Poland speaks the truth!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

On June 13, the Russian Morning Post reported that Polish Prime Minister moravitsky said, “if Russia attacks Poland, 40million poles will take up arms to defend their homeland… We reject their colonialism and imperialism… We will fight for freedom!”

Morawitsky’s statement expresses the real psychology of the Polish people. There are two main points:

1. Poland knows that NATO is unreliable

Ukraine is just a separation zone between Russia and Europe. The tragedy of Ukraine is that it does not know its own status and has to fall to NATO unilaterally, which eventually leads to today’s bitter fruit.

Similarly, the whole of Eastern Europe is just a separation zone of the old NATO, used to isolate the threat from Russia. Judging from this, not to mention fighting Ukraine, even if Russia attacks Eastern European countries such as Lithuania and even Poland, the old NATO may not take action, because Western Europe only uses them as a shield.

Today, Poland is also aware of its “treatment”. Therefore, looking at the speech of the Polish Prime Minister, it only says that “40million poles defend their homeland”, but does not say that “the 30 NATO countries jointly defend Poland”. Obviously, the poles also know that they can only rely on themselves at the critical moment, and others can not rely on them.

? video screenshot of Polish Prime Minister moravitsky

Far from it, Ukraine is the immediate example. The previous strong commitments made by NATO and the United States to Ukraine have now come to naught, and the poles cannot fail to see them.

2. Poland has the psychological worry of “Russia attacking Eastern Europe”

As mentioned above, Western Europe only uses Eastern Europe as a shield, while the United States only uses them as a pawn. In addition, the example of Ukraine is in front of us, and the Polish people are very clear about their psychology. Once something happens, the old NATO may not be reliable.

NATO’s unreliability can be reflected in two other points. First, Finland and Sweden are seeking to join NATO. Although Stoltenberg welcomed it, he said that he would pay attention to Turkey’s demands. In fact, he has already refused Finland and Sweden to join NATO; The second is that Lithuania has joined NATO, but still feels insecure. In seeking a long-term U.S. military presence, it still does not trust NATO. If we trust them, the 30 NATO countries will come together to attack if something happens, and we don’t care whether the United States has stationed troops for a long time.

Russia can certainly see the above situation, so there is a real worry in Poland that “Russia attacks Eastern Europe”.

In addition to the above two points, there are some new situations:

The West had hoped to defeat Russia through the Russian Ukrainian war and related sanctions, but now it has failed.

The confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is, in general, a struggle between the emerging forces of the third world and the old Western forces. With the indirect help of the third world, Russia has obtained a steady stream of energy benefits. 100 days after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia’s energy export revenue reached a record 93billion euros (about 652.6 billion yuan). It is impossible to bring down Russia in the face of such data.

This is what I said earlier. As long as Russia has the huge energy markets of China and India, it can remain invincible; If opec+ is willing to help (not lower oil prices), Russia is not a problem at all.

On the contrary, the west is facing many difficulties, such as epidemic situation, high inflation, food and energy crisis, economic recession risk, and poor supply chain… Now it has shown fatigue in the confrontation and consumption with Russia. As long as Russia does not show a threat to their survival, they will not be willing to play consumption with Russia at any cost.

In this situation, even if Russia attacks Eastern Europe, even if it is a NATO member, the old NATO may not end up in person. Chess pieces are only used. Ideology can only be used as a slogan. Few people will really pay the price of war for this.

It should be said that the real psychology of the Polish people can be seen from the speech of the Polish Prime Minister, and the above situation can certainly be seen clearly.

The only thing worse is Zelensky, who is still dreaming that NATO will send him anti missile systems and various sophisticated weapons, and that NATO will help Ukraine at any cost… Once in a dream, for several years, he still doesn’t wake up, even if he is already in the war of losing territory, it will remain the same!

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