Pending cases of the Three Kingdoms: Guan Yu is not the one who killed Hua Xiong with warm wine

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Warming wine to kill Hua Xiong is said to be the first thing that Guan Yu showed his face since he was born. The story can be seen in the fifth chapter of the romance. It says that the princes of the 18th route in the east of Shaanxi Province set up troops to fight against Dong Zhuo, and the leaders will be stationed outside Luoyang. The plain Minister Liu Bei led Guan, Zhang and others to come with Beiping Taishou gongsunzan. All the princes jointly promoted Yuan Shao as the leader of the alliance and blood as the alliance. After the meeting, Sun Jian, the governor of Changsha, took the lead to challenge sishuiguan. Dong Zhuo took Hua Xiong as the cavalry captain to fight Sun Jian. Defeat Sun Jian and kill his ministry, Zu Mao. Challenge again, and cut the two generals in Kanto. Yuan Shao sighed and said, “it’s a pity that my general Yan Liang and Wen Chou haven’t arrived yet. Why should I be afraid of Hua Xiong if I have to be here alone?” Before finishing his words, Guan Yu shouted out at the foot of the stairs and said, “the young general is willing to chop Hua Xiong’s head and offer it to the account!” Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu were afraid to be laughed at by Hua Xiong because Guan Yu was a horse Archer and his position was too low to agree with him to fight. Guan Yu said, “if you are invincible, please behead someone!” Cao Cao supported him to fight, taught him to pour a cup of hot wine, drank with Guan Yu and mounted the horse. Guan Yu said, “pour the wine, and you will come when you go!” Pay the bill, take the knife, and fly on the horse. After a short time, Guan Yu came back and threw Hua Xiong’s head on the ground. His wine was still warm. “Romance” also praises the poem:

It’s the first skill to shake the universe, and the drum of Yuanmen painting is ringing. When the cloud is long and the wine is still warm, he will kill Huaxiong.

? how can we kill Huaxiong without being in the front line of Luoyang?

But there is no historical basis for this matter. According to historical records: in the first month of the first year of Chuping (A.D. 190), Guandong Prefecture set up troops to denounce Dong Zhuo, and promoted Bohai prefect Yuan Shao as the leader of the alliance. Gongsunzan was still in Youzhou at that time and did not come to meet him. Liu Bei had not attached to gongsunzan at this time. How could he come with gongsunzan? It turned out that after Liu Bei whipped the governor post, abandoned his official and fled for life, he Jin, a senior general, soon caught up with him and sent Duwei (Guan Gu à n) Qiu Yi to Danyang to recruit soldiers. Liu Bei and a small group of people went with him. They met the yellow turban army in xiapi and made meritorious efforts. Liu Bei was appointed as Xiami Cheng. Later, he became a Gaotang lieutenant and was promoted to Gaotang county magistrate. Defeated by the Yellow turban army, he went to take refuge in Zhonglang general gongsunzan and was appointed as the Sima of other departments. The time when Liu Bei was appointed as Sima of other departments was not recorded in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. Both Zizhi Tongjian and the continuation of the Han Dynasty by Hao Jing of the Yuan Dynasty were arranged in October of the second year of Chuping (191 A.D.), nearly two years after the formation of the Guandong Prefecture alliance. Judging from the situation at that time, this is more realistic. Therefore, at the beginning of the first year of Chuping (A.D. 190), when the various prefectures started to fight against Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei was about to be the county magistrate in Xiami, or the county lieutenant and county magistrate in Gaotang. Without being on the front line outside Luoyang, Guan Yu would not kill Huaxiong there.

The killing of Hua Xiong is indeed recorded in historical books, but it was not Guan Yu who killed Hua Xiong, but Sun Jian. Sun Jian was originally the prefect of Changsha, and was granted Wu Chenghou. Guandong Prefecture started to fight against Dong Zhuo, and Sun Jian also started to fight, going north from Hunan to Luyang to meet Yuan Shu. At that time, the troops stationed on the outskirts of Luoyang were afraid of Dong Zhuo and wanted to preserve their strength. They didn’t dare to March. They just bought wine and held a wait-and-see attitude. Only Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Hanoi governor Wang Kuang fought with Dong Zhuo’s army. Sun Jian was attacked by Xu Rong, the general of Dong Zhuo, in the east of Liang county. He broke out with dozens of horses, and the pursuit behind him was very urgent. Sun Jian tied a red hair scarf made of wool on his head. Afraid of being recognized by the enemy, he took it off and handed it to Zu Mao, a trusted general. Zu Mao tied his hair scarf. The enemy horse thought it was Sun Jian, so he raced to chase Zu Mao, and Sun Jian was able to escape from another direction. Zu Mao ran to a cemetery, got off his horse quickly, tied the red scarf to a post and hid in the grass. The enemy soldiers came and surrounded the place. When they came close, they knew it was a pillar, so they had to go away disappointed.

“Romance” also wrote this matter, but it is said that the general of Dong Zhuo who chased Sun Jian and Zu Mao is Hua Xiong, and Hua Xiong also killed Zu Mao, which is obviously inconsistent with historical facts. According to historical records, Hua Xiong’s appearance was in the next battle, the battle of Yang Ren, and he was killed in this battle. At that time, Sun Jian collected scattered soldiers and entered the Yang people in the west of tunliang county. Dong Zhuo sent generals Hu Yun, Lv Bu, Hua Xiong and others to attack Sun Jian. Lu Bu and Hu Yun were at odds, and Hu Yun was the commander. Lu Bu deliberately made trouble, which frightened the army. The soldiers were scattered. Sun Jian led the army to pursue, Hu Yun, Lu Bu, Hua Xiong and others were defeated, and Sun Jian led the troops to cut Hua Xiong.

In the history books, Hua Xiong had no other martial arts to express. “Romance” said that Hua Xiong chased Sun Jian, got a red scarf, beheaded Zu Mao, and carried Sun Jian’s red scarf with a long pole. He came to the stronghold and shouted loudly. Yu Sheh and pan Fenger were killed by him. These are all fictional. “Romance” describes Hua Xiong so badly, which is a foil technique, but it is just to show that Guan Yu is more powerful. But this matter has nothing to do with Guan Yu. It was originally Sun Jian who killed Hua Xiong, but “Romance” transplanted the war skills to Guan Yu. Instead, Sun Jian was written as the loser of Hua Xiong’s men, which was too unfair to Sun Jian.

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