People admire the reason behind Li Qin’s refusal to play the Little Dragon Girl

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Shendiao Xialv has been remade in many versions, but it is not the one being filmed. Up to now, it has been used by netizens to roast from time to time, because the little dragon girl played by chenyanxi really destroys the classic. However, Xiao Longnv didn’t find Chen Yanxi at first, but Li Qin. Unfortunately, Li Qin acted. The reason behind Li Qin’s refusal to play the little dragon girl has been revealed, which really makes people admire. Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Liqin once refused to play Little Dragon Girl

In fact, when the original remake of the Shendiao Xialv, he first wanted to find Li Qin. Unfortunately, Li Qin refused at last, which was very surprising. After all, Yu Zheng’s work was very popular at that time, and the Shendiao Xiake was a big IP. It was estimated that many actresses wanted to get the role of little dragon girl. At that time, Yu Zheng also interacted with netizens. Yu Zheng also asked netizens to persuade Li Qin.

When she received the invitation from Xiao Longnv, Li Qin was not very popular, but her acting skills had been recognized by the insiders. In addition, in terms of casting, Li Qin also had his own ideas and tried many different types of roles. Li Qin’s rejection of the Little Dragon Girl triggered a heated discussion outside, to which Li Qin also responded. Li Qin said that when he chose a role, he would certainly choose a role he could control. If he felt that he could not control it, he would rather not play it.

Why doesn’t Li Qin want to play the Little Dragon Girl

According to Li Qin’s response, she refused Yu Zheng’s invitation because she felt she could not control the role of little dragon girl. However, Li Qin’s decision was also a success, because Yu Zheng finally chose chenyanxi to play the little dragon girl. Chenyanxi got married to Chen Xiao who played Yang Guo in the play. Some netizens even said that if Li Qin had taken over the role of little dragon girl, would it be Li Qin who would finally be with Chen Xiao. Not netizens think that the combination of Chen Xiao and Li Qin is also very right.

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