S. government on Taiwan related issues in 25 years.

Twenty five years ago, in 1997, the last person to visit Taiwan was House Speaker Gingrich. However, unlike this time, at that time, the president of the United States was Clinton, who was born in the Democratic Party. He had just been re elected, while Gingrich was a Republican. Gingrich’s visit to Taiwan was not so much a provocation to us as a Republican’s intention to “trip up” the Democratic Party.

But this time it’s different. Pelosi is a Democrat, and now President Biden is also a Democrat. There is no problem of who will trip who. What’s naked is provocation.

This also shows that the talks between China and the United States did not achieve practical results some time ago. In addition, the domestic inflation of the United States exploded, setting a 40 year record. Therefore, in order to transfer contradictions, the Americans played the Taiwan card again and frantically tested our bottom line.

However, Taiwan has been a sacred and inseparable part of China’s territory since ancient times. It’s all right to shout about it. We’ll treat you as Alzheimer’s disease, but now you have to take practical action.

Sorry, on the 25th, foreign ministry spokesman zhaolijian immediately responded with four words: stand by.

If Pelosi’s visit comes true, China will use all the measures it can think of to resolutely safeguard sovereignty, and the United States may not be able to bear the consequences.

This kind of wording is very strong. Frankly speaking, it is a warning.

Because once Pelosi goes, it is tantamount to completely overturning the commitments made in the three Sino US joint communiques. This is a flagrant provocation of China’s sovereignty and gross interference in China’s internal affairs, releasing extremely bad political signals.

The relationship between China and the United States is already quite rigid. This time, it will not only completely overturn the relationship between the two countries, but also cause the Taiwan Strait issue to completely get out of control, and even break out of war.

The truth in this is also easy to understand.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, if we sit idly by and just protest verbally, then in the next step, more American politicians will continue to extort money under the pretext of Taiwan. In the process of confrontation with the United States, China will continue to make concessions for Taiwan, and Taiwan will really become our underwear, which Americans will pull whenever they want.

Not only the United States, but also other Asian countries, such as Japan, India, even Vietnam and the Philippines, will further provoke us because of the South China Sea issue.

The consequences are terrible.

Therefore, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan must be stopped, and we must use all means, even war, because this is our bottom line, and there is no retreat.

For Americans, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was carried by a US military aircraft. Once the US military aircraft was shot down by our missiles, Pelosi was buried in the sea. As the No. 3 figure, she died like this. If the US government and military did not send troops, how could they stop the fierce saliva at home?

So, in order to protect the safety of Pelosi’s trip, the Washington Post revealed:

To protect Pelosi’s trip, the U.S. military will send an aircraft carrier to escort in the nearby waters.


I don’t know whether Americans are too blindly confident in their own strength, or whether reporters from the Washington Post deliberately pick things up here and watch the excitement.

Did they really think that sending an aircraft carrier would scare us?

Excuse me, aircraft carrier, right? We also have, and there are three.

Just a few days ago, on July 19, the USS Benford crossed the Taiwan Strait with the intention of provoking us.


How did it turn out?

On the same day, the people’s Liberation Army took action, and the Shandong warship and aircraft carrier rushed out to light their swords in the Taiwan Strait.

If you dare to intrude into the Taiwan Strait, we will go out. If you have the ability, let’s touch it?


In fact, the Benford of the U.S. military has been in service for nearly 30 years. How much combat power can it have? Its substantive military significance is weak. Its passage is more used to appease the “Taiwan independence” forces on the island.

On the other hand, the US military sent the Benford, which was also shown to us:

“See, rabbit, this time there is a lame old man with crutches in our family, who has no combat effectiveness. We just play a play for Taiwan independence people. Don’t be rude!”

Yes, someone sent a lame old man Benford out, which was obviously on the catwalk show. Our Shandong ship was in its prime, and a powerful young man couldn’t rush up and give the old man a beating, could he?

So, to put it bluntly, the U.S. military has no such intention to have a conflict with us.

It is said that an aircraft carrier will be sent for escort, which is mostly the false news released by the reporter in order to attract attention.

In fact, the truth is that after the news of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was disclosed.

U.S. President Biden, the U.S. military, and even the people of Taiwan have expressed fierce opposition and protest against her.

Why is Biden not happy to see Pelosi visit Taiwan?

Because he expects to have a high-level dialogue with us in 10 days to deal with the urgent issues in current China US relations and solve the inflation crisis in the United States. At this time, the news of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was released, which was equivalent to pouring a basin of cold water on Biden first.

As for the U.S. military, the reason mentioned above is that they have no intention of fighting with us, so the Pentagon came out at the first time and said, “this is not a good idea.”

As for the Taiwanese people, it’s even simpler. On the one hand, if there is a real war, the ordinary people are certainly the most unlucky. On the other hand, the Taiwanese people also see the faces of these hypocritical American politicians. Are they really Taiwan when they visit Taiwan?

No, Chen paiwen, a senior media person in Taiwan, cited an example in the political commentary program. When westerzel, the president of the Czech Senate, visited Taiwan in 2020, a delegation of 89 people came to Taiwan to eat hot and spicy food. These people can’t load a tour bus. Are they coming to visit or sightseeing? Then who pays?

Therefore, even the Taiwanese people do not want Pelosi to come.

In this way, Pelosi was opposed by so many people before she left. Everyone shouted like a rat crossing the street. Why do you say she still came to Taiwan?

Therefore, Pelosi’s Office responded: “in view of the long-term security agreement, we will not confirm or deny the international visit schedule in advance”.

What do you mean by that?

In the vernacular, Pelosi said:

“Where am I going

, it’s all confidential in advance. How can the media let it out?

So, this is all the nonsense of those media reporters. It has nothing to do with me. I’m not sure I really want to go to Taiwan.

Maybe, as soon as your news leaks, it will affect my safety, and I won’t go! “


Equivalent to, this is to find yourself a step down.

In fact, all this may be planned by Pelosi. She deliberately asked the media to let it out and try everyone’s reaction.

Seeing that so many people are opposed, Biden is opposed, the military is opposed, and even the local people in Taiwan do not welcome her.

There is also the people’s Liberation Army, which may shoot down her plane.

Pelosi cherishes her life. How could she joke about her own life?

Seeing that so many people are against it, anyway, the news that I was going to visit Taiwan was not what I said personally, but what the media disclosed. Now I can simply borrow a donkey and deny it directly.

Anyway, the symbolic significance of this toss is far greater than the practical significance.

Originally, everyone was still concerned about American inflation and Sino US negotiations. Will tariffs be abolished in the next stage?

Now, the news and attention are all on her.

Biden cried. He said I would sing a song for you: “listen to me, thank you, Pelosi, because of you…”

Originally, this is a political farce. Two clowns are jumping on the stage. Let’s just watch it.

As a result, some people are not satisfied.

Who is this man?

He is the former Secretary of state of the United States. On January 21, 2021, Pompeo, the “public enemy of mankind” and the “vanguard of Anti China”, was sanctioned by the Ministry of foreign affairs and banned from entering China.


On July 24, local time, he tweeted with full encouragement: “Nancy, I’ll go to (Taiwan) with you. I’m banned in China (mainland), but not in Taiwan, which loves freedom. See you there.”

Pompeo, we haven’t seen him on the international stage for a long time. It can be said that since leaving office, he has gradually become a marginal figure.

This time, of course, pompeio intended to accumulate “popularity” for himself, and ah, Pelosi was ready to go downhill. As a result, pompeio ran out and invited the other party “to visit Taiwan together”, with the intention of “taking Pelosi into the army” to add fuel to the situation.

It’s not too big to watch the excitement.

Pompeo is roasting Pelosi on the fire by doing so. Next, it depends on Pelosi’s response.

And how will this farce end?

Let’s wait and see. Anyway, the PLA is ready.

As long as you dare to come, our missiles are absolutely impolite.

It was all right to get Pelosi. As a result, you Pompeo had to rush over to see off his head. You two were still on the same plane, weren’t you?

OK, we’re embarrassed if we don’t accept this gift.

And we Chinese people, of course, are ready.

If there is war, call back!

This is our attitude.

However, I’m afraid the U.S. military has a headache.

Share a joke.

A reporter asked a farmer, “if you have 100 mu of land, can you donate it to the country?”

The farmer replied, “yes!”

Then he asked, “if you have onemillion, are you willing to donate it to the country?”

The farmer replied, “I will.”

Three questions: “if you have a cow, are you willing to donate it to the country?”

The farmer replied, “I don’t want to.”

The reporter wondered, “Why are you willing to donate 100 mu of land to the country and onemillion to the country? Why don’t you donate a cow?”

The farmer shouted, “because I really have a cow!”

By analogy, the same is true.

The reporter asked the US military, “are we sure if China and the United States go to war?”

The military lit a cigarette and said with a smile, “Oh, dear, of course. We are confident of defeating China. What anti missile systems and ultra-high speed weapons are not worth mentioning in front of us. Chinese aircraft carriers are all iron men with broken steel and black smoke in front of us!”

The reporter asked again, “do you support Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this time?”

The military quickly shook his head: “no, we don’t support!”

The reporter wondered, “why don’t you support it? China and the United States are not afraid of war. Why don’t you even send a few planes and aircraft carriers to protect it?”

The military pinched the cigarette end and glared at the reporter: “Damn, it’s easy to say, because we have to really fight!”

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