“Planning” of Liu Bang’s image: LV pheasant and fan Zengdu participated

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In the workplace of Qin and Han Dynasties, Liu Bang refined his entrepreneurial image in this way: a piece of cloth and a three foot sword, quite like a swordsman Fu Hongxue. In fact, a bang also missed one point: the colorful clouds wrapped around his head. This cloud rose up when he took refuge in Dangshan and followed him in the East and West. According to the records, at least fan Zeng observed it during the Hongmen banquet.

Why doesn’t Bang mention this cloud? It’s very simple. It’s a lie. It’s false. I’m sorry to mention it. However, the role of cloud is not empty, it is actually equivalent to an image planning. Who planned it? What is the theoretical basis? What role does it play? Let’s uncover the secrets one by one.

The first appearance of clouds

The rise of some big names in the late Qin Dynasty is always related to being late. Being late once is a crisis. For students, moral scores should be deducted or cleaning should be fined. In Qin company, if you don’t swipe your card in time, you will be killed.

Because being late can make people like this, Qin company is also a wonderful flower.

Liu Bang, a middle-aged man, didn’t expect that he would “cheat” one day. He took a group of prisoners to Lishan, but most of them escaped on the way. Captain a bang panicked and walked around Mangdang Mountain with the rest of his ten brothers.

At this time, Liu Tai and LV pheasant appeared on the stage. See what kind of public relations planning she gave her husband in “Li Li”? Beautiful and intelligent, Mrs. Liu picked up a colored pen and brushed it on her husband’s head, drew a colorful cloud, and then publicized it everywhere: come and see, there are colorful clouds on my husband’s head.

Oh yeah, the cartoon image of bang Ge with clouds overhead was officially born, and life has been very different since then. The copyright owner – LV pheasant.

“Shiji · Gaozu Benji” records the original words of LV pheasant, the copyright owner: “there is often cloud on the place where Ji lives, so from the past, he often gets Ji.” Ji Zhe, Lao San also. That is to say, there is often cloud above where my husband Liu Laosan is located. I can find his trace by going according to this.

As soon as his wife’s plan came out, the stone turned into gold, and the outlaws in the mountains and forests became potential stocks and sweet pastries, “Peizhong disciples may hear of it, and they want to be attached.”. Look, popularity has come up, and fans have begun to gather.

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