People’s network angrily criticized Deyun club for having problems from time to time, and artists are not normal

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Deyun Club artist Chen Xiaohua was arrested for attempted rape. After that, Deyun club also issued an urgent statement to dismiss Chen Xiaohua. It is obvious that Deyun club is also afraid of being implicated by Chen Xiaohua. However, as an actor of Deyun society and an apprentice of Guo Degang, Chen Xiaohua cannot be unaffected. People’s network angrily criticized Deyunshe, saying that it is absolutely not normal for Deyunshe to have problems with artists from time to time, and that Deyunshe should have a good self-examination. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

People’s network angrily criticized Deyun Society

This time Chen Xiaohua had an accident, many netizens were scolding Deyun society and Guo Degang. Because this is not the first time that there has been negative news about Deyun artists. There are a lot of artists with black material in Deyun. For example, Guo Qilin made an appointment with a female online celebrity, Liu Jiuru privately contacted minor fans, and Meng Hetang’s two marriages were seamlessly connected, etc. As a result, these people are still active on the screen, talking about cross talk in the German cloud society, and are also sought after by German cloud society girls.

This time, even the people’s network can’t watch anymore, and directly criticized the German cloud service. is right. Every time an artist of Deyun club has an accident, has Deyun Club ever reflected? What you can see is that Deyunshe has a cold treatment attitude, so there are other Deyunshe artists who follow suit and do not know to strictly restrict their behavior.

Deyun club has a series of problems, and the artist is abnormal

Deyunshe has no idea about the relationship when there is an accident with an artist of Deyunshe. Deyunshe must also be responsible. I still hope that when recruiting artists, Deyun club will carefully review the moral quality of these people, and during their apprenticeship in Deyun club, Deyun club should also carry out ideological and moral education. Deyunshe is not an ordinary unit. It has great public influence. This time, Deyunshe really needs to be scolded by everyone.

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