Poison stepmother killed her son by mistake

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In Baokang, when summer comes, there is a kind of bird in the mountains that keeps crying: “Oh… Di wrong, oh di… Wrong.” It was very sad. The old man said that this was a repentant bird. It was regretting its mistakes that year and said, “my fault, my fault.” What did the repentant bird do? Once upon a time, a member of the staff married a wife and gave birth to a son. I didn’t expect my wife to die soon after my son was born. So he married a wife and gave birth to a son. The newly married wife has a very bad heart. She treats her two sons differently. She bares her teeth in front of the boss and scolds her at every turn; And to his own son, it is obedient. Give whatever you want, even if you want the stars, you have to shoot them down with a pole. One night, the stepmother said to the eldest brother, “you are not young. It is time to do something. At the foot of the back mountain, your brothers went to plant sesame seeds. Each of them has its own kind. Whoever comes back to see me will not come back. This is sesame seed. One bag for each person.” Stepmother was so crooked that she gave a bag of fried sesame seeds to the eldest brother and raw sesame seeds to the second. She thought that if the ripe sesame planted by the eldest brother could not sprout and grow into seedlings, he would not dare to come back. It would be best to be eaten by wolves in the mountains. The brothers are on their way. The second brother is used to eating. He grabs sesame seeds while walking. Eating and watching, the second guy grabbed a handful from the big bag and fed it to his mouth. Oh, how fragrant! The second brother has to change with the boss. The eldest brother usually changes according to the second brother’s. once he changes, the cooked sesame seeds arrive in the old second-hand. The second son’s ripe sesame seeds were planted in the ground, but none came out. The eldest brother’s sesame seed soon broke through the ground. The eldest brother was kind-hearted. Seeing that the second son’s sesame seed didn’t grow, he took the second son back with him. When the stepmother saw that the eldest brother had not died and had come back alive, she was unwilling. When she went to bed at night, she gave the eldest brother a stone pillow and the second brother an embroidered pillow. She told the two brothers to sleep in one bed. She planned to chop the eldest brother at night, and it would be all over. But the weather was hot, and the second son couldn’t sleep on the embroidered pillow. He thought the eldest son’s stone pillow was cool, and offered to change with the eldest son. Without hesitation, the boss changed the pillow with the second brother. At night, the stepmother quietly felt into the room. She didn’t light the light at night, so she went to feel it with a pillow. First, I touched the embroidered pillow and thought it was my son, so I let it go. Then I touched the stone pillow. Without saying anything, I stabbed my neck. The poor Dick didn’t say a word, so he was hacked to death by his own mother. The stepmother thought she was successful and slipped out quietly. But when the next morning, there was a scream in the room, and the boss hurried out. The stepmother knew that she had killed the wrong man. She was so sorry that her intestines were blue. She was so angry at the thought of her dead son. Since then, there has been a kind of black bird here. At night, it will shout: “my fault, my fault”.

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