Pessimistic people are always right, but optimistic people will live a good life!

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Author: Kafka is very busy Source: the horizon of outsiders (ID: hooyar_380097485)

A publisher came to me to write an inspirational book.

In fact, I hate to give people chicken blood at any time. Once in a while, it’s forced by the situation. It’s really annoying to bang a pot of chicken blood for you.

I have been lazy since I was a child, and I love to put on a bad show. Only when I am forced to learn, will I bite my teeth. In order to improve the efficiency of time use, so that I can have more time to daze, wander and sleep late, I have to find ways to find many tips.

When I was in the third year of senior high school, I used my tricks to make up the math, physics and chemistry in a short time. My deskmate was very envious, so I gave a kind guidance to all kinds of tricks, that is, to do the questions first, and then compare the answers to see the knowledge points. Others have learned for three years, and can learn it in only a few months like this. After listening to it, my deskmate was flushed with anger, and thought that I was fooling her, which is tantamount to ridiculing her stupid in disguised form.

How can a person who even tells his classmates how to learn make trouble be a life tutor?

Life is a very complicated and simple thing.

Seeing a child and saying that he will die in the future is objective and accurate, but angry parents will beat you up.

So you see, as long as you predict the most pessimistic outcome of everything, you will be right.

Enterprises will collapse, children will die, the stock market and property market will collapse, and even the earth will be destroyed. But what if you know all this? Don’t you have to finish your life?

A person’s life can only be borne by himself. No matter how good the relationship between relatives and friends is, he (she) can’t live instead of you. It’s like learning. No matter how good my experience is, it may not be able to be applied to you. No matter how heavy my lesson is, your same experience may become a comedy.

What qualifications do I have to come out and pretend to be a bricklayer and tell you what to do and talk nonsense there?

Moreover, I think I haven’t been successful in my life, so I started to rot early and didn’t struggle with a lot of opportunities.

A few years ago, I often regretted and thought that if XXX, I would be XXX, that would be fine, and it would not be like XXX now.

Once people always think about if, they will add a lot of troubles. If I take the so-called successful private plane, who knows if the plane will crash? There are countless possibilities for another option. Why do you have to choose the best one? Do we have to have so much luck?

It’s easy to feel relieved after thinking about it several times. Since you didn’t choose that way at the beginning, there is a reason for it, or even if you choose, chances can still throw you out.

There is no “if” in life, and there is only one result. Everything in this process, good or bad, is the way you choose intentionally or unintentionally. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad. Now that it has happened, accept it frankly.

At the beginning of this year, my uncle died in COVID-19.

I haven’t seen him for more than 20 years, so in my memory, I only remember that he was a silent middle-aged man who was too dissolute when he was young, so he went to prison, missed the growth period of his two cousins, and had no chance to enjoy the family relationship. Of course, the children would hate such a father. Later, he worked hard to make up for it and saved a lot. He still worked everywhere when he was old, and saved some money for the children, He was reluctant to go to the hospital even after catching COVID-19, and finally became seriously ill, so he gave up treatment for fear of spending money.

The funeral of my uncle was also handled in a hurry, and it was not possible to make a big deal at that time, but both sons rushed back to see him off for the last time.

Later, I thought that the choice of the last period of my life, for my uncle, was to repent of all the absurd things in his youth, not to leave a burden on his relatives, and to die like this was his reward.

The life of a person is actually so long. No matter what you choose, you have to face death in the end. You can’t change the whole result, even the process is a little powerless. The only thing you can change is your attitude when facing everything.

I often meet many anxious fans. There are too many people who want to achieve financial freedom, and then I always feel a little short of freedom. I have said many times that the people who create the concept of financial freedom are not malicious. If you think that freedom should be linked to wealth, then I can tell you that even if you become the richest man in the world, you can’t be free. The richer you are, the more anxious you are, because wealth is mobile, you can come and go, If the money reaches a certain level, it is doomed not to be yours. If the money does not reach that level, you will always be anxious about some more number.

If you want to make yourself happy, it’s better to pursue peace of mind.

On Friday, I heard that Big V Chu Yin was banned by the whole network. It seems that it was caused by the waste round. The Big V warned everyone that he had the right to be a waste after the age of 35. He was very active and progressive. He put the university professor in the wrong place and ran to do online celebrity to grab traffic. How could he not be willing to be a waste?

I think of my uncle, who committed a crime when he was young, went to jail for eight years, and began to repent when he came out. Although he didn’t make a career, he changed his laziness when he was young. He accumulated his family property diligently and tried to make up for his mistakes. In fact, he could completely abandon himself and be a waste. He didn’t do anything when he lay down. He drank two or two bottles of wine every day and became mad by borrowing wine, forcing his sons to feed themselves.

Because he has only a little ability, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t even reach the edge of wealth, but people have to pursue their own peace of mind eventually. Our morality and cognition make us unable to give up ourselves completely, and people can’t live just to live.

It is one thing to lie down occasionally, and another to be a waste. A waste from a family will also affect the people behind. What we see in history is inheritance. If we take the waste from Gandang as a so-called advanced experience to inherit, will this nation have a future?

Of course, from the perspective of success study, Professor Chu Yin can instruct all living beings from a high position, despise those who can not achieve success and achieve the so-called excellent performance, and give the title of waste. But if it is really results-based, the result of the big professor is also dead, and those who do waste are still dead, and if they are all cremated, I do not believe that the professor can be more successful and excellent than other ashes.

But what we are asking is actually the process. Can you accept everything frankly? Is the inner peace and joy a waste? I don’t seem to be able to do it, so no matter how bad I am, I have to reluctantly think that I am not a waste. I am really tired to lie down for a while, and finally I have to jump up and continue my optimistic life.

Of course, if Professor Chu Yin thinks that we are waste, there is no need to argue with him. After all, everyone’s judgment criteria are different for subjective things. You are waste, so all you see is waste, which is also true.

Even if you seem to be unsuccessful and not excellent in worldly eyes, it doesn’t matter. You are you. Why bother yourself for the sake of other people’s eyes. It’s good to want to pursue material satisfaction, but if you can’t do it, you should also forgive your powerlessness. Is there something that is not so important.

People don’t have to be too hard on themselves. As long as they don’t have to be hard on themselves, it’s easy to become optimistic and life is not so difficult.

I can vaguely remember that when I went through several stock market disasters and became a dog, I went to see the animal world when I felt particularly uncomfortable, and saw that the animals could enjoy life freely under such a cruel living environment. Suddenly I felt that I was a wool. After I calmed down, I felt much easier to watch the market.

I will remain optimistic about the big A next week.

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