Phase victory in clearing Omicron epidemic!

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Author: Chairman rabbit source: tuzhuxi (id:chairman rabbit)

As of the writing of this article, the Omicron epidemic outbreak in mainland China since the spring of this year has basically been effectively controlled. Shanghai, Beijing and other mega cities affected by the epidemic have begun to return to work, production and school. Everywhere, we can feel the great power, vitality and certain pressure to restore social and economic life. In those provinces and cities that have effectively implemented precise prevention and control and “dynamic zeroing” and are not affected by the epidemic, including the Pearl River Delta cities with high economic level, people have also returned to their original living order.

A few observations.

First, the Chinese people have a strong drive and will to work hard and will not be wiped out by the difficulties of the epidemic for months or months. At present, people hope to press the fast forward key to race against time and make up for lost time. This strong will is the support, driving force and basic plate of China’s economy and society.

Second, people’s memory is short. The experience of the “great Shanghai defense war” has been painful and painful for many people. More than two months of anti epidemic has affected the lives of thousands of families. People have accumulated a lot of negative energy. Even after the end of the epidemic, some trauma will remain. But generally speaking, people are looking forward. After their normal life recovers, most people will try to devote themselves to and adapt to a busy life, leaving unpleasant experiences behind. Unknowingly, the unpleasant experience of fighting the epidemic has also become distant – even if it was only a few weeks ago. In addition, the more the experience goes on, the more “aftertaste” it will be: people will recall the sweetness and bitterness of this period, the tests and experiences of life, and the new discoveries about themselves, family, friends and life. These two months have become an unforgettable precious experience in life memory.

Third, after breaking the epidemic situation and feeling the free air again, people can regain their confidence in the epidemic prevention policy and system:

——Omicron is not a “myth”, it is not unbreakable. The Omicron epidemic can still be overcome by adopting policies such as social isolation and static management; In fact, this has been proved repeatedly in major cities in China, leaving many praiseworthy experiences and cases, and the epidemic prevention system is constantly improving;

——In March, the epidemic situation in Shanghai broke through the so-called critical point or threshold. In any country / region / society outside the mainland of China, it is not only a problem that a single city has completely broken the defense, but will certainly flood the whole region, leading to the whole territory breaking the defense. Only under the Chinese system has the epidemic situation been controlled and the dynamic clearing has been realized. This is a miracle in the history of human public health, which can be recorded in the annals of history; For this reason, the great Shanghai defense war is actually a more important victory than the “Wuhan defense war”;

——After the “reset”, the society will return to normal. People no longer need to consider and experience the long-term struggle with the virus under the “coexistence mode”, and can safely live in a society that is at least temporarily free from the influence and harm of covid-19. During this time, people can enjoy the present. The hard work of Shanghai for more than two months, put in a big game of chess by 1.4 billion people, is of special historical value and contribution.

——Looking back, some places did once encounter great challenges (such as Shanghai in mid and late March), but the problem lies not in the “dynamic clearing” policy itself, but in the preparation and implementation of precise prevention and control. If better preparation measures are taken and scale control is adopted earlier, better epidemic prevention and anti epidemic effect can be achieved at a lower economic and social cost.

Fourth, our understanding and understanding of Omicron has deepened, which can be applied to the next epidemic prevention and anti epidemic policy;

——China’s “dynamic clearing” policy has been successful. Therefore, before the outbreak, the Omicron data we obtained in the mainland was actually limited. What are its propagation characteristics? How harmful is it? How protective are our vaccines? What treatment should be used for different patients? How big is the impact challenge on public health infrastructure? We are not clear about many problems. Many people are seriously discussing how China should liberalize in the next step. Considering that there are 1.4 billion people in China, the public health conditions in different places are very far from the same level, and they are not at the same level at all. If the situation gets out of control, leading to a run on medical resources, a large number of deaths and other excess deaths, the consequences will be unimaginable. Without all-round consideration, all-round preparation and full initiative, the Chinese government cannot accept passive liberalization and turn 1.4 billion people into “white mice”, learning to cope while liberalization. If it is to be liberalized, it must be carried out step by step after full preparation.

——Looking back, the Shanghai epidemic has provided China with valuable first-hand data and experience on Omicron, which can make an overall consideration and deployment on the future policy evolution of our epidemic prevention system. On the one hand, in combination with the characteristics of Omicron variation and the experiences and lessons of various regions, the existing epidemic prevention system based on “dynamic clearing” is continuously optimized to avoid large-scale community outbreaks and minimize the economic and social costs of normalized epidemic prevention; On the other hand, we can also give more comprehensive consideration to the issues that need to be considered.

——Therefore, the epidemic situation in Shanghai can finally “turn bad into good”, providing an important reference for the development and evolution of China’s covid-19 epidemic prevention system.

5? We should still have confidence in our country, system and government. In fact, many people outside Shanghai have not experienced the epidemic in Shanghai on the front line. They are concerned about the situation in Shanghai purely from the perspective of caring for the country and society. In April and may, many people also fell to the bottom of their cognition and emotions, full of pessimism about the current situation and the future, and even some disillusionment and nihility. These frustrations, fear of difficulties and pessimism are understandable, but in the end, we found that the reasons behind all kinds of difficulties can be found. With firm will and concerted efforts, we can finally overcome them. After the dark tunnel is the light, and everything will pass. It is still necessary to increase confidence in the government and the system, and to be resolute in the face of setbacks and difficulties. I wrote this word today. After a while, people may feel it more deeply.

6? People also need to deepen their understanding of our system, political parties and government. Understand what? Is to understand the spirit, value, cultural characteristics and inheritance of the Communist Party of China. The purpose of understanding is to better understand and anticipate its behavior. This paragraph is written for people outside the system, outside the party and abroad. Specifically, there are two points.

First, the Communist Party of China stresses the fighting spirit of facing difficulties with perseverance. This is a party that has gone through the 25000 mile long march and countless bloody struggles to develop to today. It is unique in the history of human political parties. The spiritual characteristics it advocates are hard struggle, tenacious struggle, suffering and glory. To put it bluntly, the Communist Party cannot be intimidated by a little difficulty and twists. On the contrary, it will strengthen its will and inspire its fighting spirit. A large number of students think that a city, such as Shanghai, will force the government to change its national epidemic prevention policy in one fell swoop. This kind of thinking is a lack of understanding of the party, its characteristics, spirit and history, and is politically naive. This question is actually very good: by answering this question, we can see a person’s understanding of China’s party and system. As a result, the Politburo meeting held in early May this year discussed the situation of epidemic prevention and control. At the most critical moment of the epidemic “struggle”, the policy of “dynamic zeroing” was once again clarified, which was equivalent to a clear direction and unified thinking in “wartime”. At that time, some people who did not know about the party were surprised that they really did not know our ruling party from cultural roots. Since we live in China, or pay attention to China, we need to understand the ruling party.

Second, the Communist Party of China stresses the supremacy of the people’s interests. It also stresses seeking truth from facts, keeping pace with the times, looking at problems from the perspective of development, respecting objective laws and science, historical materialism and dialectics. It will never adopt rigid policies that are divorced from the masses. If we were to blindly adopt rigid policies, the party would not have come to this day. Therefore, the government will adjust its policies flexibly to adapt to the new situation according to the specific circumstances. On the issue of epidemic situation, we will adjust policies and practices flexibly according to the characteristics of virus change and variation. “Dynamic reset” is very difficult. Although it is difficult, it is the right thing to do. The reason why China is still persisting tenaciously must be that this policy is currently most suitable for China’s national conditions, that the conditions for liberalization are not yet mature (with huge economic, social and political costs), and that the benefits of adhering to the existing policies outweigh the costs. As for how to find a good balance between epidemic prevention and economic and social costs, how to finally seek integration with the international community, and how to dynamically adjust, they must also be within the scope of research and consideration of policy makers. 1.4 billion people have no trivial matters. China is like an elephant walking on a tightrope. There is no room for mistakes. The adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy is that “there is no turning back”, and every step must be taken with extreme caution. For ordinary citizens, they must trust and have confidence in the government.

Most places in mainland China have temporarily stepped out of the shadow of Omicron, enjoyed the benefits of “dynamic clearing” and moved forward. We know more about Omicron variant and our epidemic prevention system; We are more familiar with “dynamic clearing” by using “precise prevention and control”.

I have written before?

Epidemic situation: first clear up the wave, then talk about gradually opening up

?At that time, some people did not quite understand why it was necessary to eliminate this wave of epidemic before we could discuss gradual policy adjustment? In fact, this is not just a policy issue – or even a political issue, but can be traced back to the party’s spirit, values, characteristics, will and culture. For such a major event that concerns the people of the whole country and the national movement, how to change the policy – why, when and where – must be our own decision-making. It will never be “hijacked” or “forced” by the situation and public opinion under passive circumstances.

With a firm grasp of the initiative and braking power over Omicron virus / epidemic, decision makers can naturally consider the next step calmly:

1? Under the policy framework of “dynamic clearance”, how to integrate the national best practice experience, better realize the normalization of epidemic prevention by minimizing the economic and social costs, and avoid large-scale community outbreaks in local areas;

2? A channel for integration with human society outside mainland China (a “coexistence” and “lying flat” World). This is also an unavoidable ultimate problem.

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