Pope, and “World War III”

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

Not long ago, Pope Francis warned that the Third World War had begun.

He said: “a few years ago, it suddenly occurred to me that we live in a world partially experiencing World War III. today, I believe that World War III has begun.”

“This war may have been provoked in some way or could not be stopped. We should also note that some people intend to use this war to sell or test weapons. This is very sad, but in the final analysis, this is the key.”

Whether the “World War” will happen or not is an objective reality, and it does not need anyone to announce it.

If the “Russia Ukraine conflict” is a “World War”, and if the confrontation between Russia and NATO is a “World War”, then what was the Korean War decades ago? It was a country against the “United Nations” 16 nation coalition. Prisoners of all races from more than a dozen countries in the POW camp could hold the Olympic Games.

So, where is this? The most powerful productive forces in the world have no end. Where is the world war?

Pope Francis is only the Pope of the Catholic Holy See, not the Pope of 7billion people around the world. The “God” of Christianity is not the “God” of all people. He cannot represent the world. His speech is no different from that of all fortune tellers and prophets in the world. In today’s imperialist oppression and anti imperialist tide, the power of religion is nothing. In the “field of international public opinion”, the influence of the pope may not be as good as that of ZELINSKY, who was hailed as a saint by the whole west.

He can objectively point out that the root cause of the Russian Ukrainian conflict lies in the gradual pressure of the United States and NATO, and in the deliberate incitement of the “international community”. This is great. At least he is a smart man.


In fact, if Francis was not the Pope, but rallied his arms and went to South America to fight guerrillas and “liberate the third world”, I think his influence might be much greater than now.

Francis was an Argentine, a Latino, and he was Che Influenced by the “liberation theology”, when he was young, although he did not take up a gun to fight guerrillas, he sympathized with the revolution and left-wing movements in Latin America and sheltered the guerrillas in South America.

“Liberation theology” was born in South America and belongs to the suture monster of Marxist theory and Catholic doctrine. However, it is very popular in Latin America where imperialism oppresses and sucks blood. The classic view of this sect is: “if Jesus is alive now, he will be a guerrilla fighter”.

The rise of liberation theology is related to the surging left-wing movements in the world in the 1960s. In the early 1960s, there began to be “poor churches” in poor areas of Latin America, which are not under the jurisdiction of the Pope. Such Churches specifically serve the poor, and the clergy are also integrated with local people in labor and life. They oppose capitalism and support revolution and liberation. They even believe that violent revolution and class struggle are legitimate, “The voice of the church” wrote bluntly: “we must overcome Capitalism: it is the greatest evil, a kind of accumulated evil, and the decaying root of all bad things, such as poverty, hunger, disease and death. In order to get rid of the shackles of capitalism, we must eliminate the private ownership of the means of production (factories, land, shops and banks).”

When Francis was young, he was a believer in liberation theology. He even fanatically pursued a female guerrilla fighter.

Even after he became Pope, he has attacked “capitalism” and “imperialism” on various occasions. He once said in the “oracle” of brothers: “the vulnerability of the world system in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic has proved that market freedom cannot solve all problems.” In the book “the joy of the gospel” written and published by Francis, the Pope enumerated various drawbacks of the modern capitalist system and made a very sharp criticism of modern capitalism. He believes that modern capitalism is “a new autocracy”, which will lead to wider social unrest. The inequality caused by this system Capitalism “will inevitably lead to collapse and death”.


Francis also had a famous conclusion that “capitalism kills people”, He said, “capitalism is essentially robbing the poor. The Ten Commandments say ‘do not kill’. Today we can also apply it to economic issues. An economic system with inequality and exclusiveness is killing people. Why do homeless old people freeze to death in the streets and the stock market drops by two points, which has become hot news? Is this not killing people?”

Francis even said in an interview: “although I am not a Marxist, I know that a Marxist is kind.”

There are contradictions between Francis and the major countries in Europe and the United States. In 2013, after the publication of his book the joy of the gospel, the American media attacked him, and many people directly denounced him as “communist”. The Atlantic Monthly of the United States criticized him: “the Pope expressed his position with no more obvious views. He pointed the spearhead at the United States and Western Europe, and openly opposed the economic policies of the free world.”

According to the traditional political spectrum, Francis was actually a “left-wing Pope”.

However, what we should pay attention to is that when judging a person, we should “listen to his words and observe his deeds”. We should not take him as a comrade just because he has said a few words of “progress”. Francis Francis is “progressive” and “liberated”. He is also the “Pope” of Catholicism. He represents the interests of the Western religious theocracy, not the interests of the working people of the third world. He may be “kind” himself, But it does not mean that the holy see is kind, let alone that the western world is kind.

As we all know, the theology of liberation in South America did not liberate South America. On the contrary, the popes of all dynasties often stood on the side of imperialism, invaders and fascism. The popes supported Mussolini and incited against the socialist camp, which even led to the upheaval in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Even though Francis himself is “progressive”, does the Pope know nothing about the scandals of paedophilia and sexual assault on children in the Catholic Church over the years? As “the spokesman of God on earth”, could he not even restrain the bishops?

What’s more, “liberation theology” in the whole Catholic system belongs to the minority of the minority and the alternative of the alternative. It rises with the rise of the international communist movement and the left-wing trend, and declines with the decline of the left-wing forces. Since the 1970s, global politics has become conservative, and Catholic churches around the world have begun to change the wind and cooperate with the right-wing government. For example, in South Korea, The Catholic Church is in deep collusion with the right-wing political forces to oppress the progressive forces.

Francis Francis has opposed capitalism for so many years, but Catholicism still lives on the blood of developed capitalist countries and imperialism. Hundreds of millions of believers around the world have not made any contribution to overthrowing capitalism?

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Francis said. Like Kissinger of the United States, he is an old man who has been dying for years. His influence can be said by the Vatican. His words do not represent Catholicism, nor the entire Western civilization.

In a word, there are still too few Bethune and too many colonists and robbers in the West.

That is to say, Pope Francis has become a “Saint” by saying a few words against capitalism, imperialism and war.

In a word, religion today is just a vassal and vase of international capital and imperialism.

It can neither prevent world war nor mediate it.

Tools do not affect the overall situation of the world.

Pope, how many divisions does he have?

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